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Examples. That music sounds jazz.

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That music sounds... jazz.

That music sounds likejazz.

It seems ... Simon is interested in music.

It seems as ifSimon is interested in music.

1That music sounds ... jazz.

2It seems ... Simon is interested in music.

3It seems ... a good idea.

4It sounds... we have persuaded him.

5That woman looks ... she is angry.

6John sounds... his father.

7Sam's Place sounds ... a good place to eat.

8Your cousin seems ... a nice man.

9I sound ... a weak old man.

10Those people look ... they have a lot of money.




Charlie Wintage ran up the steps of the Administration Building, hurried through the revolving doors and walked down the long hall to the Dean of Men's1 office. He was ten minutes late. Before he opened the frosted- glass door he took out a pair of amber – coloured spectacles and put them on. Then he went in and handed his summons to the secretary.

The Dean will see you in a moment", she said. "Please take a chair."

Charlie sat down and gave a glance about the office. Three freshmen, holding their green caps, were waiting with him. He recognized none of them, so he picked up a week-old copy of a newspaper and started read­ing it. But the room was warm and he immediately went to sleep. The newspaper slipped down on the floor. His amber-coloured spectacles hid his eyes and no one could see that they were closed. He was awakened by the secretary shaking him.

"Wake up and pay for your bed, old man!" one of the freshmen called and everyone laughed heartily.

"I sort of drowsed off2. It's so nice and warm here", Charlie said, apologizing to the secretary.

The Dean of Men got up as he entered and said: "Ah, this is Charlie Wintage, isn't it? How do you like the university by now, Wintage? Eyes troubling you?"

"Pretty well, sir. Yes, sir, a little. I wear these spectacles." The secre­tary brought his folder and the Dean looked through it briefly.

"Well, Wintage, I suppose you're anxiousto know why I sent for you. The unpleasant truth is, Wintage, you don't seem to be doing well in your studies. Now, to be quite frank, Wintage, you're on the verge of flunking out3. Less than a third of the semesterremains, and you have an F grade4 in English and D grades in Psychology and Military Training. On the other hand, you have an A average in Spanish and а В in Eco­nomics. Wintage, how do you account for your failing English when you are an A student in Spanish?"

"To tel! you the truth, sir, I got behind in my written work in English, and I've never been able to catch up. And I don't really have to study Spanish. My father is a railway section foreman in my home town and he's always had a gang of Mexicans working for him. I've been speaking Spanish ever since I was a kid."

"How about this В in Economics? That's a fairly high grade."

"Yes, sir. Our economics professor doesn't give exams. Instead he gives everyone а В until he calls for our term papers. And the grade you get on your term paper is your semester grade. We have to do a lot of outside reading for the term paper. But I'm counting on keeping that В in Economics."

"That's fine, Wintage. But it appears to me that it's high time you were getting busy on some of the other grades too. You made an unusually high grade at your entrance exams. Graduated from high .school5 with honours. What's the trouble, Wintage?"

"I don't know, sir, except I work at night at a cafe."

"How many hours do you work?"

'Ten hours, sir. From nine till seven. The cafe stays open all night."

"Very interesting, Wintage. But don't you suppose that it would be ad­visable to cut down a bit on this outside work and attend a little more closely to your studies?"

"I couldn't work fewer hours and stay in school, sir. I pay my room rent and I've been paying out on a suit of clothes."

"Can you arrange for a little financial support from home?"

"No, sir. I'm afraid not. I have two brothers and two sisters at home younger than I am. It wouldn't be right for me to ask my father to send money out of what he makes."

"I see, but all this is beside the point. We're here to discuss the state of your grades, Wintage. As you must know, any student who turns in less than half his work is automatically suspended6 from the university and must return to his home. Now one more bad mark and out you'll go, Wintage."

"I'd hate to have to go back home like that. You know there are not many jobs nowadays, sir."

"Well, unless you can after your circumstances, I suggest that you withdraw from the university at once."

"I believe I'll try to stick it through, sir. I'll try to remove the F and D grades and maybe I can luck through on my finals7."

(After George Milburn)



1 Dean of Men — преподаватель-воспитатель, ведущий работу среди


2 I sort of drowsed off — Я вроде бы задремал

3 to flunk out (амер.) — быть исключенным за неуспеваемость

4 F grade — самая низкая оценка, которую студент получает за свои знания

в колледже, университете A grade — самая высокая оценка

5 high school (амер.) — средняя школа

6 to be suspended — быть исключенным

7 I can luck through on my finals — и как-нибудь сдам свои выпускные





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