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After data are converted into a binary form, they are available for processing. The central processing unit (CPU) performs this activity in conjunction with memory and storage. The CPU. the "brains" of the computer system, consists of a control unit and an arithmetic/logic unit (ALU).

• The control unit manages the computer system, acting like a traffic cop directing the flow of data throughout the system.

• The ALU performs all mathematical and logical functions.

One of the fundamental components linked to the CPU is memory. Just as a human requires memory to perform meaningful tasks, so does a computer. Memory is the area of the computer that stores data for processing. It comes in two forms, random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM). RAM temporarily stores the data needed for the current processing task. When power to computer is turned off, data in RAM vanish. We call RAM user memory. It is the memory where your term paper resides when you write it with word processing software. ROM is permanent memory that provides the basic set of instructions for starting the computer. It contains the instructions that give meaning to keys on a keyboard, basic sounds, and access to storage devices.

И Перевод предложений с формальным подлежащим It и конструкциейthere is/are

Задание 6. Прочитайте предложения с формальным подлежащим и конструкцией there is. Обсудите возможное изменение порядка слов при переводе.

1. It is therefore not surprising that an extraordinary ritual takes place when it is time for a serial to begin.

2. It happened so that Oscar Wilde spent his last years ill, poor, and forgotten by his friends.



7. 8. 9.
Задание 8. Сравните английские предложения, в которых использованы усилительные конструкции it is.... that (which, who, when), с их русским переводом. Проанализируйте способы их перевода. Обратите внимание на перевод усилительного глагола 'do'.

In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one

wants, and the other is getting it.

Some people think that it is more important for them to know history

and literature than science and mathematics.

It has been said. '"Not everything that is learned is contained in


Hurry to supply genetic material while you are in good health. Have a

clone made. There is a discount on large orders. There is also an

installment option. And finally, there is cloning of pets, the cheapest

of all, for those who wish to see their lost pet resurrected.

It is generally agreed that society benefits from the work of its


There are two general types of RAM: dynamic and static.

While there are upper limits on the total amount of RAM possible in

Macintosh computers (it differs from model to model), there is no

differentiation between the types of RAM, as has been the case with

DOS-based (IBM and so-called IBM-compatible) computers.

0. They say its dangerous.

1. One may say that the situation is strange. We can*t take it for granted

dioxygen complexes. 5. Difficult though it may be the problem will be formulated.

6. Only in special cases do the waves reinforce one another.

7. We couldn t identify thesample. Neither could we make theexperiment once more.

8. They didn't present any
information. Nor did they provide
financial help.

двуокисные комплексы.

5. Хотя это м.б. и трудно,
задача будет сформулирована.
Или- Как ни трудна эта
задача, она...

6. Только в особых случаях
волны усиливают друг друга.

7. Мы не смогли определить
образец. А также мы не
провести эксперимент
еще раз.

8. Онине представили никакой
информации. Не обеспечили они и
финансовую помощь.



Усилительный глагол do в утвердительном предложении усиливает значение сказуемого. Обратите внимание на его перевод.

The value does seem high in the light of this observation. В свете этого наблюдения данное значение действительно кажется высоким.

I I Отступления от прямого порядка слов (инверсия, усилительные конструкции)

Для усиления значения слова его иногда выносят в начало английского предложения. Такой способ называется инверсией.

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