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The letter of application can be as important as the CV because it is the first di­rect contact between a can­didate for a position and an employer. This letter must be well written and presen­ted to make a good impression. The letter of application normally contains four parts in which you should:


• confirm that you wish to get the job and say where you learned about the vacancy;

• say why you are inte­rested in this position and your interests are the same as those of the company;

• show that you can con­tribute to the job by high­lighting your skills and ex­perience;

• indicate your willing­ness to attend an interview (and possibly say when you , would be free to attend).


Below you will find Ann Jackson's letter of application:



Ann Jackson

52 Hanover Street '




Emily Stark

Futura Gmbh

Biumenstrasse 120

8000 Munich 22

8th January, 2000

Dear Ms Stark:

I'm writing to apply for the position, which was advertised last month in The Daily News.

Although I am presently employed, it has always been my intention to work in commercial environment. I would like to work for your company as I have long admired both the quality of the products that it provides and its position as a defender of environmental causes. As you notice on my enclosed CV, the job you are offering suits both my personal and professional interests.

My work experience allows me to work in Public Relations today. I am sure that this, together with my understanding of the needs and expectations of sport and nature enthusiasts, would be extremely relevant to the position. Moreover, as my mother is German, I am fluent in this language and would enjoy working in a German-speaking environment.

I would be pleased to discuss my resume with more detail at an interview.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Ann Jackson

(Ann Jackson)




A new house


Part 1


Mrs. Hunt Guy's phoned I.C. and he's told them that he's decided to accept their offer. Now we've got to decide where to live and what kind of house to buy. We've been discussing it all morning. At first we thought we'd rent a house in the suburbs. Now we've decided to buy one, since we've said that we'll stay for at least two years.

Since the children and I are going to Scotland tomorrow, I won't be able to look for a house.

Guy will do it. He'll be working hard while we're enjoying ourselves in Scotland. It isn't easy to buy a house. There are certain things which are very important to us.

For example, Guy's been talking about a large garden where he can grow flowers and vegetables. Since there are so many things to think about, I've been making a list. 1 do hope he'll find a house we like.


Part 2


Where to live


Mrs. Hunt It's a good thing Peter has taken the children out today.

Mr. Hunt Yes, they'll enjoy themselves at the seaside and it'll give us a chance to discuss houses. How long will they be away?

Mrs. Hunt Well, they left at eight this morning (8.00 a.m.) and they'll be back about nine tonight (9.00 p.m.). That's thirteen hours.

Mr. Hunt Since you'll be leaving tomorrow, we'll have to talk to the children about the house when they come back. We'll tell them what we've decided and find out what they think.

Mrs. Hunt What have we decided?

Mr. Hunt First, we do not want a modern house.

Mrs. Hunt No, that's second. First, we do want to live outside London.

Mr. Hunt Oh yes, that's right . . . probably in Sussex where the Blakes live.

Mrs. Hunt Simon won't argue about that, since he could often see Ian if we lived there.

Mr. Hunt Yes, but I'd rather not live in Mountbay. I'd rather live a little closer to town.

Mrs. Hunt What else ought I to put on the list?

Mr. Hunt I don't know. I'll think about it while I'm shaving.




Mr. Hunt What have you been doing, Sarah?

Mrs. Hunt While you've been shaving, I've been adding to our list. I've begun another list,


Mr. Hunt What for?

Mrs. Hunt For new things inside the house.

Mr. Hunt What have you been listing?

Mrs. Hunt Extra bedroom for guests.'

Mr. Hunt Good idea. What else?

Mrs. Hunt Open fireplace in the living-room.

Mr. Hunt Yes. I do love the smell of burning wood. Since we'll be looking for an old house, we'll probably be able to find one with an open fireplace. Most old houses have them. They're very common.

Mrs. Hunt I also wrote 'Simon's room' on the list.

Mr. Hunt Simon would like a place where he could amuse himself and entertain his friends. Mrs. Hunt That's what 1 thought.

Simon I heard my name.


Simon's opinion


Mr. Hunt Hello, Simon We've been thinking about you.

Simon Oh, are you going to buy a farm?

Mrs. Hunt How silly you are, Simon. We're not rich, you know.

Simon But we're not poor, either.

Mr. Hunt I'd like a farm, too, Simon, but since I've got to work in London, I can't look after

a farm.

Simon But I like animals.

Mr. Hunt You can have a dog or a cat.

Simon Yes, I do like dogs. What else have you been talking about?

Mr. Hunt We've been trying to decide where to live and what kind of house to buy. Have you got any ideas?

Simon Well, there's no particular kind of house I like. Let's look in the paper, where there'll be some advertisements.


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