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I just talking about what is happening in my life... And in Brazil, I mean, it's...

Freddy:Bullshit. No one wants to know about that shit of country and your miserable life. Go to reviews.

Are you guys seeing how he treats me? I mean, I haven't done anything and...

Freddy:You are alive. You are a brat. You are a ficwriter. These are reasons enought to make me just hate you.

Ok, ok, going to reviews... I received a lot of reviews this time! New readers and 'old' readers: I LOVE YOU ALL! I NEVER got so many reviews IN JUST ONE CHAPTER!

Keep sending reviews, questions, sugestions (or asks, like some scene you'd like to see, a song you'd like to see Helyse singing, etc) and anything you wish (less flames, you know, there is polite ways to point someone's errors ^^')


ita-chan01:Glad you liked! New reader is always good! Welcome!

Iriam-Flower:Really? Me too! I just can't understand that thinf with feet. I mean, what feet has to do with how tall we are? Weird. At least to me. Hey, don't worry, I'll continue this fic for SURE!

Freddy- And for my eternal suffer.

Helyse- YOU make people suffer, this what you get!

Freddy- Listen here, bitch...

ENOUGHT BOTH OF YOU! You are making me look bad for our new reader! Keep like this and I'll make you VERY sorry... Did you get me?

Freddy and Helyse, scared, just nod.

Ana (smiling like nothing had happened)- Well, good you liked! Hpe uou keep liking and sendind reviews!

11 Crimson Rubies:Cool you liked! Thanks!

Darkness Takes Over:New reader! I'm so happy!

Helyse: The story is getting interesing? Hey, I am stuck with a MURDER!

Freddy: And I am stuck with that PSYCHO!

Ana- Freddy, you can't talk about Helyse being psycho, since you are a Dream Murder and all. Well, Darkness Takes Over, I like to know I doing well here! Thanks!

ShakespeareActressVamp: HI! Hey, you're not getting in my nerves, far from it! As you wish I'm working to show more of Helyse's loving side and about her past, it will take some chapters, but soon it will be all told.

You got it right, it was a memory of hers. She cannot forget it because what happened marked her.

Helyse- Yes, I had the most happily childhood possible...-Sarcastic- Some fic writers give to their OC's good past and what I got?

Ana (ignoring Helyse)-So good know I'm doing a good job! Better know you think my english is good! You made my day (actually, is night already, but whatever).

I LOVE VAMPIRES. Dracula of Bram Stoker is one of my favorites books and the movie too. I mean, if that between him and Mina wasn't TRULY LOVE, then I don't know what is! Vampires just rules... -in love-

Freddy- You need help... You REALLY need help...

Ana (holding a SAUCEPAN this time)- Any time! Would you like me to do that again?


WolfxAngel:Here's the chapter, dear. Hey, don't worry, when you have some scene you'd like to see, sugestion, anything, let me know, ok?

Going now, friends. Love you all. Seriously.

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