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Askig about Tim

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Sheila This is a beautiful park, isn't it?

Tim Yes, it is.

Sheila What do you do, Tim ?

Tim I'm the assistant manager of the sales department.

Sheila Did you go to university?

Tim Oh yes, I went to university for three years and then I had to take a couple of other courses at night school.

Sheila Where did you go to university?

Tim Leeds. Dad wanted me to become a lawyer or an engineer but I didn't like that idea.

Sheila What did you want to become?

Tim I hoped to become a doctor.

Sheila What happened?

Tim I didn't think that I could get enough money to study for five years.

Sheila Have you worked for the same company since you finished university?

Tim Yes, I have. I'd like to go and look at the lake.

Sheila So would I.


Asking about Sheila


Tim Now, why don't we talk about you? Did you go to university?

Sheila No, I didn't.

Tim Where did you learn to speak German and French?

Sheila On the continent. I've lived on the continent since I was thirteen. Dad was in the army.

Tim Where did you live?

Sheila Near Frankfurt.

Tim Did you study German and French?

Sheila Well, I studied French in school.

Tim And how did you learn German?

Sheila I had German lessons and most of my friends were German. I usually spoke German to them.

Tim And did you always want to become a secretary?

Sheila No, for a long time I hoped to become a teacher or a nurse.

Tim What happened?

Sheila Mum and Dad went back to England and I wanted to stay abroad. I've worked at the United Nations since they left. Next year I hope to come to London.

Tim Why?

Sheila To work and study.




Tim It's a quarter past two (2.15). I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast. I'm


Sheila So am I.

Tim You'd like some lunch, wouldn't you?

Sheila Yes.

Tim Why don't we eat in that pub?

Sheila Is it still open?

Tim Yes, the pubs don't close until three. They're good places for eating.




Tim What would you like to drink, Sheila?

Sheila A half of cider, please.

Tim A half of cider and a pint of bitter, please. I hope it's cold. And what kind of

sandwiches have you got?

Barman Ham, egg, and cheese and pickle.

Tim Have you got any sausages?

Barman Yes, we've got sausages, pork pies and shepherd's pie.

Tim I'd like two sausages and a round of ham sandwiches.

Sheila So would I. No, I think I'd like the shepherd's pie.

Barman Here's the shepherd's pie, miss. Be careful, the plate's hot. And here are your sandwiches, sir. And you wanted two sausages, didn't you?

Tim Yes, please.

Sheila We haven't got any cutlery. We need knives and forks.

Tim And you'd like salt and pepper, wouldn't you, Sheila?

Sheila Yes, please.

Barman You don't need spoons, do you?

Tim No. Why don't we sit over there?

Sheila That's too near the people who are playing darts. I'm going to sit at the bar.


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