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V. Inspection and Test

1. Inspection and/or test of the equipment shall be carried out at the Seller's and his sub-contractors' works at the expense of the Seller in the presence of the Buyer's inspectors.

2. The Seller is to notify the Buyer about the readiness of the equipment for inspection and/or test not later than 15 days before the proposed time of the inspection and/or test.

3. The Buyer's inspector shall issue in due time to the Seller a Release Certificate for Shipment2 on the basis of the Test Certificate.

4. If the Buyer's inspector cannot be present on the appointed date, the Seller shall have the right to carry out the test without the Buyer's inspec­tor. The Seller shall issue a Test Certificate which is to be sent to the Russian Trade Mission in the UK who will issue a Release Certificate for shipment without delay.

5. Final tests and acceptance of the equipment for putting it into operation are to be made in Russia.


Some time later after the Contract had started to be executed the Sellers notified the Buyers by post that the first shipment under the Contract was ready for inspection and testing. Unfortunately the Buyer's inspector who was supposed to come for the inspection and testing had fallen ill. When the Sellers learned about it they wrote the following letter:

Dear Sirs, August 25, ...

Contract No…

We are somewhat concerned about the delay in providing an inspecting Engineer for equipment now ready at various manufactures' in the UK If your Inspecting Engineer had come to our plant on 10th August we would already have completed the tests which I am sure would have been to your satisfaction.

All the present indications show that your Inspecting Engineer will not be available to us until mid-September. This being so, we cannot possi­bly see how your Inspecting Engineer will be able to clear3 the amount of equipment ready for inspection to enable us to ship during September, which is the contractual delivery date.

To help alleviate the situation we shall be pleased if you will arrange4 to have the equipment inspected by one of your representatives in the United Kingdom.

Now in accordance with Clause V. 4 of the Contract we enclose dupli­cate copies of test data for the equipment.

To assist us in meeting delivery requirements, if you are not able to provide an Inspecting Engineer from your Trade Mission, will you please let us have your acceptance of the enclosed test data without delay as stated in Clause V. 4 of the Contract.

We expect you to send us an early reply.

Yours faithfully,


The Russian Trading Organization decided to waive inspection of the equipment in question. Petrov, an engineer from the Russian Trade Mis­sion, telephoned the company and had the following conversation with Mr Black.

Petrov: Good morning, Mr Black.

Black: Good morning, Mr Petrov. I'm glad you- phoned me. Have you heard anything from your Moscow head office? You understand that we are worried about an eventual delay in the despatch of the shipments.

Petrov: Of course I understand but I've got some good news for you. Our people have waived the inspection of the September shipment. So we hope you'll be able to ship on time.

Black: Yes, we shall certainly try and da our best. In the circumstances it's a very good thing that you have decided to waive the inspec­tion. Just one last point. I'd appreciate it if you would sign5 and send us the Release Note as soon as possible.

Petrov: By all means. I'll do it today.

Black: Thank you very much.



1. commercial operation — производство в промышленном масштабе

2. a Release Certificate for Shipment = a Release Note for Shipment

3. to clear = зд. to release for shipment

4. We shall be pleased if you will arrange... — This form is used in conditional sentences expressing polite request.

5. I'd appreciate it if you would sign ... — Я был бы Вам признателен, если бы Вы подписали...




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