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Задание 7. Сравните английские предложения, в которых применена инверсия, с их русским переводом. Проанализируйте способы перевода различных случаев инверсии.

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1. This mistake we observed in all his articles. 2. In the vacuum was a new sample. 3. Remaining to be discussed is the main problem. 4. Included in Table VII are


1. Именно эту ошибку мынаблюдали во всех его статьях.

2. В вакууме находился новый образец.

3. Остается обсудить основную проблему.

4. В таблицу VII включены

It is this last category that is of

interest to us.

// was not until 1998 that he

published his book.

It was Pr. N.. who was elected

chairman of the session.

It is this question that we are

interested in.

Именно эта последняя категория представляет для нас интерес. И только в 1998 году он опубликовал свою книгу. Председателем собрания был избран проф. N.

Именно этот вопрос интересует нас.


Задание 9. Прочитайте предложения. Найдите в заданиях 1 и 2 соответствующий тип инверсии и переведите предложения, следуя предложенной модели перевода.

A) 1. It is these two companies which are probably a good part of the cultural program for the public. 2. It was with the arrival of e-commerce and the magnetic strip in the early 1970s that credit cards achieved their full potential. 3. It is the absence rather than the presence of hindrance (помеха) that is noteworthy. 4. It was this technique that failed to meet the requirement. 5. It was of this problem that they spoke and wrote about. 6. It is what one does that counts, not what one promises. 7. It was the Internet that set the PC free, but before computers could begin to weave their worldwide web. they needed a way of transmitting information to one another. 8. It is precisely this opinion that makes a person defend this approach. 9. It is exactly this composition that will do for our purpose. 10. It was the standardised modem that enabled the creation of a single network of computers that could be accessed with the same equipment anywhere in the world, and that is what gives the web its true power. 11. It is the universality that allows a business person with a laptop to set up an instant office wherever there is a phone line, or for videogame players to compete with or against people on the other side of the world, or for eBay users to access the world's biggest marketplace, no matter which country they are dialling up from. 12. Other automated systems are typically controlled by computer too, but it is the term "computer process control" that is generally associated with continuous production involving such materials as, for example, chemicals and some basic metals. 13 It is in the Elizabethan Age that art, culture and literature flowered, especially in London. 14. It was under Henry the lsl in the 12th century that London finally became the capital of England.

B) 1. Owing to his works not only was the problem solved but a wholly new approach evolved. 2. Not only can you paste portions of one document into another, but by utilizing more advanced document-linking features those pasted elements remain "live", that is, if the source document (such as some spreadsheet data) changes, the results will also be reflected in the secondary document containing the pasted data. 3. Theirs not only was a very happy marriage but also one of the greatest scientific partnerships. 4. Only recently have we appreciated the potentialities in this field. 5. Out of this work came a substantial body of new technical

knowledge1. 6. Of great interest was the finding that this shift (сдвиг) did occur at regular intervals. 7. Only then does the action not lead to plan imbalance. 8. Of prime importance is the total response time2.

C). 1. Important for the uniqueness of steel is the allotropy of iron-that is, its existence in two crystalline forms. 2. Referred to as ferrite, iron in its bcc formation is also called alpha iron in the lower temperature range and delta iron in the higher temperature zone. 3. Notable are relatively low sensitivities of that substance. 4. Plotted (plot -наносить на диаграмму) on the diagram are the curves of production growth versus (в зависимости от) automation. 5. Closely relating to the problem of memory capacity is the problem of miniaturization. 6. Important as were the decisions, they did not solve the problem confronting them. 7. Reporting3 to him were a technical director, a manufacturing director, and a marketing director. 8. A ventilation opening includes any permanent or closable means of ventilation which opens directly to the external air. Included in this category are openable parts of windows and doors which open directly to the external air.

D) 1. The ion does have a definite mobility that doesn't change with time. 2 There is a second approach to the problem that does provide a slight time saving. 3. We failed to estimate the variables, nor do we know how to evaluate the performance of the system. 4. The closer /V is to I the better does the system meet the formulated task. 5. Never do bats fail to catch insects. 6. Faraday was no mathematician, nor was Hamilton much of a physicist. 7. Their theory, crude though it is, helps to overcome this difficulty.

Ill Задание 10. Переведите текст. 4 Обратите внимание на передачу инверсии.

body of knowledge - совокупность знаний " время отклика, время ответа, время реакции

3 предоставлять отчет

4 Рубцова М.Г. Чтение и перевод научно-технической литературы [Текст] :
лексико-грамматический справочник М.Г.Рубцова. - М. : ООО ^Издательство
А стрел ь\. 2002 г. -С. 21.



It is quite evident that not every experiment can be relied upon.
These conditions, however, will be objected to by other scientists.

Material Research is not new, but the interdisciplinary aspects of materials research now are receiving considerable emphasis. It has been only since chemists, physicists, metallurgists, ceramicists. polymer chemists, and other scientists began studying the detailed structure and properties of materials that the fundamental relationships underlying basic materials phenomena have begun to be understood.

It was not until recently that it has become increasingly evident that the rapid exploitation of new discoveries and their incorporation into the technology depends largely on the combined efforts of research scientists and engineers drawn from several different disciplines. The overwhelming problems of today are forcing the disciplines to seek advice from one another.

Not only does the blending of various disciplines result in enhanced research, but modern materials systems themselves often are created from the integration of two or more materials. These systems do result in new materials having properties not previously available.

It is the lack of materials that are adequate to meet the needs imposed on them that many of the holding problems in our technological development stem from.

Задание 11. Письменно переведите текст. Обратите внимание на предложение, в котором имеется инверсия. Сравните ваш перевод с переводом других студентов.

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