Chapter Five Song of The Death

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She had decided obey She couldn't go against him. It was a big foolishness.

Helyse had spent a considerable time mobiles. The memories, thanks to Krueger, had come back Now was like if she had gone back in time, going back to be that little girl chained in a dark and cold room, just in company of the darkness, coldness and her own nightmares. Weak, alone and lost

How she just hated herself for all that.

Now, finally, she had understood Had been very stupid, she didn't care in die, but she didn't want to suffer. And Krueger wouldn't kill her (by now, at least) but make her suffer. She didn't want to imagine how much he had seen of these memories.

Particular memories, by the way and God, she hoped he hadn't seen how that time of her life had ended.

Stupid, seeing death like a flight of pain. Pain was all that she would have in that Dream World

It was best she stay in her own. Like always
It wasn't different of day-a-day.
It wasn't different of school
It was the same thing
She kept being just a hateful housing without feelings
The one anybody ever cared to.
Nothing would change



How much time she was already in coma? Days? Weeks? Years?

It made difference? She didn't think so.

Now, she used to pass all the time as far as she could of Freddy Krueger Just wandering by the boiler room, between the pipes, going up and downstairs, like a ghost stuck in the place where died.

Even so, she didn't allow herself to cry. Maybe she just not remembered how to But if she did, she wouldn't do it anyway.

Heard screams and no one had to be genius to know what was happening: Freddy Krueger was killing again.


Taýra Pierce took steps back. She didn't remember when she had fallen sleep But that didn't mattered. Curious how few things mattered in that place! But come on, in that place you were in a constant death danger, so of course few things would matter!

She took steps back as Freddy come closer, without hurry.

'Like a cat that is going to kill a rat' she thought, with incoherence.

'Will not run? Neither fight? C'mon' He laughed 'The courageous Taýra at least, is reveling herself a scared little rat?'

To Taýra, who used to have fight lessons at school, that was surely an offense. But she had had enough dreams with Krueger to know that against him, she hadn't chances. He was getting stronger and stronger.

'Ho How you are getting more strength?'

Freddy laughed, that was just ridiculous. That stupid whore thought that could make him tell? Or maybe no one had get the so-simple outline of let the girl Blake or whatever-was-her-name alive, as a strength source?

Stupid disgusting brats

He left his hand, showing his metal claws.

'Don't you think you should worry most about yourself?'

He noticed that, in the up floor, kinda hided by the shadows of the pipes, Helyse was watching. But was certain that, after the punishment he had given to her, the young girl wouldn't dare in mess all up this time.

Taýra not noticing the girl above, started to walk back The boiler room now was a labyrinth of pipes, with few lights. She started to run without scream, just trying to run away from him

She hated labyrinths

Freddy, without any hurry, followed her scratching the pipes with his claws.

But, above the sound of steps which echoed in the room, above the sound of claws against the pipes There was another sound and this sound was the voice of Helyse

The girl was singing.

- 'Catch me as I fall
Say you're here and it's all over now
Speaking to the atmosphere
No one's here and I fall into myself
This truth drives me into madness
I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away'

Her voice echoed in the hallways ghostly and the melody came together with naturalness almost scarier. Her voice, so harsh and softly changed when she sang: Now, it had some feelings and both that were hearing it in the labyrinth could feel something dark in that voice.

But for Helyse was something good and lovely. She loved to sing and, living alone as she lived, she had to do something to keep her mind busy when she had done house work and home work.

Taýra ran through the hallways, but now it had pieces of glass in the floor She tried to run faster, but anyway, the sharp pieces went in her shoes by the sole.

Freddy, in his victim footprint, got surprised with the pieces of glass 'cause he didn't have created it. Sudden, he looked behind Helyse was singing more to herself than for another one, she seemed turned off that world.

In the moment that she had sung that could stop the pain she, unconsciously, had make appear a piece of glass in her hand and cut her own palm Someway, that had made appear all these pieces in the floor.

Freddy gave his back to her and gone kill Taýra.

-'Don't turn away
Don't give in to the pain
Don't try to hide
Though they're screaming your name
Don't close your eyes
God knows what lies behind them
Don't turn out the light
Never sleep never die'

Things with blood-red and yellow eyes appeared between the pipes and were muttering and seemed call someone. The fire in the boilers seemed now strangely cold Helyse had no intentions of help Krueger or Taýra at all, she herself didn't noticed what she was doing while sung, making the piece of glass appear in her hand. She was doing it just to ease her own pain

Run, hide She had tried it since she was a child But no. There was nothing to her. Just the darkness, the cold and the fear The sadness and the lack of hope kept until now, like a venom dosage in her organism and maybe it was it what had killed her heart. Killed wasn't really a good term, but was the best she had.

Panic stricken, Taýra ran more and more, letting a trail of blood since the soles of her shoes were gem setter with pieces of glass and, every step she gave, it went deep in her flesh Besides, that cold was scaring her, that song sung in that dark and suffered voice made her blood freeze and she didn't know to where run, totally lost.

-'I'm frightened by what I see
But somehow I know that there's much more to come
Immobilized by my fear
And soon to be blinded by tears
I can stop the pain if I will it all away'

Helyse lifted the piece of glass, which shined weakly in the light of the fire, stained in blood. Yes That place made her relive all pain; all that she saw made her remember her days of prison and pain. And she wished she could ease her pain truly And one way to do it was die. Die for once and end all that She didn't care what would happen after. If she would just disappear, go to Hell, Heaven or whatever it could be in the 'other' side.

In the moment, she just could see Death as a relief.

Taýra already couldn't stand anymore Her steps were in the glass, shining red of her blood and she could feel Freddy Krueger coming closer; his boots protected him of the glass on the contrary of her shoes.

But there was that song too

That song went in her ears and gave to her angst and pain to which ones, no one had any rational explanation. It was like if someone was taking off her heart and enveloping it in small crystals, sharp and cutting and there was just hurt and coldness, hurt and coldness No 'warm' feeling, no love, no joy, no hope And it was like she never had been loved, as if no one had ever tried making her laugh or be happy Like she never had felt these things because no one had felt towards her, so, she just hadn't learned to feel it. Or, if had, it was so time ago that was just a ghostly and fog memory, like the ashes remains after the fire is out.

She wanted scream, cry, anything to express the pain, to make it go away First the pain was just physical and now was like if she was being killed inside That pain, that loneliness They were killing her, killing her soul and heart and she couldn't understand why! That never had happened before, even in that damned world

-'Don't turn away
[Don't give in to the pain]
Don't try to hide
[Though tHey're screaming your name]
Don't close your eyes
[God knows what lies behind them]
Don't turn out the light
[Never sleep never die]'

Sleep Oh, very worse She was in coma and would die soon, was sure that was just a matter of time. Before that damned coma, she already had had nightmares Not with Freddy Krueger, but with a dark, cold place and that man hitting her, making her suffer and enjoying it, laughing at her pain as if it was just a comedy. An absolute loneliness, to the point of almost drove her crazy and make her believe that someone was calling her name But was imagination.

Could be, after all, she was crazy?

That mattered?

Taýra fell. Her beautiful face was pricked and cut by the glasses and one of them almost went in her eye. She was stand up, but felt someone stepping in her back, making her belly sink in the pieces of glass.

'Caught you'

The red haired girl tried to stand or set herself free, but couldn't. Freddy lead his foot on her head, forcing her face against the floor.

Taýra tried to resist, crying of fear and pain, these pieces of glasses going deep in her flesh

-'Fallen angels at my feet
Whispered voices at my ear
Death before my eyes
Lying next to me I fear
She beckons me shall I give in
Upon my end shall I begin?
Forsaking all I've fallen for I rise to meet the end'

She knew very well this dark side of life. Fallen angels, death, suffering, the pure give up

No, she had given up of all less her own life Until now. And she knew if she stayed in there, Krueger would change it

Taýra screamed while her face was being rubbed in the floor, against the sharp pieces, which were going into her mouth, eyes and nose It was like a beach of glass. Above her, Freddy was laughing watching the girl struggling, fighting for her pointless life.

Her blood painted the glasses of red and the fire reflected over them, making seem a sea of blood Or a strange kind of rainbow of death

As if was accompanying of close the death of the girl, Helyse's voice now was full of emotions: Pain, suffering, regretting But all was about herself and not about Taýra or Freddy. Her voice echoed between the pipes, as if coming of far away...

-'Don't turn away
[Don't give in to the pain]
Don't try to hide
[Though they're screaming your name]
Don't close your eyes
[God knows what lies behind them]
Don't turn out the light
Never sleep never die'

Freddy released the girl. She had stop of move and he knew that her face was destroyed by the glass. Laughed, imagining the face that her parents would do seeing the condition of their daughter and seeing how she had suffered before die. Indeed, that small unintentional detail of Helyse had made things better.

He knew that she didn't have noticed that had ended up interfering again. Neither Freddy could imagine that it would happen from a simple music

But, like always, he would prefer that she had keep herself out his business, that means: With her mouth very shut.

When he came back, noticed there was blood in the floor and Helyse had disappeared. But he knew that she wasn't dead, she had just hurt herself with the glass and walked away. He noticed that, strangely, that girl almost hadn't feelings and when she had, it was so weakly that she barely recognized them. But, when she got hurt or when she sung, she really got feelings

He didn't give a damn about it. The one thing he cared about her was the strength that he was taking of her fear And there was a lot of it!

Maybe he could have a little fun with her before kill her


While this, Helyse walked seeming a zombie through the hallways. Her look was lost and the palm of her right hand dropped and dropped... She hadn't go see the body of Krueger last victim and neither noticed that she had interfered

She just kept walking and muttering, low

-'Don't turn away
[Don't give in to the pain]
Don't try to hide
[Though they're screaming your name]
Don't close your eyes
[God knows what lies behind them]
Don't turn out the light
Never sleep never die'

She looked to her hand and muttered, seeming serious.

'I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away'

In the darkness, her voice echoed

'I can stop the pain if I will it all away'

She willed it all away She wished it all stopped

'I can stop the pain if I will it all away'

She wanted to, but she can't to Or could she?

'I can stop the pain'

She looked down And saw a piece of glass, wet in blood.

She held it and looked, lost in her own thoughts.

'I can stop the pain' She said.


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