Gerards POV. Oh my god! I exclaimed after reading the article Frank had shown me

  1. Gerards POV
  2. Gerards POV
  3. Gerards POV

Oh my god! I exclaimed after reading the article Frank had shown me. As soon as I had finished with my first client, Frank had come up to me and made me read the article.

Come, Frank spoke, dragging me back to his office.

Ooooh, Gerards about to get lucky! I heard Mimi exclaim. I couldnt help but smirk. Ha, I wished I was getting lucky. But some asshole was going around killing Hanson wannabes and in the process ruining the profit margins of one of Americas most successful companies in the tween market. So there was no time to get lucky right now. We got to Franks office and Frank closed and locked the door.

Whatre we gonna do? Theres not one freak we have to worry about. Theres two now! What if there becomes a whole army of villains? How are we gonna cope? Gerard, Im scared, Frank spoke, putting his arms around me and burying his face into my shoulder.

Itll be ok. We have the cops on our side, the fire brigade, Erica.... Hey! Maybe we could convince Erica to help us out, I suggested.

You know she wont. Shes probably too busy fucking Mikey every night while were fighting crime, Frank pointed out.

Well that makes sense as to why every time I return to my place after ourcostume party that Mikeys always got a stupid grin on his face. Well, that, and the fact that he loves his girlfriend. Oh my god, it was so bad last night. Mikey and make up sex just leaves a nasty grin on his face. I swear, he woke up and he was still grinning, I spoke, making Frank giggle.

I think we should call out Dr. Krustallos and the electric dude, Frank suggested.

What, like arrange a fight like they do in high school? Maybe we could fight on the football field and have spectators who say oooh and ahh to every punch and kick, I spoke rather sarcastically. There was no way we were arranging a meeting with Dr. Krustallos and the electric man.

No Gerard, Im serious. If we can get them before they kill anyone else, itll be much safer for everyone else, Frank replied.

But what about us Frank? What about you? What if you get electrocuted or acidized? I probably sound selfish in saying it, but what if you die? I would feel so alone, I confessed. I felt Frank hug me tighter.

You know that wont happen. I am the sex. No one will kill my sexy little butt, he spoke, smirking.

Frankie, Im serious, I whined. He kissed my cheek.

Ok, so then if you dont wanna call them out, there is another option, Frank decided.


Yeah. I mean, we could always find out who their secret identities are and catch them off guard and get them? he suggested. I actually considered this option. Wed be in much less danger if we did that.

Ok, so how do we find out who they are? I asked Frank.

Well, look at who theyve killed so far. Dr. Krustallos has crystallized a car, killed some guy called Jeph Howard and he keeps putting up acid walls everywhere. I think that the acid walls are just to piss people off and to try and get our attention, but Jeph Howard... whatever he did to Dr. Krustallos, it pissed him off. I mean, if Krustallos wanted to kill random people, half the city would already be dead. Jeph Howard did something. And we need to find out what. It wouldnt hurt to find out whose car that was which Dr. Krustallos crystallized, Frank spoke.

Thats a good point. But Frank, we need to make sure youre a better detective than you have been in the past, I informed him.

What do you mean? Frank asked.

Well, in the past, your detective work led to you trying to make out with my brother, I reminded him. He giggled.

I cant believe I thought it was him. I mean, youre a much better kisser, he told me. I couldnt help but smile. He thought I was a good kisser?

You think Im a good kisser? I asked him. He smirked before opening his mouth to speak.

So anyway, this electricity dude killed the Jonas Brothers. I guess maybe hes just a massive attention whore... or maybe he just hates The Jonas Brothers. Frank guessed.

You never answered my question, I replied as I noticed his gaze flicked down to my lips. All of a sudden, he took me by surprise and began to make out with my hungrily. He pulled my lower half towards his, as he immediately began grinding himself against me and I couldnt help but moan. And then he pulled away.

Yes. Youre a fucking fantastic kisser, he replied. Now, you have a client soon and I have nothing to do. So Ill do some research and see what we can find on Jeph Howard, he decided.

Can I have another kiss before I get back to work? I asked him. He rolled his eyes and smirked.

What if I said no? he asked, still smirking.

No sex for you, I decided. He raised his eyebrows at me.

Oh really? And when were you planning on sexing up The Skeleton? he asked me.

When he least expected it, I replied. Now it was my turn to smirk. Franks face was priceless. And then he lunged at me, his lips attaching themselves to mine. As he pulled away from me, he looked at me and opened his mouth to ask me something.

When am I getting some? he asked me.

Not telling, I replied. I had a fantasy that Id always wanted to fulfil. I was a little bit of an exhibitionist, so I wanted to do something publicly. I just didnt know what Frank would think of it, so I figured Id surprise him. It was probably the wrong way to go about it, but it was the best idea I had.

Fine, Ill speak to you later, Frank told me, pouting. I pecked his lips once more, and he couldnt help but smile.

Love you, I replied.

Not as much as I love you, he said back.

Oh yeah? I spoke, before making a fist with one of my hands. I put the fist in front of my crotch and simulated jacking off, moaning at the same time. I then pointed to Frank and smirked.

Walking over to the door, I opened it and began to walk out, only hearing Frank call out behind me.

Well hornbag, Ill have you know, I jerk off over you just as much as you jerk off over me.

The whole workplace heard what he said. Erica and Mimi looked slightly turned on by it. The other employees just laughed.

Hey, get back to work! Frank ordered, also stepping out of his office. Its not like youve never touched yourselves before.

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