Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives.

Study the rule Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives and train your knowledge doing the following exercises:


Ex. 1. Give comparative and superlative forms of the following adjectives:


Old, pretty, young, cold, cheap, big, fat, thin, large, hot, wet, funny, good, bad, far, small, long, lazy, warm, dark, short, heavy, easy, difficult, important, intelligent, beautiful, expensive, strong, interesting, famous, comfortable, nervous, happy, sweet, high, tall.


Ex. 2. Choose the correct form in the brackets:


1. It is joke Ive ever heard (funny, funnier, the funniest).

2. This task is than that one (simple, simpler, the simplest).

3. Today is than yesterday (warm, warmer, the warmest).

4. February is month of the year (cold, colder, the coldest).

5. Monaco is than Luxembourg (small, smaller, the smallest).

6. Today is than yesterday (hot, hotter, the hottest).

7. She is in math than I am (smart, smarter, the smartest).

8. Where is shop (near, nearer, the nearest)?

9. She is person Ive ever known (kind, kinder, the kindest).

10. This road is than the old one. Its better not to choose it (long, longer, the longest).


Ex. 3.Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form:


1. This road was than that one (dangerous).

2. This film is than that we saw yesterday (interesting).

3. Black is this year than white (fashionable).

4. I think Bill is boy in our group (intelligent).

5. She is person Ive ever met (romantic).

6. The cat is than a cow (curious).

7. This model is supposed to be one of girls in our agency (beautiful).

8. It is one of parks in the world (wonderful).

9. This cake is than that one we ate yesterday (delicious).

10. Alfred Nobel was one of people in the world (interesting).


Ex. 4. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the following adjectives: big, fat, sad, thin, hot, flat, wet.Mind that the final consonant doubles in the comparative and superlative forms!


1. The farmer wanted to sell his pig.

2. I think it was day of the year. It had been raining cats and dogs.

3. July is supposed to be month of the year.

4. She looked even than yesterday.

5. This book is than the new one.

6. It is always in summer than in spring.

7. She looks as person in the world. She never smiles.

8. This is territory over here. There is not even a small hill around.

9. This rabbit looks than that one. It is really too thin.

10. Today is than yesterday. I hope it is Indian Summer ( ).


Ex. 5. Complete the following sentences with the following irregular comparatives and superlatives: good better the best; bad worse the worst; little less the least; little(size) smaller the smallest; far farther (further) the farthest(the furthest); old older the old-est (age); elder the eldest(in the family); many(much) more the most; ill worse the worst


1. George is one of students in his group.

2. Mr. Kincey is one of people in the country.

3. Josh is than his brothers.

4. We knew that he lives in village.

5. Julia is talented than Robert.

6. We think it was day of our life.

7. We have water on the Earth now.

8. Who is in your family?

9. My Dad looks than his friends.

10. His brother is a first-year student.


Ex. 6. Correct the mistakes if there are any:


1. This student is a smartest at her faculty.

2. This fish is fater and biger than that one.

3. Is this really the baddest day of your life?

4. They have the bettest collection of stamps in the city.

5. This rose looks beautifullier than that one.

6. This street is the most narrow in our town.

7. I am the happyest person in the world.

8. She is five years elder than me.

9. My older sister is a widow.

10. It was the hoter yesterday.


Ex. 7. Write the opposite of the following adjectives and change the sentences:


1. This book is thicker than that one.

2. John is the tallest boy in our group.

3. The building of a new theatre is the largest in the city.

4. Today is the hottest day of the year.

5. The Nile is wider than the Thames.

6. Nelly is the kindest person Ive ever known.

7. Tom gets up earlier than our father.

8. It is the hardest task of the test.

9. He has the best collection of stamps in the city.

10. Andy is the youngest son in the family.


Ex. 8. Give the comparative and the superlative degree of the following adjectives:


Large, long, nice, deep, fine, thin, dark, good, active, hot, low, slow, dry, big, bad, far, neat, warm, messy, cold, high, tremendous, kind, difficult, short, sad, beautiful, comfortable, busy, young, wet, expensive, strong, ugly, smart, popular, new, cheap.


Ex. 9.Put in the missing words from the box:

More wonderful, the, wonderful, tender (), each, the nicest, more tired, nice, glad, two hour journey ( ), green roof, picturesque (), small, elder, old


One of my (1) friends, Harry James by name went to the country to visit his relatives. His (2) brother George lived in a (3) town at the foot of the mountain. It was a very (4) place with a lot of small (5) houses. Harry drove carefully and after a (6) he was there. George and his wife were (7) to see Harry. But Harry felt he was (8) than ever and went to sleep a little. When he woke up he looked out of the window and saw a (9) bed of roses. It was (10) picture he had ever seen in his life. (11) rose was as beautiful as a miracle. The (12) flowers were open to the sun. Harry went outside and smelt (13) roses. They smelt (14) Even (15) than he supposed.


Ex. 10. Translate the following sentences into English:


1. .

2. .

3. .

4. .

5. 򳺿.

6. .

7. 쒿.

8. (path) .

9. .

10. .


Ҳ 5.1.

( 5)

: Time and Dates.

: , . . .

ʲʲ : 2

˲: . .. .

: . .. . J.M. Dobson Effective Techniques for English conversational groups. .. . .

Ͳ .

1.How many hours are there in a day?

2.How many days are there in a week?

3.In whose honour were the seven days of the week named?

4.What is a sundial?

5.What other timepieces do you know?

6.Name 12 months of the year. What is their origin?

7.How many days are there in a year (in a leap year)?

8.What way are the years numbered?

9. What do the letters B.C. and A.D. mean?


ղ Ҳί .

1. Months of the year - , , , .

2. 5 (.43-45).

3. (, . 53).

4. .

5. The Present Indefinite Tense.


Ҳ 5.2.

( 5)

: The Present Indefinite Tense.

: The Present Indefinite Tense, . The Present Indefinite Tense. The Present Indefinite Tense. Present Indefinite.

ʲʲ : 2

˲: . .. . .., .. . .. . . .. ..

: ϳ, , , , .


Ͳ .

1. 䳿 The Present Indefinite Tense?

2. 䳺 Present Indefinite (, )?

3. Present Indefinite?

4. .

5. ?


ղ Ҳί .

1. The Present Indefinite Tense.

2. - The Present Indefinite Tense.

3. .

4. 1-10 The Present Indefinite Tense.


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