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Costumes and scenery



A late night

Part 1

Jane Hunt Last night my parents went to a play. They went with the Blakes, who are the people we visited last Saturday. Before the play, Mum and Dad walked down Shaftesbury Avenue. Mum wanted to see the theatres and clubs. They walked very slowly and arrived about five minutes late. Mum loved the play. Mrs. Blake liked the dances, but she didn't like the songs. Dad didn't like the play at all because he can't stand musicals. Mr. Blake didn't like it either. After the play they went to a nightclub. They enjoyed that very much. They didn't get back to the hotel until very late. This morning they stayed in bed until eleven o'clock (11.00).


Part 2

Sam’s Place

Receptionist I'm sorry, but I haven't got a reservation for you, sir. When did you ring?

Mr. Hunt I rang last Thursday.

Receptionist And what did you ask for?

Mr. Hunt I asked for a table for four at ten fifteen (10.15).

Receptionist Perhaps you rang the other Sam's Place, Mr. Hunter.

Mr. Hunt Oh, no. My name isn't Hunter; it's Hunt.

Receptionist I'm sorry, sir. I didn't look for Hunt, I looked for Hunter. Yes, here's your reservation.

Did you ask for a table in the little back room?

Mr. Hunt No, I didn't. I'd like one in the main room, please.

Receptionist Well, we've got two tables. One's near the bar and the other's near the door. The one near the bar is a small round table. The other one's a large square table. Which one would you like?

Mr. Hunt Oh, I don't know. You haven't got a table near the dance floor, have you?

Receptionist No, I'm sorry, sir, we haven't.

Mr. Hunt The small round one near the bar is fine.


Mr. Hunt I'm sorry we arrived late. Sarah wanted to walk down Shaftesbury Avenue.

Mr. Blake Why did she want to walk down Shaftesbury Avenue'7

Mr. Hunt To look at the theatres and clubs and and the cinemas.

Mr. Blake Well, you didn't miss much.

Mr. Hunt Good. Now, what would everyone like to eat?

Mrs. Blake I'm not very hungry.

Mrs. Hunt Neither am I, but I am thirsty.

Mrs. Blake So am I. Why don't we have a drink?

Mrs. Hunt All right. But I'm very thirsty. I'd like a glass of water first.

Mr. Blake And what about dinner?

Mrs. Blake I think I'd like the chicken that we had last week.

Mrs. Hunt How did they cook it?

Mrs. Blake I'm not sure, but it tasted very good.

Mr. Blake I liked it very much. I'm going to have it again.

Mrs. Blake So am I.

Mrs. Hum I'd like a steak. What about you, Guy?

Mr. Hunt So would I. A big juicy steak and a fresh green salad. I love steak.


Mrs. Hunt Did you enjoy the play, Clare?

Mrs. Blake Yes, I enjoyed it very much. I adore musicals.

Mrs. Hunt So do I.

Mrs. Blake You didn't like the first act, did you?

Mrs. Hunt No, I didn't. The women danced badly and the men who danced seemed nervous.

Mrs. Blake Yes, you're right. The woman who played the nurse wasn't Jill Sheen, was she?

Mrs. Hunt No, she wasn't. Her name was Shirley Chilver.

Mrs. Blake She talked too fast and she didn't dance very well, either.

Mr. Hunt Did you really enjoy the play?

Mrs. Hunt Yes, of course we did.

Mr. Hunt What did you like?

Mrs. Hunt Oh, everything.

Costumes and scenery

Mr. Hunt Who was the actor who played the doctor?

Mr. Blake That was Frederick Veal. He was in a film I saw last week. He's the actor who was the doctor in another musical last year. 1 didn't like that play, either.

Mrs. Hunt Why did you buy tickets for this play?

Mr. Hunt To please you.

Mrs. Hunt Oh ... thanks . . . Why don't we dance?

Mr. Hunt You don't really like musicals, do you?

Mr. Blake No, not really. I prefer straight plays. Last week we went to see Waiting for Godot.

Mr. Hunt The production wasn't very good, was it?

Mr. Blake No, but the play was interesting.

Mr. Hunt You were lucky. Tonight's play was dull.

Mr. Blake The actors and actresses weren't very good.

Mr. Hunt No, but the costumes and scenery were marvellous.

Mr. Blake I didn't like the men's costumes but the women's dresses were lovely.

Part 3

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