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Test VI

1. Переведите следующие слова и выражения:


Legal system

Sources of law

Written Law

State courts

To be appointed for life

District court

Circuit court

2. Дополните следующие предложения:

1. … hear civil cases involving larger amounts of money than in minor trial courts.

2. Federal courts are organized in three tiers …

3. The American court is complex, mainly because of …

4. The state’s minor trial courts have various names: justice courts …

5. All cases resolved in the … and all decisions of … can be appealed to …

6. The Supreme court has … headed by Chief Justice.

3. Выполните следующий тест:

1. The lowest courts are:

d) Courts of Appeals

e) Magistrates’ courts

f) Crown courts

2. Magistrates’ court consists of between:

d) Two to seven magistrates

e) One magistrate

f) Twenty magistrates

3. The final criminal appellate tribunal is :

d) The House of Commons

e) District court

f) House of Lords

4. The state’s minor trial courts are called:

g) The courts of last resort

h) Circuit courts

i) Justice courts, small-claim courts, police courts, traffic courts, municipal courts, mayors’ courts

4.Переведите следующий отрывок из текста:

Federal courts are also organized in three tiers, like a pyramid: district courts, courts of appeals and the Supreme Court. All federal judges are appointed for life.

There are about ninety four district courts in different parts of the United States. The district courts are the lowest ones in the Federal court system. Most of the criminal and civil cases are tried by these courts. The district court is the only Federal court where trials are held, juries are used, and witnesses are called. There are about two hundred district judges in the USA.

All cases resolved in the district courts and all decisions of federal administrative agencies can be appealed to one of the thirteen federal circuit courts. There are no jurors, witnesses, cross-examinations and other features of the trial courts here. The judges sit in panels made up of three judges each, examining rulings made and procedures followed in the trial courts.

For most cases the circuit courts are the end of the line, but in some cases an appeal may be made to the highest court in the land: the U.S. Supreme Court.

6. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:

5. In what way are federal courts organized in the USA?

6. How many district courts are there in the USA?

7. What cases are tried by district courts?

8. What cases can be appealed to federal circuit courts?

Прочитайте текст и решите, какой из трех предлагаемых вариантов А, В или С соответствует каждому из двадцати пропусков. Запишите ваш ответ в таблицу ответов. Вначале задания дан пример (0).

The police(0)_______a man and a woman. They are in court now. A girl called Miss Exter (1)__ ___ the robbery. She (2)_______in the witness box. The judge and the 12members of the jury(3)_______her. A lawyer is asking her(4)_______questions.

«Now, Miss Exter. You saw the bank robbery, (5)_______?» −«Yes, I did.» «You saw a man, didn’t you?»−«Yes,(6)_______I saw him when he went (7)_______ and when he (8)_______».

«Now, (9)_______ the court. Can you see that man?»− «Yes, he is the man I saw.» − «He wasn’t (10)_______ when he went into the bank, (11)_______?» −«No, he was with a woman.»

«Now, look around the court again. Can you see that woman?» − «Yes, she is the woman».− «(13)_______Miss Exter?» − «Yes, absolutely, they are the people I saw». – « Now, look at the man and the woman again. This is very important. What (14)_______ when he went into the bank?» – «I don’t remember it (15)_______. But I remember his hat and his bag.»

«Look at the hat on the table. Is that the hat he (16)_______ …?» «Yes, and that is the bag he was(17)_______».– «Do you I remember (18)_______ about the woman?.» −«Yes, she was wearing a blond wig and black shoes» –« How do you know (19)_______ a wig, Miss Exter?» −«Because it fell off then she (20)_______to the car»


№ Пропускa Вариант А ВариантB Вариант С



0. A. arrest B. arrests C. arrested C(образец)

1. A. have seen B. saw C. was seeing

2. A. stand B. has stood C. is standing

3. A. listen at B. are listening to C. have listened by

4. A. any B. some C. none

5. A. haven’t you B. wasn’t you C. didn’t you

6. A. that’s right B. it’s right C. it’s good

7. A. at B. into C. near

8. A. out B. into C. from

9. A. look into B. look around C. see at

10. A. alone B. single C. one

11. A. didn’t he B. wasn’t he C. was he

12. A. was seeing B. saw C. had seen

13. A. are you sure B. Were you sure C. Do you sure

14. A. did the man wear B. was the man C. the man wore


15. A. very much B. very well C. very good

16. A. wore B. was worn C. was wearing

17. A. wearing B. carrying C. keeping

18. A. anything B. something C. nothing

19. A. it is B. it was C. was it

20. A. runs B. was running C. is running

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