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Chapter One- Accident

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The school's bell rang, announcing the end of classes for that day. The students immediately started to arrange their school materials, talking and laughing amongst themselves.

Just a few were isolated and not seeming so happy. One of them was a girl who seemed to be around seventeen years old. Another was a boy who was in a deep –but jittery- sleep. When the bell sounded, he awoke and his friends immediately gathered around him and started to talk bemusedly.

But the girl did not care, and went left the class without a glance behind her. She walked looking at the floor, her long hair hiding her face.

'It's kind of odd', she thought, 'Locker never fell asleep in class before, but now he is doing it almost every day…' As soon she thought that, she realized that no one could blame the boy. In the last week, one of his best friends had been murdered in the night, leaving no clues behind as to who the killer was.

The girl of who I am talking about had long, wavy –almost braided- hair, of a dark blond shade, the same color of a lion's fur. Her eyes were a dark, deep blue, like the bottom of the ocean. The way she walked made her look like a loner with no friends, and she was, because most people thought that she was strange.

And believe me, she was.

Not that she was stupid or ugly, but she was… well, strange. And her name didn't help the matter: Helyse. Some people called her Hell by joke, but she didn't care, and almost liked it. Also, she wasn't rejected or bullied, (and she sure thanked God for that) she was just alone.

Thinking about what she should cook for lunch, Helyse boarded the bus and sat next to a window, gazing out of it and starting to relax.

Suddenly, the bus started to jump and shake, making her wake up out of that disperse state. The bus was hitting, or being hit by another car, like if it had lost direction. As she looked out the window, Helyse saw smoke in the sky, which already had clouds of rain, which were now joined by clouds of smoke.

And the people, of course, were in a panic.

"What's going on?" A woman screamed hysterically, trying to stand up, but falling and hurting herself.

"A gasoline truck exploded!" Someone else yelled. Helyse had to cover her ears to block out the screams, but they still got through. It was too much for anyone to handle.

Suddenly, she couldn't see anything right. She saw the floor of the bus, her body hitting the cold, hard metal. Then she felt like she was being shaken and pushed as if she were a rag doll. The smell of blood was in the air, the sound of horrified screams overloading her senses. Gasping in a shallow breath, something sharp and hard hit her head, making her see white stars as the pain overwhelmed her, her blue eyes becoming full of water. Some of the voices stopped screaming, and the sound of breaking glass was heard.

All of it took less than a minute to happen, and then stop.

The bus seemed to be turned upside down. There was a lot of blood, broken glass, and the bus seemed dented. All that was heard now was a baby wailing. Helyse was semi-unaware, but enough to feel the pain.

Trying to ignore that, she tried to stand up, but her body was stuck under something. Too tired to even think to get herself free, she lied on the floor- or was it the roof? She blinked, trying to get her vision back into focus, but it seemed that her body was losing the few ounces of unawareness that it still had.

Helyse heard an ambulance in the distance, but now there was another sound that seemed like… voices? She tried to clear her mind while she touched her head-which took a lot out of her- and felt her hair, which was soaked in blood… Her own blood.

But why did the pain seem so distant?

Dizzy and strangely sleepy, she knew that a person who suffered a concussion shouldn't sleep soon after it, but she couldn't remember why.

Now, all sounds around her seemed distant, like whispers coming from some faraway place, and the voices she had thought she was listening to were louder and their words more intelligible.

'One, Two, Freddy is coming for you'

Voices of two or three little girls singing… she felt herself shiver. That, for some reason, wasn't good at all. She didn't even know why she had that feeling about the song, which she had never heard in her whole life.

'Three, Four, Better lock your door'

"Stay awake… Stay awake." She muttered to herself. Suddenly, she didn't just have a bad feeling, but she felt genuine horror. Something was telling her that she just couldn't sleep, and it wasn't just because of the concussion. It was something more, something that she didn't know. But even so, it filled her with an unaccounted sense dread.

'Five, Six, Grab a crucifix'

What the hell kind of song was that? And why the hell her couldn't her head stop bleeding? Though the pain was so distant, it was like itch…

'Seven, Eight, Gonna stay up late'

Her eyes were closing against her will, and she could no longer keep them open.

'No, NO' she thought, her own mind tired too tired and to much sleepy to fight,

'Nine, Ten, Never sleep again'

When the rescue team came, Helyse Blake was already in a coma.

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