Chapter Eight- Dream of Blood

  1. Be bold, be bold, but not too bold ( , ), Lest that your hearts blood should run cold ( ).
  2. Be bold, be bold, but not too bold, Lest that your hearts blood should run cold.
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'I must be crazy'

Freddy wasn't satisfied with himself. What was that idea of take the girl? What in hell had make he act like this? He was trying to say to himself that was to make her feel fear, but he knew that wasn't that. It was another thing that had impelled him to call her

At least, she wasn't asking anything. Just following him in silence.

In the center of the boiler room was a big jeep. The style of jeep to make a walk in the mountain or something. Who was sleeping was Scott Russo and that boy loved cars and anything that had to do with it. He liked noisy big cars.

Helyse didn't ask anything at all when she saw that big car, she just blinked with a air of little surprise. Freddy already was in the fickle when saw that she was just watching.

'What are you waiting for, damn? Get in!'

The door of the lift seat opened. Helyse didn't think that would have any safety standing in a so big car with a psychopathic killer driving, but went in anyway. As soon as she sat, she just had time to hold the chair, because Krueger turned the car on and it started to tremble.

Two snakes came from somewhere and held her like a seat belt. They didn't seemed be about to bite her, but that didn't give any safety to her either. She held the grab handle in the floor with one hand and the seat with another and catch herself praying that Krueger would a good driver, she already had have a car accident which had put her in that mess.

Then, she wanted to laugh. She was in a big jeep, with snakes as seat belt, at the side of a psychopath and was worried if he had driving license?

'Please, tell me you HAVE a driving license!' She let is escape, full knowing that she was sounding absolutely afraid.

Freddy laughed with her nervous. She seemed a little girl in her first time in the roller coast.

'Oh, don't worry, girl I am a good driver'

Helyse blinked. He was making a joke? Ok, the situation couldn't get any stranger. She looked through the window, sighing.

'Great Now I'm sure I going to die'

Freddy stepped in the accelerator and the car went ahead with a loud snore and they passed through a wall of pipes.


Scott was driving in a night race.

He was in the leadership, letting everybody behind and eating dust. In the grandstand, Jéssica Parker was with her friends and screaming his name.

The night couldn't be more perfect.

By the mirror of outside, he saw a red and green jeep appearing behind him. Angry, he looked. Seemed like he still had an adversarial to beat But maybe he hadn't to worry; he was far in front of

The blood freeze inside his veins and him knew he was just dreaming. It was Krueger driving! He stepped deep in the accelerator, but that was totally useless. Kureger was still coming closer in a great speed

He looked to the grandstand, but now it was full of corpses. Jessica Parker held Tayra Pierce's hand and they both lifted their hands, like celebrating They opened their mouths, but they didn't scream, because flesh and blood burbled and forbid them to speak Parts of that putrid mass fell in the floor and their arms seemed be tearing apart, so rotten they were.

Scott tried to make his car go faster, but it was late Freddy's car already was at his side. The Dream Killer was laughing and one girl at his side was leaning forward, trying to see who Freddy was trying to kill. Scott didn't remember her name, but he knew that she was of the school and was in coma. Kurt had talked a bit about it to the group and seemed that she had helped his little sister, Amanda.

Krueger turned his car, beating in him as if was trying to put him out of the 'race'.

Helyse wasn't finding forces even to scream. Seemed that Krueger hadn't taken her to be killed, but to watch someone's death. Well, she wasn't going to complain about it

Except the way like Krueger driven!

'It's just a big crazy race, Scott!' Krueger screamed, almost denting Scott's car with his own.

The boy stepped more and more in the accelerator, praying and trying to stay out of Freddy's way He just wanted to stay away while he thought in a way to wake up.

Freddy turned his car again and went ahead in such way that the grille of his jeep practically stocked in Scott's stern.

(N/A: I really don't know anythingabout cars, so, forgiven this poor ignorant girl)

The collision was one of the 'great' ones. Scott almost hit his face in the fickle and Helyse held the grab handle in the floor again.

Freddy was laughing but Helyse turned to him, unable to stop herself of scream.

'Do you want to kill us all, you crazy?'

Freddy didn't answer; he was too concentrating in finish Scott off to care with what Helyse was saying.

Scott knew that was useless try to wake up. Freddy's power had gone to the point that his victims couldn't wake by themselves, so someone had to wake them in the Real World.

He tried to release his car of Freddy's, but was too hard. They were stuck to each other in a way that was if the cars were just one But Freddy had the control

And no way it could be good

Krueger turned his car again, in direction to the grandstand. For most Scott tried to turn his car away, he couldn't. He was sure that Krueger would crumple him inside his own car!

In pure despair, he released his safe belt. Indeed, Krueger was accelerating and denting his car against the grandstand. The living corpses seemed excited and extended their arms, saying things that Scott couldn't understand.

Awkward, he jump by the window and started to run, willing that Krueger didn't notice that he had got out the car

Krueger didn't notice.

But Helyse did.

And without know why she was doing, she pointed the guy, calling the attention of Krueger.

'He is running away!'

Freddy growled in angry and moved his jeep, starting to follow Scott and decided to pass over him!

That boy already had escaped one time but won't do it again.

Scott was running and praying that someone would wake him up The track had turned into a cemetery A cemetery where some of his friends were buried, and because of Krueger.

He looked behind and saw Krueger coming in a great speed, broking tombs in his will to run over him

Scott turned to run, but hands came under earth and held his feet and legs. Putrid hands, already half eaten by worms, falling in pieces (literally). The boy tried to get free of these disgusting things, but all that he did was useless

Helyse not even closed her eyes. The impact was strong and blood painted the window of the car, with some worms of the dead hands and parts of the boy body. She moaned in disgust when she saw an organ, which she didn't know what was and neither wanted to, pulsing once. She felt that was about to throw up

And yet


She had Liked it.

Freddy seemed more than just satisfied and looked to Helyse with a smile of pure sarcasm and held a laugh. The poor girl was with her mouth open, seeming in absolute shock And seeming a perfect idiot too.

'What did you think of that little 'ride', girl?'

Helyse murmured, without blink and seeming in shock.

'I thought I was going to die'

Freddy didn't care with her answer, but he soon had a surprise. Helyse was laughing! As if she had gone in a roller coaster and not in a murdering Soon, as if embarrassed, her laugh became low and a bit shy, as she tried to hold it as if she wasn't used to it. She looked to him and seemed different

Not physically, but her eyes showed excitement and were shining a bit, as if they had a kind of pallid light inside. She wasn't really smiling, but was a good emotion. Pure excitement Bit a bit, she was going back to have feelings She was remembering of what and how was having feelings She was remembering of how was found emotion in life, after so many years of pain, had been converted to a tedious and repetitive routine Now, she had found emotion. And had liked it.

'That was really fun!' She had now a small smile. A really small one, which not even was a smile, just a shadow of one in the corner of her lips. Like if she hadn't ever smiled in her life and didn't know how to do it right.

And Freddy, of course, was without reaction. That girl had thought that all was fun? Again furious with her reaction, he made both came back to the boiler room and looked to Helyse with evil and cold eyes.

'Don't be too enthusiastic, Blake Don't forget that you too will die very, very soon'

Helyse turned around, coming back too to her usual lack of expression (or lack of soul or heart? Hard to find out).

'I know, Krueger But I don't care.'

It was the first time in the all coma's time that she called him by his name. Ok, last name, but his name. Actually, she barely talked to him and in the really few times, she never had called him by something, even his name. He frowned his forehead with a bit of irritation.

'Since when you call me 'Krueger'?'

She put her hands in her waist.

'Since the moment you started to call me 'Blake'!'

It was true too. It was the first time that he called her by her name Not 'bitch', not 'girl', no. Her last name

Without wait any answer (in fact, fearing it), Helyse walked away. Leaving a very pissed off (to not use other word) behind.

Yes, she was going to die

Yes, she was afraid to death (literally) of Krueger

But no. She didn't care in die

And yes, strangely, she had liked of that 'drive'.

Krueger scratched a pipe with hate.

'I have to kill that girl soon or I'll go insane' He thought.

Yes, he already had let her alive for too much time Smiled in the darkness.

It was better her family start to see the coffin's options

It was time to kill Helyse Blake.



Ana - That was sort like a date

Freddy- It was not.

Ana- Some guys take their girls to movies, others take them to shopping or parks and Freddt takes his girls to a kill.

Helyse- I'm not his girl.

Freddy- And what was this scene? It was stupid, poor and not even really original! Sorry for the ones who expected a good death scene like Taýra's one

Helyse- And who said THAT was a good scene?

Ana- Man! What's up with you both? You guys took the night to step over me? Let's answer reviews!

ita-chan01: Glad you liked!

WolfxAngel: Hey, I've started your fic! With luck, I'll update it this weekend! Not worry about the last chapter. Well, hope you have liked the date of Helyse and Freddy.

Freddy- It was NOT a date!

Helyse- I won't even coment about it... I liked anyway...

Ana- Because you love him?

Helyse- The fact I have liked the DATE doesn't mean I like HIM.

sereneflower: Well, her past is still a mystery, isn't it? Hehe...

Helyse- Be honest, you'll tell them what happened to me or not?

Ana- I'll, I swear! But... It will take some chapters and...

Helyse- She means she will take a long time to tell, people.

Ana- Hey, not too long! I think her past will be totally showed in the chapter sixteen or seventeen...

ShakespeareActressVamp: Hello! Missing you! Yes, they are... I guess even Freddy feel lonely sometimes.

Helyse- I not love him! I liked the ride and all, but I'm not in love with him!

Freddy- Same here!

Ana- You know? You both seem like two kids who love tease each other because, actually, ARE in love, but are too shy to admit.

Freddy- Say it again and I'll kill you.

Ana (sigh)- It's hard to deal with them, I swear. Thanks! Good know my english is good! Of course I dedicated it for you! -Hugs-

Freddy- I-I'm NOT afraid of you! -Trying to hide himself behind Ana- And I D-DON'T need to be nice with her j-just because she had a bad past! What I have to do with it?

Ana - Freddy, you looks really stupid trying to look the all powerful Dream Demon while hidde yourself behind a girl who is shorter than you

Helyse (smiling a bit)- Thank you... I thinks she won't make all my life be dreadful, she knows everything has limits.

Ana- Sure! Things will get better! Of course, there's a lot of things to happen, but remember: Doesn't matter how dreadful I can make my character's lives, I always make happy endings!


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