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Переведите фразы и предложения, учитывая особенности перевода инфинитива в функции определения и части сложного сказуемого.

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  10. NB! Крылатые фразы для ФИЛОЛОГОВ см. на стр. 189–200!

A words to be memorized; the poem to be learnt by heart; exercises to be done at home; techniques to be used in construction; circumstances to be reckoned with.

B 1) He is not the man to leave his work half finished. 2) Не was the man to attract sympathy. 3) He is not a man to make a woman happy. 4) This is the main difficulty to be taken into consideration. 5) What are the rules to be kept when writing a cheque? – Don’t sign a cheque before filling in the sum to be paid. 6) By cardinal change of policy we mean the way to reach the ultimate goal. 4) Stabilization policy is government actions to control the level of output in order to keep the GNP close to its full-employment level. 5) It's a chance not to be missed. 6) Too high prices of resources to be used in production is the problem of many
enterprises. 7) Durable goods are goods to be used in production in future or to be
consumed over a long period of time. 8) The value of the total output to be produced in the public sector and the private sector will make up the gross national sector. 9) The money will be used to pay for natural gas to be delivered to the country by Gazprom. 10) Interest rates are a tool to regulate the market.

C 1) We are to see her tonight. 2) She reminded him that they were to meet at eight-fifteen that morning. 3) He was not to be found. 4) Am I to congratulate you? 5) I was to leave you. 6) The aim was to maintain inflation at a low level. 7) The problem was to be solved by the end of the year. 8) The producers' target was to get the highest possible profit. 9) The terms of payment and immediate payment of delivery charges by confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit are to be standard.

D1) You don't have to worry. 2) Something has to be done at once. 3) Enterprises have to rely more on intensification of production. 4) Even the simplest building materials have to be brought from far away. 5) The Russian economy has to find new sources of growth. 6) The gasoline component is included in the production cost of any commodity that has to be transported to retail outlets. 7) People have more freedom and simultaneously have to bear more responsibility.

Составьте предложения.

1) company · to · computers ·The· will · new · buy · have.

2) many· illustrate ·There· to · examples · rule · this · are.

3) work · great · this ·To· requires · accomplish · skill.

4) The· existing · of · the · is · agreement · new · to · one · the · scope · of · the · purpose · broaden.

5) done · been · has ·Much· to · works · the · construction · enlarge.

Дополните предложения, используя инфинитив в функции сложного сказуемого.

1) Our plan was to … 2) The main problem is to … 3) Our next step is to …

4) The main thing is to …

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