Chapter Three- Letting Alive

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Helyse couldn't imagine a worse situation. Besides be in coma, she was stuck in that Dream World with a murderer that just ruled that place!


And she could die in there Never would wake It wasn't right fear of Freddy Krueger that she had in the moment, but of that coma which she was in She never had thought this state could be so scarier

Swung her head. She had two big bad troubles: The coma and Freddy Krueger, but in the moment it was with the second one that she had to deal.

And boy, he was mad at her. But noticed that the blow, besides be really hurt, didn't have waked the girl

He smiled, liking to see how she shivered.

'I lost the fucker, but seem you can't wake so easy, can you, bitch?'

Helyse sure willed that he stopped to swearing at her. Almost laughed That monster was about to kill her and she was worried about education and respect?

The girl sensed that the barrier of floor behind her was going down Freddy smirked.


And so she did. She knew that was pointless, that was his world! He was just playing with her, wanting to let her more scared than she already was.

And he was getting.

'Damn, I can't be in coma! I can't!' She thought 'The blow were not strong enough, just that Just that!'

She preferred confirm if she was really in coma before get so desperate More than she already was, of course. Keep running until she came near to a bigger boiler The pipes around it were emitting hot smoke It would hurt enough?

Well It would be better do, or she would gain bruises and blisters for a good time

Creating courage, she hit her own arm against the piper nearest to the boiler The pain was hideous, white stars of pain shined in front of her eyes and her skin seemed like be melting

Bur she didn't wake.

'Heck! I have to wake up!'

A sardonic voice behind her made she have quivers.

'And do you think that waking, you'll escape from me?'

Freddy seemed very satisfied with the result he was getting with that girl. Scared? She was not scared She was terrified!

Helyse came back to the running, but if she needed a confirmation, it was right in her arm It was hurting, red, burned and she haven't wake. She just could pray to already be in a hospital and that someone cured that damned wound.

She felt the floor getting a bit hot and strangely soft She fell, hitting her face on the floor, in a part that was still hard, so yes, it hurt.

Looking, she saw that one part of the floor seemed have molten Like quick-sand and seemed as something was pulling her by her feet. The floor now was like pitch The thing that was pulling her was wet and cold, like an enormous tongue or worse

She tried to thrust her fingers in the floor that was still normal.

A boot came from nowhere and stepped in her hand with strength. Hell could swear that some of her fingers had broken, but she held her scream and looked up, right in Freddy's eyes.

His eyes were different Years ago the girl didn't see a so cold look, so full of despise The last one who had looked to her with such feelings was her own father.

Freddy cowered, scrubbing his boot against her hand, feeling her bones dropping over his weight. He too stared to Helyse's eyes. Were few the victims that looked to his eyes in these moments and that girl had deep, dark blue eyes, like the bottom of the ocean Now, they were shining of angry and dare, like blue diamonds.

He liked, it meant that would be a victim who would proportionate a good fun.

'Interesting It's the first time that some brat stay so long in the first nightmare, did you know, Helyse?'

'Should I take that as praise?' She talked trying not sound scared and in pain, as she was. Her hand already was insensible and she still was trying to get free of that strange floor and the thing that was still pulling her.

Freddy stepped with more strength, reviving the pain and Helyse bitted her down lip, holding a scream.

'Does that matter?'

Helyse noticed that now, she was almost falling The floor had open, becoming a big hole. She didn't dare to look down to see what would catch her if she fell. But that new situation, the sensation of small things with very many feet running through her body and biting her, small hands pulling her That made her recovered the animation and tried to get free again.

Now, Freddy was a bit confused. That wasn't normal his victims spend so many time in theirs first nightmare, that wasn't a lie That damned girl should have waked already Certain victims he had left survived of the first 'met' just to tell to others about him, in that way was easier invade another child's dream And, after all, was really fun prolong the hunt Until a certain point.

But that girl Was giving to him much energy with her fear Much more than normal kids.

In a rude movement, her pulled her by hair and lifted her. Helyse grabbed his wrists by instinct, trying to make him release her. For God's sake! What he wanted? Take off her head's skin?

'Why didn't you wake 'till now?' He gave to her an evil and dirty smile 'Much drugs?'

Helyse didn't care for the question. But that proximity was making her sick. Not by his look, his burned skin She didn't care to it But was the smell. The smell of death, blood And she could swear that she was hearing slow, lament screams, which echoed ghostly It seemed came from that man's body

He noticed that and smiled.

'Don't mind with the souls of my children At least you want to join to then now, better you answer me, bitch'

Helyse didn't understand at all what he meant, but the threaten give rise to reasonable effect on her.

'And I know? Let me go!'

What a damned whore! In answer, Freddy scratched her shoulder with such strength that Hell thought that her flesh would jump out through the wound.

Seeing that don't answer would just bring more pain to her, the girl decided to use her good sense

'Ok, ok! I suffered an accident and hit my head! I thought I should be just unconscious or fainted but seems be something more I must be in coma. Happy now, your psychopath?'

Freddy threw her against the pipes. Helyse fell and stayed immobilized, without know what he was about to do She surely had made him angry helping Kurt to wake.

But she heard his steps getting distant She didn't understand. Wasn't he about to kill her? Kurt had said that he was a killer, didn't he?

When she lifted her head, Freddy wasn't there anymore. She knew that he was still around, in the boiler room, but seemed that she wasn't his target for now

Maybe another person had fall sleep?

She sat and cleaned the blood of her face, leading in the pipes and taking long breaths.

Why Freddy Krueger was letting her alive?


It took a certain time until Hell had courage to stand up. She didn't know how much time she had spent thinking about her situation. She didn't think she had slept After all, she was in coma! She didn't need to sleep She guessed.

But she surely got surprised when she saw that her wounds had been medicate, what was very good. Still hurt, but weren't bleeding and her shoulder and hand were bind. She thought if that was normal in a Dream World, since she sure had wished the pain to go away and the wounds to be cured, or if that was because she should be in a hospital.

She was betting on the second option, after all, the doctors of the hospital should have taken care of her.

That brought a new thought to her Could be that she had powers in that place? I mean, everybody says that in dreams, we can do whatever we want. Ok, that wasn't a dream but a damned coma, but she was in the Dream World anyway!

Really, better she learnt the rules of that game if she wanted to survive

Walked in silence. She didn't know where Freddy was, but hopped that he wasn't there

And, sure, that was not her luck day.

He was a few meters, his claws against the pipes making shining sparks. He was working in his glove and now, was seeing if the claws were really sharp.

Useless to say, they were.

She stake, waiting to see if he still wanted to kill or torture her For her surprise, Freddy just stared to her, almost normally

'Created courage to stand up?'

'You You didn't kill me'

Freddy seemed take that as if she was daring him to do it and immediately came closer, holding her neck.

'And I can change that in a minute'.

Helyse made a mental annotation to think before talk. She could tell by see, that man wasn't used to civilized talks.

'W-Why didn't you kill me?' her voice was just a light breath. Freddy laughed, he had thought that this bitch would understand easily, but was clear that he had super estimated her He already should know, these brats couldn't put one and one together and see that this makes two They couldn't, even if they would make the count in the fingers!

He let the girl, but before she could recompose herself, he pulled her by her hair, pulling her face close. Yes, he wouldn't kill her for now, but was better that the whore knew that wasn't for pity or something He hadn't any patience and having a girl, with airs of arrogance and superiority, pissing him off, wouldn't be good to his plans.

'I am letting you alive, indeed But don't you think that I'll tolerate you, if you want to live a bit more, whore, don't interfere in my business'

He released her, delighting with her fear He could sense this fear giving him energy and power, more than another victim. That girl was an ambulant source of energy while she was in coma. She was a secure and constant source, so it was very convenient.

Going away, he smiled. Soon, he would have energy enough to go to the Real World

And he didn't care if he had to explore every fears of her to make her be afraid.

But was better he keep some distance of the girl, he wouldn't resist to the temptation of kill her. He could do that later and would, but Freddy wasn't really the kind of person who knew to wait.

Ad for Hell, the girl just curled up in a corner and decided to rest. Knew that if a murderer like Krueger was letting her alive, it couldn't be a good signal.

Of course, she had no idea of what he was planning, but it didn't matter.

The fact was that she was in a great trouble and, as soon as she got herself off that coma, better.


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