Chapter Six The Shadow in Her Soul

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Helyse already was a bit used to that strange routine, not that she liked it, in fact, she hated it. The time seemed be passing slowly than never... Since had killed that red haired girl, Taýra, Krueger hadn't killed another one (at least, not the she had saw).

Helyse also had seen the corpse, a bit before it disappeared and a bit after Krueger had absorbed her soul. Taýra had died in a slowly and painful way: Her face was all burst and Helyse almost couldn't recognize the girl. But hadn't feel sorry and neither had tried to, in deep inside, she wasn't used to care about her classmates and Taýra never had been really friendly with her.

In the moment, she knew that Krueger was sharpening his claws of the glove. He used to do it a lot lately In the first time, she just had observed, a bit hidden. If he had noticed that she was there, he didn't say anything.

After sometime, she had started to sat close when he was doing it. She never said anything, just sat and watched him working on the claws, always keeping a safe distance. She seemed kind of a child watching the father working

Freddy, at the beginning, hadn't liked not even a bit of her presence while he was working in the glove, but hadn't order her to go away He didn't know why, but he was not used to her watching him at these times and it was normal, after all in the true, was rare they stay so close. Helyse rarely went to watch that 'work', usually she made good use of it to walk with more safety By one simple reason: The 'punishment' that she had got for had helped Amanda weren't the only one. Freddy and she didn't stay close, but he used to torture her of surprise, after all, that coma of hers wasn't anything but a long nightmare.

And was strange, but somehow, they were a bit used to each other presence. But it was different when Helyse at to watch him.

She really liked when Krueger was doing that job. It was when she felt more safer to walk through the boiler room certain that she wouldn't listen screams of a new victim or that Krueger wouldn't get busy making something to make her feel pain and fear He already had done such things that really had let her hysterical of fear.

Of someway, she liked to see him in these moments of 'work'... They never talked to each other, but at least she wasn't all alone, on contrary, she would have gone insane because would be like be stuck in a big solitary Even so, as she noticed that Freddy was working in the last claw, she stood up and walked away calmly, but when she was a bit far and Krueger couldn't see her, she started to run faster she could.

These weren't just the safer moments to walk but to sing. When she didn't know what he was doing, she could sing just low, with fear and she couldn't take pleasure of do it. Music was one of the very few happiness of her life, to tell the truth.

When he was busy, just like now she kept herself as far as possible and then, sang as she wanted. She wanted to stay away because had decided that would do all to not annoy Krueger again and receive some extra punishment. It was enough the tortures that he already gave to her for free But what she didn't know was that didn't matter how far she gone Krueger always listened to her.

In the first time, he had been absolutely furious and had to use all his self-control to not tear her apart, to make her shut up. He had fancied such ways, very fun, to silence her Sew her mouth; take off her vocal cords

But no, he had to be patience But he didn't think he would stand for more time. She was supportable as she was: With her mouth shut, away from him, scared all time Giving him more energy.

By other hand, he hadn't forgotten what had happened when she had sung while he was killing Taýra. It was very strange that she had interfered in that way, even if that was unconsciously. She was a mystery, no doubts about that. He couldn't really see all inside her, he could just see some scenes of she chained in a dark cold place, but couldn't see who had hurt her, neither for how long or in what ways So, he had to be creative when he was scaring and hurting her a bit more than normal.

She was a mysterious and delicious challenge to him and his killing abilities.

A bit annoyed with himself, he sharpened even more his claws, making yellow and white sparks flew around. She was starting to unsettle him. He had met a lot of girls, who he had killed of course, but no one like her... No one with that style... There was something different with her and he didn't know what.

Like if that thought was a tip, Helyse's voice sounded in the middle of the darkness of the room. She was far, but her voice sounded as if she was at his side Not that she was singing loud, but was like this in that place.

In the true, her voice was low, dark... Like a strange poison. In those times, he had sure: There WAS something in the deep of her soul... Something dark and cold... And sadist. But also, seemed she was always incomplete as if someone had cut a part of her heart or soul off.

He was not curious of what that could be. The only curiosity he had about Helyse was how would be her last scream of pain, the pleas that she would do

He smiled, looking to his claws and picturing it wet with her blood


Helyse was walking barefooted over the pipes. She wasn't worried with how much time she already was in coma. Her new and real worry was what would be the next 'adorable' surprise that Krueger would do to her

She wasn't afraid anymore She was freaked out.

Helyse: 'Living everyday through this nightmare
No signs of waking up
Surrounded by my fear and frustration
Paralyzed, here I stand'

Her heart was always beating too fast because of the tension She was covered with curatives She was stuck in a damn place and she didn't think she would wake anymore.

Freddy lifted his head when he heard the word 'nightmare'. Smiled with an evil pleasure Yes, she was scared of death and he could feel it. In the end, she was just like the others in that point. She pretended to be strong; she believed she was strong, but in that place, all fear came to out. And the fear was real The nightmares were real..

The pain was real

Death was real


Helyse: 'So I surrender now,
And give up on myself
Been sinking for so long,
I'm one to deep now'

She already had stand too much Too much indeed. People couldn't even fancy what she already had passed through in her life and now this And she preferred they kept themselves without know They already thought she was strange, if they knew that Her life would be a living Hell Again.

She was surrendering to the fear? To Krueger? She was really giving up of her life? She almost laughed at this thought. Life? What kind of life she had? She knew no one was expecting her to wake up She hadn't a mother, a father, not even an aunt or friend to cry over her body. She hadn't anyone in the whole world and she was in a deep suffering Freddy was making her be sick, but she was used to that place now and used to him. At least she hadn't to deal with being inexistent to her classmates or to everybody else. She hadn't event o deal with school or work!

No! What she was thinking? She didn't want to stay in that world forever! She wanted to wake up. Wanted be free again That was one of the really few things that made her kept living Her freedom. She had lost that freedom once and wouldn't lose it again!


Freddy started to sharp his claws again, but his ears were attentive at Helyse's voice. He wanted to discover more about her weakness, torture her more and more Until she knell, begging for mercy and death. But was good known that she was lost in herself With a bit of anger, he had to admit, seemed as if she was lost since before the nightmares. Seemed as if she already was in despair.

'So, I'll make your situation even worse'

And maybe that wouldn't be that hard.


Helyse: 'How much more can I bear?
Seems no one even cares
I'm drown in a sea of desperation'

No one cared, why would they? She never smiled to anyone in class, she never hanged out with anyone, she always ate her lunch alone, and her house was always empty and in silence Of course no one cared because she hadn't anyone! Duh!

But she had to bear. She had to keep living. She had to fight for something, not just sat and give up! She had swore she wouldn't cry anymore when she was seven and now she was in a situation which made her wish she hadn't done it!

And she was really sick Freddy was making her feel. Feel pain, angst, angry That was ok with some feelings like angst and sadness, after all, she could just feel it in her whole life, but There were other feelings which she hadn't felt and wasn't used to it. Her soul, heart and even body weren't used to that and she was feeling so tired every time That was ironic! What were making her ill were her own feelings! That was so sarcastic she could almost laugh!


It was close She was breaking down and he knew it. It was so easy She was weak and fool, just a bitch.

Freddy wanted to laugh at her pain. Better, he laughed. To him, it was just hilarious see that girl breaking down bit a bit, giving up her own life and surrendering to him. Maybe he would even have some fun with her before kill her, like a gran finale. Break her forever with his touch.

He could see she was getting ill but he thought it was because of the stress. He couldn't really believe or understand how that girl could not have feelings unless sadness. She seemed be death inside!

But again, he was making her alive again, making she felt again and want to know the best part? He was doing it just to make her death more painful in all ways anyone can imagine!


Helyse: 'Suicide, the comfort that I crave
Kill me now and send me to my grave
Suicide, you're listening to me?
Let me die and finally be free
Suicide, salvation from my pain
My demise humanity to blame
Suicide, my life is in your hands
Suicide, stay by my side'

No, she didn't want to suicide She didn't want to die The fact of her didn't care in die didn't mean she wanted to kill herself. She just didn't care. If Krueger came to kill her, of course she would fight. But that was more because would be a shame let herself been killed without a fight But death itself didn't scare her and didn't seem so bad Seemed more like a salvation, a release of pain and suffer

She already had listen that this salvation was love, but that was something that she never had had in her life


Krueger tested his glove at the light of the fire. Nothing bad The blades were great like always, read to rip flesh as if it was butter, cutting veins and making the blood gush

Yes, the life of that bitch Blake belonged to him. He would take care of her really soon. He knew that she was getting used to that place and, so, she would stop to feel fear.

That would be her time of death

He laughed to himself, thinking in the scene In the hospital that she was, doctors would be in terror, seeing her dying and unable to help her And she, bleeding and with pain, at his feet Begging, crying

Even she, so feeling less, would cry and beg. All these stupid brats did that and she wouldn't be different

Would she?


Helyse: 'I've tried over and over again,
still you see, I can't hang on
Hopelessly I lie and wait for redemption,
as I slowly drift away'

Indeed, she had tried No one could say she hadn't. Tried to adapt, to make friends, to have a normal life But no. A person in her past had broken her inside already Killed her inside. Taken her life, her light, all she could be one day

Helyse had to hold a laugh Oh yes A person had destroyed her inside, but had paid. Sure, had paid

A second after, she was sick of herself


He had listened that before. If there was one thing that never changed in these children was that They weren't even happy and were always sobbing, making themselves of 'pitiful ones' , saying that they were suffered and all around them were incomprehensive

They didn't know what pain was, but when they met him, they learned

'The physical pain, Freddy' Said a voice in his mind 'There are others kinds of pain'

Freddy choose didn't listen that voice. He knew very well there were others kinds of pain because he knew all them very well.


Helyse: 'Drink of the poison now
and take my final bow
Don't know what lies ahead
I'll take that chance though
For all that I've been through don't know what else to do
(I kiss my life goodbye so hear my last words...)'

It couldn't be different She knew that. Never would know what she could have be. The past influence the future, that's the true.

'If past influences the future' She thought of suddenly 'What made Krueger be what he is today?'

It was an interesting question. Silly, but interesting, after all why would she worry about his past? Helyse always tried to simplified things and, in her actual situation, that wasn't hard.

Krueger was going to kill her. She didn't know when, but knew that he would So, she wouldn't stay wondering or bothering herself with such things. She preferred believe that she would have these answers in Heaven

'Or Hell, if I am going to there'


He could feel how afraid she was. And that was very afraid. In the true, her fear was near to hysteric itself, but she didn't show it. Didn't seem, but that experience was being quite traumatic to her. He didn't have to torture her all the time That place already was a torture.

Sometimes, he played with her Giving her more reasons to be afraid. Once he did a bunch of black rats ran after her. He had laughed a lot watching she ran, trying to escape. She had trip and the black and untidy rats had gone over her body.

That was fun to him.


Helyse: 'Suicide, the comfort that I crave
Kill me now and send me to my grave
Suicide, you're listening to me?
Let me die and finally be free
Suicide, salvation from my pain
My demise humanity to blame
Suicide, my life is in your hands
Suicide, stay by my side'

She would give anything to wake up Rather go back to her normal life; at least she didn't live in so much stress The pressure was growing and growing and she was sure that just missed a bit to her die of pure strained

But since that wasn't like she was giving up or suicide, she didn't care.

She hadn't interior balance She hadn't feelings. She had forgotten of it for so long that now her few feelings were too weak. So weak, that she almost couldn't feel it She was quite hollow

But now she was feeling fear More than it, was panic.

Her mind, body and heart weren't used no longer to feelings so strong and that was part of the pressure and she hadn't a 'good' feeling to make balance the negative force of that feeling she had now.

Helyse didn't know, but her body couldn't bare this shock for more time


Now that he had finished the work in his glove, Krueger thought in torture the girl. It was day in Springwood and there wasn't anybody sleeping in the class, sadly. So, he hadn't any fun

He already had an idea of what do this time, but for some reason, he didn't want to attack Helyse now Not that he cared about her (or liked to hear her).

He stood and walked through the hallways.

He liked to see her tired expression and the horror that appeared in her face always that she seen that he was about to hurt her again

She had changed. The life in that place had changed her She was too thin, seemed anorexic. Her hair with the lion-fur-color was fallen, without life and grated and even a bit gray, because of the excessive panic. She had black shadows under her eyes She was finished.


Helyse: ''Suicide, be my guide,
embrace me now,
so I can die'

The only being that would embrace her would be Death itself.

She stopped, hearing steps coming closer She knew what would happen, knew that she couldn't escape, so she just waited Krueger had done with the claws and now was coming to torture her

She just waited


He saw her stopped, waiting. Like an animal, she already knew that she couldn't run of the nightmare At least she wasn't stupid. She waited, but always when she saw the new horror that he had make to her, she ended up running anyway

He already had used many things against her. Never had get to the point of really kill her, but always got close of that


They stared to each other. Her deep, cold blue eyes, just like ocean His, dark and cold, black and full of down feelings.

Helyse: 'Suicide, the comfort that I crave
Kill me now and send me to my grave
Suicide, you're listening to me?
Let me die and finally be free
Suicide, salvation from my pain
My demise humanity to blame
Suicide, my life is in your hands
Suicide, stay by my side'

She sang the last verse and kept quiet. Never sang in front of him, but she just couldn't help herself. Music was something that was in her blood, heart and soul. And, times ago, used to let her in a state of mind of almost weak happiness A so ephemeral, weak, frivolous, that didn't have real a name.

Freddy glared at her She sighed, looking for a rest of courage, which she already didn't have.

'Ready to run?' He asked, smiling seeing the deplorable state in what she was reduced.

She saw behind him, the darkness coming The darkness that sucked her to moments of humiliation and pain She could feel the cold and heard laughs that came of that darkness.

The darkness took form Freddy laughed to death when he saw her eyes

The fear, the pure horror, flood her and her heart started to beat faster, sending adrenaline to all her body She started to run as faster as she could; hearing that nightmare of pain and blood coming after her

She tripped next to a main rail and fell But not in the floor and in a big and nasty web of spider Freddy, always close, just laughed coldly...

The darkness came closer, taking Helyse to it's interior...

And the girl was screaming...



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