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Упражнения. 1. Переведите предложения, определяя функцию «should» и «would».

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1. Переведите предложения, определяя функцию «should» и «would».

1) The central authority decided what goods and services would be produced, and what prices should be charged.

2) The planners haven't decided yet what quantity of consumer goods would be delivered to the region. They are discussing the prices that should be charged for these commodities.

3) The economists could not agree what plans the governments should adopt in the new conditions which would affect the international economic situation in the next ten years.

4) The building materials industry should occupy an important place in the plans to industrialize Africa.

5) In the end, the speaker emphasised that cooperation and fruitful exchange between our countries would be continued.

6) He said that these rivers should play an important part in solving all the problems of water distribution in the country.

7) Rational standards of consumption should always be analysed.

8) He suggested that this question should be discussed at the general meeting.

9) It is necessary that he should complete his experiment this year.

10) The specialty of study should be indicated in the application form.

11) It is desirable that you should return the books to the library next week.


2. Переведите предложения с «would» в разных функциях.

1) Would you show him the price list, please. - I would never show him the price list if he were not our old customer.

2) In your place I would put a full page advertisement in the local newspaper.
3) I thought he would come in time as usual.

4) Sometimes he would bring us samples and catalogues of his firm.

5) They would often discuss the plans and strategy of the company together.

6) He was told that the prices would increase as a result of changes on the market.

7) He would have produced more new products if he had invested more money in research and development, but that was impossible at that moment.

8) The economists expected that the prices would fluctuate at the end of the year.

9) Farmers would bring their goods to the market many miles away from the place where they lived.

10) The planners supposed that the scheme for a new industrial complex would take 15 years to complete.

11) Would you explain why the idea of a perfect market is a theoretical concept, not a practical reality.

12) The company representative would not listen to the demands of the workers.

13) I wouldn't marry you even if you were the last person on earth.

14). If I were you I would wait before asking the bank manager for a loan.


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