Gerards POV. Work was pretty average today

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Work was pretty average today. It was after work when the drama happened. Frank and I left the tattoo parlor only to walk into the apartment that Mikey and I shared to see Erica and Mikey arguing. She was giving it to him. I remember when I was the work-place freak and Erica would bitch me out every day. Well, lets just say that compared to how she was now, she seemed pleasant back then.

and then you fucking just leave without saying goodbye. Youre using me for sex arent you? And if I dont give it to you, youre probably going to someone elses place to see if theyll give it to you. Maybe I should un-morph my boobs and see how long you stick around. Because youre nothing but a man-whore! she yelled.

Frank and I raised our eyebrows before walking off to my bedroom. Even with the door closed, we could hear everything.

What?! You know thats not true Erica. Why the fuck are you bitching me out all of a sudden? We had sex three times last night because we both couldnt keep our hands off one another. If I remember correctly, the second time, when we were in the shower was because you were washing my privates and the third time when we were watching TV, you began to feel me up. So dont fucking try to pin this all on me. I left this morning without saying goodbye because I had to get home to get ready for work. You were still asleep and you looked beautiful laying there, so I thought Id let you sleep in peace and call you up when I knew you were awake to talk to you. But you ignored my call! And why would I fucking go to someone else for sex when I am with an amazing woman like you? Un-morph your boobs. I dont care. You can look how you did before you morphed yourself for all I care, because to me, even if you decided to go and morph yourself into an Amy Winehouse look-a-like, you would still be beautiful in my eyes. You know what I said to Gerard and Frank as soon as I came home from your house this morning? Mikey yelled back. There was a short pause before he continued.

I fucking said that I think Im in love with you, he said, his voice softening considerably. The next thing Frank and I heard was footsteps past my bedroom door, before hearing Mikeys bedroom door slam closed. I knew very well from past experience that Mikey had just gone off to his bedroom to cry. He didnt cry in front of others. He always tried to hold back his tears until he was in his bedroom, with the door locked. I also knew that he probably wouldnt be out of his bedroom for some time, so I decided that Frank and I should probably go back out to Erica and tell her that it was probably best for her to leave.

We walked out to the living room where Erica was sitting on the couch, her eyes glazed over as she stared off into space.

Erica, I spoke. She snapped out of the trance she was in and looked at Frank and I. Uh, we couldnt help but overhear, but I just thought you should know that Mikeys probably not gonna come out of his room any time soon, and that its probably best if you went home and relaxed or something, I told her.

No. Im staying right here until he comes out, she spoke, tears beginning to fall down her cheeks. Frank moved to sit next to her.

Erica, dont cry. People fight all the time. Itll work out, Frank reassured her, wrapping his arms about his second best friend.

I was such a bitch to him Frank, she blubbered. I thought he was using me, she added.

What made you think that he was using you? he asked her.

Ive been used by so many guys in the past. And I got paranoid that its happened again. No ones ever said that they were in love with me before. And now Ive fucked everything up. I regret it so bad, she spoke.

Well, why dont you tell Mikey that? Frank asked.

How can I? Hes locked himself in his bedroom and isnt coming out any time soon, Erica replied.

Well, when I was in high school, I learned a few things, Frank told her.

Oh? she spoke, sounding interested.

Yeah. My friends and I learned how to pick locks. And considering I still have a little while until I have to go out and save the world from none other than Dr. Krustallos, the most flamboyant non-gay super villain ever, I can help you out, Frank offered.

You can do that? Erica asked him, sounding impressed. I already knew Frank could pick virtually any lock he tried. It came in handy when we were saving people. And I was all for him helping Erica out. If it meant that my brother wouldnt cry, then I didnt mind at all. It always made me upset to see Mikey cry. Sure, I often said things which were sorta harsh, but I was only kidding, and Mikey knew I was kidding. Mikey was the best brother I could ever ask for. When I used to cop shit at school and work, he was always there to comfort me. And despite his obsession with watching movies with certain movie stars that he had crushes on, he was fun to be around. And it sucked when he was upset.

Come on, Frank spoke, standing up and grabbing Ericas hand. He dragged her along to Mikeys bedroom.

Wait here, he instructed her. He then walked off to my bedroom and I followed him, knowing exactly what he wanted, my credit card. I handed it to him and he grinned at me, before pecking my lips.

Thank you. You know, if my mom hadnt cut up my credit card because I bought too many pairs of shoes with it, I wouldnt have to use yours, he spoke. He also grabbed my make up kit before walking back to Mikeys bedroom door. He put the credit card in his pocket and opened my make up kit. He was looking for something. Once he found what it was, he pulled it out. He held it up to show Erica what it was. It was my metal nail file. And before you all look at me like, what the fuck?!, I am a gay boy who likes pretty nails. Fucking deal with it.

Frank slipped the nail file into the crevasse between the door and the door frame. He began to jiggle it around until he heard a small click. He then pulled the nail file out and placed it back into my make up kit before pulling out the credit card and sliding it down the crevasse. A much louder click sounded and he twisted open the door to reveal Mikey on his bed, his face in his pillows. Frank stood up and quickly ran back to my bedroom to put away my make up kit and credit card before hurrying back to my side and kissing my cheek.

Mikey, Erica spoke. Mikey didnt speak. Instead he continued to lay on his bed. Mikey, please say something, she tried again. Mikey moved his head up and turned it around to face her. Tears had stained his face, ruining his eyeliner.

Fuck off. I know when Im not wanted. And until I told you that I loved you, you probably had all the intention of breaking up with me. You probably dont want me. So just fuck off! Mikey said coldly, before laying back down and sobbing into his pillow once more. It hurt to see him like that.

Frank, take Erica back out to the living room. I wanna speak to Mikey, I told my boyfriend.

Frank ushered Erica back out to the living room as I sat down on Mikeys bed and put my hand on his back, rubbing it soothingly as he continued to sob.

Mikey, theyre not in here anymore. Did you wanna talk about everything? I asked him. Slowly Mikey turned around and faced me.

Its so fucked up. Why is it that every time I find someone good to be with, they decide Im not good enough for them, Mikey spoke.

Erica never said that, I reminded him as he sat up on his bed.

No, but she inferred it. And it fucking hurts Gerard. I see you so happy with Frank every day, and I wanted something just like it. I wish that she loved me back Gee, Mikey replied, tears trickling down his face. I wrapped my arms around him.

You gotta give this time Mikey. Frank and I have known one another for over a year. So its no wonder that we love each other so much. Just tell her how you feel and be honest. Shell be more understanding if youre honest with her. And you need to be patient with her. You know, women arent like guys. Which is why I wont date them, I spoke, making Mikey giggle. But anyway, you need to comfort her too and listen to what she has to say. And never bring up her boobs or anything like that. Especially PMS. Cause even I know that if you bring that up, women go psycho, I explained to him.

I know. Thanks Gerard. Youve cheered me up a little, Mikey replied.

You want Frank to bring Erica in? I asked him. He nodded.

I walked out of the room and told Frank to take Erica to see Mikey, before going off and getting changed into my superhero get-up. Frank and I let Erica and Mikey make up from their fight as we went off to save people. Dr. Krustallos was not around. I guess he was still trying to fix his costume after I blasted the shit out of it yesterday.


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