Chapter Nine Death's Time

Since he had taken her to see Scott Russo's death, Krueger had being more distant than never of Helyse (not they had ever been 'close', but whatever). The girl didn't complain about it, but that time was different And she already was in that world time enough to know what kind of 'Silence of Krueger' that one was: 'Pre-Homicidal-Silence'. And she was certain that, this time, the victim would be herself.

Like they say around there End of the party, the last one pay the bills and turn off the lights.

But she knew very well that she couldn't just say 'Ok, very well, better I go now. Thanks for everything, but I want to wake up from this coma'.

But she preferred that she could.

Maybe that was the better way At least, the tortures and everything would end. However, she had to admit: The time that she had spent in coma, in the Dream World, had made her had had more emotions than never in years Part of her liked it, but a bigger part of hers wasn't a bit used to it, and therefore, she was sick. Physically, mentally and emotionally sick. Her brain and heart hurt too much and seemed heavy, a point to make her think if was possible die of a heart attack in her age even being health (at least, she used be), sometimes her heart was so heavy and weak she was certain it would stop, or her brain hurting and she seeing dust and mist, not succeeding in concentrate in anything but in pain, barely able to walk as if she had drunk.

But the disease, the weakness, the heart beating faster as if she was having a heart attack, it all was worth the sensation of have feelings again Of

Of be alive.

Maybe she should even to thank Krueger, before die.


Krueger was just furious. He never had had a very good mood, but this time, he was more than furious. And the worse, with anyone in particular.

It was just that he couldn't think in how kill the Blake girl. Usually, he just played with people's fears and, during the 'play', he killed them. Like a cat playing with a rat.

And, just for a change, that damned girl seemed not have definite feelings of fears at all. All inside her was too frivolous, maybe too ephemeral Just like mist. How he was supposed to have fun with her fears if not even she seemed to know them? No She knew. But her only truly fear, of what had happened in the dark room, Krueger couldn't see. It was something that was kind of buried in the deepest of her soul and he had no 'access' to it.

Great Just great!

And all methods that he could think in use against her just didn't seem good enough. Someway, he wanted that her murder to be the best of all he already have done.

But any method seemed good enough! Not even the tortures that he had used on her would fit; he never would use the same method two times in the same person.

He looked to the fire in the boiler with anger. That damn girl was screwing everything! Since that cow had appeared in his life (or death? Whatever), all had gone out of control In the beginning was all right, but now all was wrong. She hadn't been scared not even with the corpses he had made in Scoot Russo's dream. She had thought it all was fun. What, she had been living under a rock, to think that was fun? She should be crying and screaming, not laughing and (trying to) smiling in that stupid way He couldn't stop thinking that was the first time he had seen Blake showing such emotion.

'I have to kill her or I'll be crazy'

He blinked, without believe that he had thought that. Why the hell he would be crazy because of that whore? Of the darkness, the fire, or maybe of the Death itself that was in the air, the answer come.

'Because you try understand her'

Krueger ram his claws in a piper, bursting it in his fury. His hate was growing each second. It made years since he had felt such hate No even when that damned bitch Nancy had escaped he had felt that hate. And that was something

No. He didn't want to understand her, he was just A bit curious about her. After all, no one of the bitches that he had killed was like that girl. But that wasn't reason to her make he feel so confused.

And the song. He hadn't forgotten how she had, without know, made Tayra's death even worse. He laughed, what she would say if she knew she was the one who had made the pieces of glass and not him?

Everyone had a power in a dream and her one seemed be connected with music. She not even noticed it, but he had. When she sang, she had a heart again but wasn't just it.

He remembered when she had sung How Tayra had felt the heart heavy and full of sadness

With her song, she had almost killed the girl by sadness

This question made him think again in her heart. What had happened to her be so empty and sad? Why she

He felt a new wave of hate! He was caring about her again! There was obvious he had to kill her!

Looked to the burst piper and to his own glove. The claws shined, sharp, like silver.

He smiled.

In the doubt, why don't use the good and old glove?


Helyse was sat with her back leaned in the pipers, bored and sighing, trying to distract herself of a great headache. How many deaths she had seen around there? Well, Krueger hadjust tried to kill Amanda Locker, but even so Well, he had killed Tayra Pierce and Scott Russo. That was three people already.

Talking about Locker, there was still Kurt. Big deal She understood very well now why he slept in the class. He and his friends. She almost laughed They sure were using all their money in coffee

Not that she cared No one of them had been near to her More less a friend! She had helped him because he had helped her. Pure retribution.

Yes, she was the 'invisible one' of her class. Even more than just invisible. Not existing?

Helyse sighed and shook her head. What boredom It was nothing to even think about to distract herself

If at least she could control part of that world. Like control a dream of hers Don't they say that in the dreams you can do whatever you want?

Well, she never had tried it But her dreams, usually, were like her feelings. And she never had cared to them until now.

She felt a heedlessly and stood up. Flashes of light in her eyes A tunnel? No No, that wasn't a tunnel. A noise A strange smell

She shook her head and blinked again and all came back to normal.

What was going on?

She heard steps and looked back. Krueger was staring at her with a sick smile. A smile that she knew very well A homicidal smile

'Oh, great! That was all I needed!' She thought, sarcastically.

It was the time. Her time

What she should do? Try to fight and die with dignity or let herself be killed? Would God sent her to Hell if she let herself be killed?

Krueger came closer and gave a step back.

'Its time?' She asked before she could control her own tongue. Well, that's a way to say, since she NEVER had controlled her tongue At least, not always

Other flash of light People talking Her head was so heavy

The voice of Krueger answering.

'If you are talking about your time of die, so yes. What more could be?'

Extreme heedlessly She barely could stand. Could be the flashes of light were in her mind or were real? What was going on?

She step back, trying to keep her mind clear. Well, she could at least try to fight Anyway, let herself be killed seemed a shamed way to die!

She felt something that she didn't feel since years ago Many years

She wanted to fight. To face Krueger Even if she died (and she had no doubts that that was what would happen) it was like if she was anxious to it

Flashes of light A strange noise, people talking next to her. Something in the Dream World seemed change It was all fog

She felt something new inside her too Inside her Heart? Soul? Whatever But seemed as her blood was being taken off and replaced with something new

Krueger cutting her shoulder with his glove before she could notice She was falling in the floor

But even after she hit the floor, her mind seemed kept falling In the light, in the mist


Krueger stared to her, without understanding. Her shoulder was bleeding Really bleeding But her forms were fog; her eyes seemed out of focus He never had seen something like that, but he had an idea of what was happening. And plus, something was waking in her. Something that had not to do with that state, but was happening in the same time. Something that was death until now, and was waking It wasn't her heart, but

He lifted his hand, ready to dilacerate her face To tear her in shreds

But somehow, he was hesitating and didn't know why


Light The pain in the shoulder Voices screaming and something being put in her wound Faces She already couldn't see Krueger, just light and faces out of focus

'What is that in her shoulder?'

'I thought that had stopped of happen'

'Mental activity going up.'

'We have to stop the bleeding!'

'It's grave, like the others she had We'll have to give stitches.'

The sound of a machine Whistling slowly A low and bored rhythm

Smell of bloody

Smell of medicine...

People taking care of her wound

And she understood.

'She is waking'


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