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Durability dangerous replacement

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stormy movement quantitative

indifferent simplicity entrance

dwelling irregular flyer

appearance weakness hardly

influential distant bravely

development slowly traveler

mainly weightlessness different

thickness supposition necessity

historic islander happiness

reasonable promotion


5. Найдите в правой колонке перевод слов, приведенных в левой:

1. поселение a) settle b) settlement c) settler d) settles

2. независимость a) dependence b) independent c) depend d) independence

3. здание a) builder b) builds c) building d) build

4. реставрация a) restoration b) restorative c) restore d) restores

5. содействующий a) promote b) promoting c) promotion d) promotes

6. замененный a) replacement b) place c) replace d) replaced

7. значение a)mean b) meaning c) meant d) means

8. предположение a) supposes b) suppose c) supposed d) supposition

9. летчик a) flyer b) fly c) flight d) flying

10.мощный a)power b) powerless c) powerful d) proper

11.медленно a) slower b)slowly c) slow d) slowest

12.вес a) weighty b) weightlessness c) weight d) weightless



23. Предлоги (Prepositions)


1. Заполните пропуски предлогами места или времени:

It was 7 o’clock (1) … a cold morning (2) … January. She was still asleep. She usually stayed (3) … bed (4) … about 9 o’clock (5) … winter.

Suddenly she was woken up by a knocking at the door. She got (6) … bed and went (7) … the door. There was a man (8) … the doorstep. She thought she recognized him. “Hello, Edna,” he said. “It’s Tom. Can I come (9) …?” And then she knew who it was but she didn’t quite believe it. She hadn’t seen him (10) … thirty years, (11) … the summer of !($) when she’d said goodbye to him the night (12) … his final departure. That was when he went off (13) … war. It was two years (14) … that when she received the letter (15) … The War Office which said that Tom had been missing (16) … some time and was now presumed dead. She kept on hoping that they were wrong right up (17) … the end of the war. But then she gave up. (18) … Then, she’d continued to think of Tom every day. (19) … his birthday, she always stayed (20) … home all day because she couldn’t bear to meet anybody. She’d met Tom (21) … the age of sixteen and they’d had a wonderful time together (22) … the start of the war. She was nineteen when war broke out and they had been together (23) … three years. They were going to get married (24) … the war.


2. Выберете из скобок нужный предлог:

1. They ran (across/opposite) the road.

2. We had a picnic on the hill (over/above) the town.

3. He put the ladder (against/up) the wall.

4. The snake moved quietly (through/across) the tall grass.

5. The mouse ran quickly (across/through) the path.

6. The cat walked slowly (on top of/ along) the wall.

7. We sat (on top of/along) the cliffs and watched the sea.

8. Someone pushed a letter (under/below) the door.

9. She drove (between/through) the gates.

10. I held the parcel (behind/past) my back.

11. They walked (in front of/past) the school gate.

12. I pushed my bike (over/above) the bridge.

13. The bank clerk stood (against/towards) the wall.

14. We waited (down/under) a tree.

15. I put my suitcase (on top of/ over) the wardrobe.


3. Заполните пропуски нужными предлогами:

1. The dog ran … the tree five or six times. 2. We flew slowly … the suburbs of Paris. 3. I moved the baby … the fire. 4. The policeman went … the crowd and arrested a young man. 5. If you put some money … here, the machine will start. 6. They had nowhere to stay, so they slept … a bridge. 7. The town hall is … the library and the museum. 8. We watched the soldiers as they walked … our house on the way to the ship. 9. They ran out of the dressing-room … the football pitch. 10. London is … the south-east of England. 11. The dog stood … the door and waited. 12. They walked hand-in-hand … the side of the canal. 13. I held the rucksack … my back. 14. The cat jumped … my arms and ran away. 15. I threw the stone … to the sea. 16. The bottles fell … the lorry and rolled … the hill. 17. We crawled … a hole in the fence. 18. What have you got … your hand?

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