Chapter Seven A Talk?

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She sat in silence next to a boiler, hearing the fire crepitating. Her eyes hadn't any shine and she was lost in her own memories. In that place, sadly, she didn't have too much to do to keep her mind busy.

Except run of Krueger, but that wasn't enough to distract her of the memories that she wanted to forget.

She already thought that she was crazy just for being sat next to the men that used to torture her just to watch while he worked in that damned glove Seemed that, except kill people, he also didn't have much to do...

'I really must be crazy. As if his hobbies mattered to me' She thought with bitterness. Was shrunken, with her hands over her knees, seeing the sparks jumping of the metal claws.

Before she could notice what she was doing, she let escape a phrase.

'How much time?'

Freddy turned his eyes of the glove and stared to her as just now he noticed that she was there. And as if she was crazy, just she was almost certain that she was. She never had even tried to talk with him... To Freddy, it was a bit strange because he hadn't talked with anyone for a long time and that gave him a nostalgic feeling.

'What the hell are you talking about?' He asked in a rude tone, a bit annoyed with her talking. Not caring, she repeated her question, in a whisper.

'How much time must be Since I had fallen in coma?'

Freddy turned his attention back to the glove, ignoring her. She was already thinking in stand and walk away before he decided attack her, but

'Almost two weeks.' His voice became sadistic 'I bet that your family and little friends are dying of worry'

Helyse didn't care to the provocation. Of course they WOULD be if she HAD any family or friends, so she almost answered something like 'As your family must have cried when you died'. Instead of waste her sarcasm, she decided to be polite after all, being rude at Krueger could result in being cut several times while he laugh at her and whispered obscenities in her ear Like he had done some Just-God-Knows time ago... Gosh, how she missed a CLOCK in that damned place!

'It seems much more to me'

The silence between them kept itself for some minutes more. But after that small trade of words, Helyse was feeling an impulse of keep the conversation. It was too long since she had talked to someone Usually, even in the Real World, she could just really talk with herself. Of course, she could SPEAK with anyone, but not have any real talk.

'Why do you need A constant source of fear?' She asked. Almost had asked why he needed her, but wasn't her he need for. It was just her fear. Besides, she thought saying that would make she looks like a arrogant girl 'It seems like the others already fear you a lot.'

Krueger laughed.

'Fear it's never too much.'

In that point she was forced to agree. She had learned in that place that, when we think that we're scared enough, something always can happen to make us feel more and more fear. But seemed that he wasn't about to tell her what he was planning to, keeping her alive. So, she decided not ask it again.

Shocked, she noticed that Krueger had talked something and she hadn't listened.


'I asked, whore, if you are not whining about your little friends who I killed.'

Helyse almost laugh, she really wanted to do it. Her? Cry their deaths? She just couldn't. Call her evil, cold, whatever you want, she wasn't even sorry. Inside, she didn't even care to them, as like they didn't care to her.

'No. If you want know, not at all I don't care.' She thought a bit 'Why do you call me 'bitch' and 'whore' all the time?'

Krueger stared to her, as if tying to say if she was mocking him. She didn't understand that look, but kept herself in silence.

'Because that is what you are. That's what woman are, ungrateful bitches that are just good to fuck and live of that'

(A/N: Anyone minds if I kill him?)

Helyse was with her mouth open, in shock. Freddy noticed that, but didn't care he was sure she would protest bravely in name of all women in the world and call him names, as if that would make him change his mind.

But she just whispered.

'Some girls are really like that, but not all of us.'

He looked to her coldly. Sure, she never would admit that she was a damned little whore And answered in a mocking and venom tone.

'Of course How I couldn't notice? You are still an innocent and pure child'

Freddy remembered very well how he couldn't know all about her, even if she was virgin or not. But a girl in her age? Virgin? Easier Hell turns itself in Heaven! In her turn, Helyse didn't want to talk about her inexistent 'love life' with a man, and Freddy of all people. But she wasn't let him offend her either and her tongue worked out before her mind.

'Well, it's kinda hard someone have any interest in you when just talk with you can be a reason for jokes in the class!' She replied, a bit angry, a talk with a bit of emotion She didn't remember when she had had an emotion in a talk, even if was angry and that fact made her surprised. What was going on with her? She felt hurt in her heart due the fact she wasn't used to felt emotions but even if it was painful, it was an emotion after all...

Krueger had finished with the glove, but he didn't stand. Just stared to her.


Helyse noticed that she had talked too much for her own good and wanted to hit her head in a pipe for it. Stupid! Why she had to have that big mouth of hers?

'Nothing.' She turned her face 'Just that I am not a prostitute, ok? If you want to call me some name, at least could you call me something that I really am?'

Freddy decided to enter in that little game that had been formed between them and turned all to her, looking right in her pale face.

'And what you are?'

Helyse did not answer. She didn't want to talk about herself; after all, she knew that Krueger wasn't interested in herself, just in her fears.

Wasn't him?

He was asking the same thing to himself.

'Maybe not That girl is kinda interesting' He thought and after it, he felt hate of himself. What mattered her life?

He thought that she was not going to answer, but she stared to him with an expression that he never had saw. Ever. He couldn't even say what emotion it was, even when she actually felt something, she never showed but now she was doing it It was so strange see some emotion in her eyes, which usually showed nothing but Well, nothing at all.

'Why don't you ask to my beloved little friends? They will love to tell you, that I can guarantee'

More minutes in silence.

'Why you' She thought in the right way to ask 'What happened to you?' but she wasn't sure if was a safe question or even if she wanted to know!

'What are you talking about now?' For God's sake, she never talked things clear?

'Why do you have so many burns?' She looked right in his eyes 'They seem very painful'

That was Krueger's turn to hold a laugh. In what his pain interested to her? Before he could give a rough answer, she noticed his expression and looked down as if a shy child.

'You don't need to tell me After all, isn't of my business Right?'

But Krueger already was a bit angry with her and he didn't know why. In the true, rationally, she hadn't done anything wrong; she hadn't said anything wrong So why he was so perturbed with her way of speak, of turn her deep-blue eyes away, of the way her eyes seemed deep and full of secrets? And damn to hell, why he was curious about her? It wasn't a curiosity of use her fears, but a curiosity about her like person Not as a source!

That was so not right for him.

'And you?' He asked in an angry tone.

'Me what?' Now, she seemed a lot confused. With fear, noticing his anger, yes But also confused by his question. Seemed as if she didn't know that he couldn't see her fear with clearness Well, if she didn't know, he wasn't telling her.

But her fears were to complex How she could hide them? They seemed very complex, very painful to bear.

'That dark place The chains' He smiled seeing the fear in her eyes. Fear. Pain. Agony, even And he felt the strength of those feelings.

She didn't say anything. He stood and came closer, but Helyse yet didn't move. He leaned to her and lifted her face with his claws and moved it, as if tickling but making small and superficial cuts. He had a sick and obscene smile in his face.

'C'mon Tell what happened to Freddy After all, we are having a little talky here, aren't we?' He mocked. But still, Helyse didn't talk and neither moved to avoid the touch of his claws with her face. But she was shivering in fear of what he would do after her answer

'I don't want to tell Ok?'

Krueger really thought in use the old and good persuasion with her, but then he felt. Someone was sleeping A new brat was waiting to be killed.

He released Helyse and started to walk away, but something made him turn back to her. The girl was looking the fire, her face back to the totally no-expression of always. The blue eyes were reflecting the flames and it made her eyes clearer As if were blue flames inside them. Her chin was bleeding a bit, but she seemed not notice it.

'Hei, girl'

Helyse looked to him. At least, he didn't have called her 'bitch'.

'Follow me.'

Helyse stood and did as he said, without know to where he was taking her and neither what he would do with her


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