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Yesterday our engineers (to change) the bilge pump.

7) A boatswain and sailors (to keep) the ship’s hull, holds and tackle in good condition.

8) The Engine Department (to consist) of the Chief Engineer, the Second, Third and Fourth Engineers, motormen and electricians.

9) Early sextants frequently (to give) imprecise measurements, but innovation in the 17th century by John Flamsteed (to make) them 15 times more accurate.

10) The International Sanitary Convention (to adopt) International Sanitary Rules.

11) The main engine is out of work. How long it (to take) to get it ready?

12) Well-qualified sailors (to perform) their duties properly.

13) There (to be) four main types of marine engine: the diesel engine, the steam turbine, the gas turbine and the marine nuclear plant.


Упражнение 2.

Поставьте глагол в Present Indefinite или Present Continuous.

1) The sea (to cover) two thirds of the world.

2) The Chief Officer (to be) the Head of the Deck Department.

3) IMO (to pay) much attention to preventing pollution at sea.

4) The number of transport vessels (to grow) now very rapidly.

5) Under normal conditions this aircraft engine (to function) properly.

6) What the Radio Officer (to do)? – He (to repair) the radio direction finder.


Упражнение 3.

Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в Past Indefinite или Present Perfect.

1) They (to launch) a new barge-carrying vessel this month.

2) We have to pay a penalty because we (to load) the ship faultily.

3) A nuclear submarine (to replace) recently a conventional submarine.

4) Last month the students of our department (to visit) the m\v “Clayton”.

5) Our vessel (to make) regular voyages to London in the past.

6) You (to receive) the qualification of Electromechanical Engineer last year?

7) The sailors (not to finish) painting the main deck yet.

8) Representatives of many countries (to take part) in the last conference concerning the problems of marine pollution.


Упражнение 4.

Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в Future Indefinite или Future Perfect.

1) The boatswain and sailors (to scrub) the deck tomorrow.

2) By 2100 the world’s population (to increase) to around 30.000 million.

3) They (to start) building a new ship-repairing yard soon.

4) Life (to become) more automated by the middle of the century.

5) The earth’s supplies of oil, coal and gas (to run out) by the beginning of the next century.

6) In future British ships (to carry) more cargo than nowadays.

7) Our balk carrier (to reach) the port of destination by tomorrow morning.

8) Next term the cadets of our department (to have) shipboard training on the m/v “Clayton”.


Упражнение 5.

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