Chapter Two- Freddy Krueger

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When Helyse recovered her conscience, the first thing she noticed was that she was laid over a metal and hard floor. She wasn't in pain anymore and the sensation of be with her hair wet in blood had gone, but she was still dizzy.

But was impossible, why she was there? Better, how? She couldn't remember practically anything... Few moments ago she was... Where she had been? Looking around she just saw pipes. If she had died, that place didn't seem like Hell or Heaven.

Stood up and started to walk.

All was very weird. Too much, must I say. She was with the same clothes that she had gone to school, but so Feeling pain, she leaded herself in a bunch of pipes and closed her eyes, forcing her mind. The pain was very acute, as if a big black horse was patting his paws over her brain

So, she remembered. How she could have forgotten? The accident.

But how, first she had fainted and now she was in some place that seemed a boiler room? It had absolutely any sense. Helyse was the kind of human being who is 'feet on earth', she lived without barely believe in supernatural stuff. So, any way she would even considerate the possibility of that experience BE supernatural or something.

But the song She didn't forget the song

A noise of something sharp and metallic against the pipes made she shivered. It was like fingernails against a blackboard, even worse. She felt an impulse of run, escape. There was there something cruel, something that didn't care about kill, something murder, that was completely out of the laws of Physics and Logic that ruled her mind

She dominated herself.

'Too scared to run, girl?'

She turned back and had to bite her inferior lip to contain a scream. It was a man, but his skin was absolutely burned. But it wasn't it that scared her It's that he had a kind of aura, a strange dark and evil force And something more, something she couldn't describe. It was more that just evilness Helyse used to have good intuitions about people and her mind was screaming that, if she didn't run, she would be killed.

Once in her life, she rejected her own intuition

She stared at the man, who was wearing a green and red sweater.

'Who are you?'

'The name "Freddy Krueger" doesn't rings any bell, bitch?'

Helyse lifted an eye brown, anger burning inside her. Bitch?

'Doesn't. It doesn't at all' She said, in a dare tone, but she was scared to death. That name, in the true, wasn't all unknown to her But it wasn't like a really memory, but, again, an intuition.

The man laughed, but it wasn't a joy laugh

''Too bad, too sad But it makes no difference'' He lifted his hand and Helyse saw a glove with fingernails which were fingers like knives, shining in the fire light. She really wanted to run by now, it didn't matter if that stuff was real or not, she didn't want feel these claws in her skin to discover.

He came closer, ready to tear her apart The girl was too confused and scared; she could just step behind, telling herself that it was just a kind of hallucination Wasn't real. Couldn't be real

Someone pulled Freddy and grabbed Helyse' s hand.

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOUR FOOL? RUN!' And pushed her thought the hallway. Helyse, waking up of her shock state, noticed that the person was a boy. Behind them, Freddy was laughing.

'And there's the knight in shining armor to help the little princess For how long you both will bear it?'

Neither of the teenagers answered.


The boy conducted Helyse thought the hallways of pipes as if he knew some ways and stopped with her next to a big boiler and sat, seeming tired.

'I thing we got some time I hope' He said. Helyse looked to him, to thanks by his help, but her mouth opened

'LOCKER?' She was shocked. Truly shocked. She didn't expect Kurt Locker, who never had spoken to her, to help her or even be in that crazy damned place. Locker looked to her. He was pretty, short black hair and eyes equally black.

'Ah You are that girl from my class, aren't? Eh Blake'

She sat in front of him, she was tired too. Bur she wanted answers. She hadn't to be genius to see that all was real.

'Helyse Blake, but call me Helyse or Hell, as you wish Look, Locker'

'Call me Kurt, ok?'

She sighed.

'Ok, Kurt What's going on around here? I don't understand anything from anything'

The boy looked to her as if he was with pity and he was. Kurt never had spoken to Helyse, he also used to think that she was a strange one, but he didn't think that she deserved to be dragged to that nightmare.

'Listen well, because we don't have much time Better we try to wake up and'

'Wake up?' Her voice became a snarling 'I am in a place that I never saw before in my whole life with a guy who seems an outliving of the biggest fire ever, with knives-like claws wanting to rip me and you are talking about wake up?'

Kurt sighed. Helyse really didn't understand anything and he knew that would be very difficult to convince her. She was showing signals of be a rational type girl Too rational to believe in what he was about to tell.

'You must be sleeping or something Of what you remember?'

'I was going to home in a bus and And' She frown her forehead 'Maybe I am unconscious. I mean, an accident happened and I hit my head So, I heard one strange song and here I am'

Kurt knew very well how a hit in the head can be dangerous. He was just taking a nap He had fallen asleep without want over his table, while he was doing his homework. It was really better explain all quickly to Hell. He could wake before her and then the girl would be stuck in the same situation than before, if or even worse

'So listen to me and don't interrupt. You are unconscious, sleeping, doesn't matter. You are in the Dream World and that man is Freddy Krueger, and believe me, you better run of him and DON'T stay motionless waiting him to kill you. It seems crazy, but is true'

'So, is that Isn't real It's a kind of hallucination, a nightmare and can't be true'

'It can and it is. Is a nightmare, indeed. But if he hurts you here, you got hurt in the Real World If he kills you here'

Helyse remembered of the sensation of be in life's risk, the song she had heard, these claws shining She shivered. And Kurt and his friends, seeming as if they weren't having enough sleep and showing strangers wounds, Kurt's friend who had died

'If you stop to think, it makes senses, doesn't it?' He asked, with a sad smile. Helyse could just nod. But, if it was just a dream, it was just wake up But the problem was that she should be fainted or worse, wasn't easy wakes someone who is in that state and, as if she have had an accident, she could be in a hospital now and was very doubting that someone would wake her.

Was about to say something, but someone appeared behind her and, in the next moment, she screamed in pain. A cold and metallic thing had cut her neck, which was bleeding now. Kurt and Helyse stood up and looked to Freddy, who was smiling and showing his claws It was with Helyse's fresh blood. She knew that the wound wasn't deep, but even so it hurt so much

'It's end the Cat-and-Mouse'

And it was true. The floor had stood up someway and closed around them, the door of a boiler had opened showing flames and they heard screams of pain, as if it were people in there, burning forever Without die.

The message was clear: They could die of two ways Or by Freddy's claws or by the fire of the boiler and no one of the options were agreeable.

'Let her out of this, Krueger! Hell has nothing to do with it!''

Freddy stared to Kurt with a mocking smile and Helyse just blinked. She couldn't understand why Kurt was trying to defend her when the barely knew each other, but she was thankful.

'How sweet! Trying to protect your girlfriend, asshole?'

Before Kurt could answer, Freddy went ahead him and his claws passed through by his skin and flesh, tearing it along with his veins Kurt could step behind, but now he was closer to the boiler and was holding his own shoulder which was bleeding much more than Hell's neck.

Helyse wasn't, in anyway, the kind of person who is always trying to save other people whose don't know. But in that situation, was very different. Kurt had helped her, acting as if they were friends Helyse didn't have friends at all, but he had acted like one She would be very ungrateful if don't help him. So, before the boy tripped and fell right in the fire, she puller him by his shirt, letting him in front of she self still holding him by his shirt, that already was wet in blood.

'My turn of help you' The girl forced her head against his with all strength and it had result. Kurt screamed in pain and surprise, but disappeared of that place. Helyse had waked in.

But the blow hadn't been strength enough to wake her

Her suspects were correct: The accident had let her more than just unconscious

She was in coma.

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