Vocabulary development

  1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
  2. A. Read the text about new product development.
  3. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  4. A. Study the vocabulary from Exercises B, E.
  7. Active Vocabulary
  8. Active Vocabulary
  9. Appendix 3 Active vocabulary
  10. B. Draw a parallel between the practice of new product development in different countries. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

27 The words below all have the same meaning of reading though may differ in shades of meaning and use. Study them carefully and make sure you understand the differences. Write their Russian equivalents in the blanks.


word meaning example Russian equivalent
read smth: - read about     read about smth or smb   Did you read about that terrible car crash?    
- read that read + a clause I was astonished to read that half of all sixteen year olds have experimented with drugs.  
- read to smb/read smb smth read + TO + indirect object read + indirect object + direct object Our mother used to read to us every evening. Read meAunt Evelyns letter while I cook dinner.  
read out      
- read out smth/read smth out to read something and say the words so that people can hear it He opened the letter and read out the name of the inner. Read the number out and Ill write them down.    
- read smth out to smb   to read something and say the words so that smb can hear it   Sarah read the letter out to me.     .....................  
read aloud/read out loud - read aloud/read out loud from   - read smth aloud to read smth and say the words so everyone can hear it   After he went blind she would read out loud to him.   Sam read aloud from the note pinned to his door. He picked up the letter and began to read it aloud  
read smth quickly      
- skim - skim through to read something quickly so that you get a general idea of what it is about I skimmed the newspaper but didnt see any report on the demonstration. She didnt have much time so she just skimmed through the report before the meeting.  
- scan to read something quickly in order to find a particular piece of information She scanned the menu outside the restaurant, but decided it looked too expensive.
- scan smth for smth   Robert scanned the lists for his name.
- have/take a look at to read something quickly to check that there are no mistakes or problems Would you mind having a look at this report for me? Take a look at these figures. ..................... ...
read parts of smth      
- leaf/flick/ thumb through to turn the pages of a book, magazine etc without reading much of it, looking for something interesting or useful She flicked through the guidebook, looking for somewhere to visit in the afternoon. I began leafing through the magazine. Gloria lay on her bed and idly thumbed through the pages of a travel brochure.   ...  
- dip into to read short parts of a book, magazine etc because you do not want to read the whole thing or because you are looking for a particular piece of information He had some books by his bed which he would dip into when he couldnt sleep.  
- browse through to turn the pages of a magazine or book, stopping to read parts that interest you I was browsing through a magazine at the station when I noticed Susan. ..................  
read smth carefully      
- read through/over smth - read smth through/over to read something carefully especially in order to check every detail or find any mistakes Its important to read through your essay before you finally hand it in. My professor read over my dissertation and said he was ..................... ......  
- pore over to read something for a long time, very carefully, and with great interest He was sitting at his desk poring over old maps of the area. ..................... ..
read smth long and boring      
- plough through to read all of something even though it takes a long time and is boring After plowing through so many huge textbooks it was a relief to pick up a novel again.
- wade through to read something that is very long and boring, or to read a lot of different pieces of writing such as letters, reports etc which together are long and boring to read We waded through a huge pile of applications, and finally selected six     people to interview. ...  
read a lot about smth      
- read up on to read a lot about something or someone in order to find out about them Ill need to read up on the rules of the game if I want to referee. ..................    



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