Chapter Four- Trying to Save a Life

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Helyse didn't know how calculate the time passing, but since she was in coma, she thought that it didn't matter. Just had to learn the rules of that place and the first one, at least to her, was to be always far of Freddy Krueger, in the case of that impulse of 'Let-The-Girl-Alive' ended.

He had said to her don't mess with his business

Well, Helyse wasn't the kind of girl who accepts orders. She was rebel by nature, not that she was rowdy She accepted very well the rules But orders? That was a bit more complicated.

So, she didn't take too long to forget Krueger's order


There's not how to say how much time had passed, but to Helyse seemed like a truly eternity by a simple fact: She didn't have what to do in that place but avoid Freddy Krueger, and that didn't help to pass the time, once that him too seemed didn't have will to stay close to her.

'At least we got that in common' She thought, bitterness, leading her arms in a mail rail of pipes and looking to what could be the down floor of that room That if that labyrinth of pipes had an up or down floor. Helyse could bet all she had that it depended of Krueger's wish.

She laid her face between the arms. How she hated this situation

Heard a scream and lift her head. It wasn't Freddy Krueger's voice, of course. What, I have to say, let her very upset If she ever heard Krueger screaming in pain, she would be more than happy.

But it was the voice of a child

'He is killing' She thought 'He is killing someone.'

'Well That is what he is supposed to do, doesn't he?' A mocking voice answered in her mind.

'Yes I suppose yes'

She turned back, hesitating in follow the sound of the screams.

'You shouldn't interfere. Take care of your own life, of stay alive. Isn't your problem'

'No, it isn't But I can't stand while I can try doing something '

The voice inside her laugh with evilness and coldness, without any happiness, just sardonic.

'You? You never, ever, was the hero type, Hell'

'No, but this is different!'

Without want more talk with herself, the girl sighed and start to walk following the screams. Not that she needed do that, seemed as if any way would take her to the Krueger's victim anyway.

'You are crazy You will be killed'

'At least, no one will cry over my dead body'

'You ARE crazy And is MORE than that for just talk with yourself!'

'Isn't MY fault ever having anyone to talk with. And enough, I think'

She looked around and held an exclamation of surprise. The walls weren't of pipes anymore, but yellows and of wooden.

'It's here What kind of nightmare this is?'

Knowing that surely weren't a good thing, she gulped before keep going. As she walked, she noticed that all around had changed. It was really a house and kinda pretty, painted with happy colors But the movables were too shined. The floor seemed one just piece

She heard a sound of something running behind the walls, like little living beings with such teeth. A sweet smell, but too much strong and nauseating flood the air. The colors, now, although still shining, seemed a bit false.

And her dress

Wait a goddamn second! DRESS?

Helyse looked to herself and then ran to a mirror. The image was crooked and blotted, but she could see enough: She was wearing a dress with a balloon skirt, pink with laces, black doll-style shoes, socks and gloves of laces. Her lion-color hair was in two pony-tails in the sides of her head. Coming closer of the mirror, she saw that she was using make-up: Rosy cheeks, red lips and her face were all white, like porcelain

That was a doll house!

It was a new scream that wake Helyse of her shock state, and angry, since she was dressed of that way And angry isn't really a good term She was really hating it. It was so long since she had really felt a emotion... But she hadn't time to notice that she had.

Running through the hallways, she still listened the sound of those beings in the walls, chewing something Gnawing something. Without want, she imagined black creatures gnawing bones with blood in the floor and had to keep this idea off her mind.

Going into another hallway, she hit something and almost fell, so she saw who was the new victim of Freddy Krueger.

It was just a little girl. Shouldn't have been older than seven and was crying openly. Had blonde hair, in two ponytails and was dressed like Helyse: Like a porcelain doll. With a shock, Helyse saw that she had kind of cracks in her arms, which ones were bleeding. Some way, that child have turned into a real porcelain doll and just her green eyes, that were pouring tears, showed that she was a living being.

'P-Please Don't hurt me! D-Don't hurt me!'

Helyse was astounded. That girl was in shock of fear; Krueger should have given to her such a nightmare.

'I won't hurt you, I come help you What's your name?'

A spark of hope shined in these green eyes.

'True, miss?' The girl grabbed Helyse's dress 'I-I'm Amanda Please, miss! Take me out here! I I am afraid!'

Helyse never have liked children, but in that moment, she felt truly pity of that one. She still could hear these strange sounds Now, closer and closer.

She was about to ask about the nightmare that Amanda was having, if she already have dreamt with Krueger, but Amanda screamed louder than never, looking behind.

And Helyse saw

And screamed to the point of feel that her vocals cords would tear apart.

Termites. But aren't common termites First that Helyse already had saw termites and they were small, even that she and Amanda were now with a few centimeters She herself should be a 15 centimeters tall by now, by her counts- these termites shouldn't seems so big.

(A/N: I know you guys use 'feet' tall, but I don't know how measure like this, since in my county we use just meters... So, please forgive me.)

How big? Much

To Helyse, they seemed big enough A bit bigger than bulls And coming right to her and Amanda.


Helyse grabbed Amanda's hand and pulled her, running faster than the little girl, but Amanda had been running all the time and was tired, so Helyse ended up to held her in her arms, while ran.

They ended up going upstairs and Helyse put herself in a room and immediately put Amanda in the floor and start to push a cushy of wooden to the door.

'That won't stop those termites Crap! You NEVER, ever, should go upstairs when you are hunted, isn't it what everybody says, including I, when watch a terror movie? And, in the time of put in practice, I screw all up? Yes, Helyse, you are a stupid' She thought, furious with herself.

'M-Miss? Are we safe?' Amanda asked.

Helyse already was almost regretting for had come, but in other hand In other hand, she was feeling well. Time ago she seemed had forgotten how was have feelings. It was like she was empty inside

Even that she felt fear every time, at least now she was having feelings again

'I don't think so, but that will buy us some time' She answered, hoping she was right.

But she wasn't.

'Do you really think that, little bitch?' Said a voice. Both lifted theirs heads and Amanda started to scream again, like a crazy. Freddy Krueger had take off the roof of the doll house and was looking to them.

'Why are you screaming, Amanda?' He laughed 'It was you who said that liked to play with dolls'

Amanda ran to Helyse and hided her face in the dress of the blonde, like thinking that Helyse could protect her In the door, they already could hear the termites biting. It's pincers hitting each other, pounding. And Helyse had the vision of herself stuck in these pincers, being tear apart Her blood dropping, the termites coming closer of her body, wanting a piece of meat.

'Stop that! The things didn't even come in and you are seeing you death already!' She thought, almost slapping herself.

Of sudden, she smelled fire and, looking up, saw Kreueger holding a match burning.

'Oh, no! We're already impounded by termites and now this?'

Freddy smiled to Helyse.

'I told you to not interfere in my business, so, the fault of being here is all yours' Without wait for answer, he dropped the match over the bed of wooden and plastic, which burned, flooding the room with the smell of fire and burned plastic.

Amanda was hysterical. Helyse held her y her shoulders and slapped her, trying to wake the little girl.

Nothing happened.

'Amanda Amanda, wake up!' Said Helyse, shaking the girl.

'I-I t-tried!' Sobbed the little one 'M-My brother s-said that if I dreamt w-with the man with c-c-claws, I had to t-try wake myself' I s-slapped myself, but i-it didn't worked'

Helyse saw the problem: Amanda had a heavy sleep. Just a slap wouldn't be enough to wake her. The girl had shadows around the eyes, so she probably didn't sleep some time ago Now she was in a too deep sleep.

Nothing that surprised Helyse.

The fire was devouring everything, the cushy already was being put away by the termites and there were holes in the wall, by where they could see the termites.

'I have to wake her! But I don't want hurt her too much I never ever slapped a child before, anyway' Helyse thought. Don't like children didn't mean she enjoy to hurt them.

And she was trying to shut her own mind who was telling 'I told you'.

The truth is that the fact that if Amanda didn't wake anyway, she would die burned or eaten, was the only thing that made Helyse does what she did: She took a table lamp of plastic and looked to Amanda. The child was looking to her as if thinking that Helyse had gone nuts.

'What's your brother's name?'

'K-Kurt Locker'

'Say to him that Helyse sends a hello'

The girl nodded and Helyse came down the table lamp in her head with all her strength, thanking that Amanda hadn't stepped behind Maybe she had gotten Helyse's plan, whatever, it didn't make any difference.

'YOU DAMNED SLUT!' Screamed Krueger, with a voice that made the floor of the little house shiver. Helyse was afraid. Very afraid Just his voice was so full of hate and furious that she didn't think that any human being could feel. His black eyes were cold and full of hate and killers desires. She couldn't face him without feel fear.

But she couldn't run anymore. The termites already were in the room and she was in the middle of the fire

'It's over I'll die' She thought when a termite come closer, dribbling

But no. A big piece of meat come of sky and held her, lifting her. The girl was shocked of see that Krueger had caught her in his hand.

But she could bet anything that wasn't to save her.

'I told you to not interfere if you didn't want to die!' He said, keeping her so close that his breath seemed suffocating to her 'You are really teasing me.'

The girl thought in a lot of answers, but prudence told her to keep her mouth shut and she guessed her should obey, at least this time, even if her tongue was scratching to said a sardonic answer.

He held her so firm that Helyse barely could breathe and had sure that Krueger had broken one or two bones of her. She just saw flashes of white light of pain and felt her body being crushed and her bones crashing under the force of Krueger. He seemed want to crush her of the inside to the outside.

So, he dropped her.

But Helyse, who was expecting to fell in the wooden floor, in the middle of fire and termites, saw herself in the floor of the boiler room.

'At least, I am not in that stupid dress anymore.' She muttered to herself, standing up.

But then she fell in herself when she saw the place change again. It was a dark room, cold She recognized it and panic, the real panic, closed her throat.

'No No, not this He doesn't have how to know'

The shock was stopping her of think. Slowly, she fell on her knees and hugged her legs. The room was colder than ice, darker than night 'As my heart is' she thought, with venom and despise, but directed to herself.

There wasn't any window, and hole of where light could came. There was nothing Absolutely nothing but darkness and the chains which were trapping her Cold chains, so tight to the point of mark her skin.

The door opened and a man come in. He had a candle, but his face weren't illuminate by it, His steps were heavy and brute, when he spoke, there wasn't anything but contempt, disgust.

'Still alive?' He asked. Helyse, lost in herself, forgot that was a nightmare. A punishment of Krueger for she had interfered in his business and saved a girl, a child who, for him, was nothing but a victim.

'How you want me to die if you feed me?'

'It's you who eats, I just bring the food. What you mother would say if knew that I am not treating you well?' He laughed. Laughed at her pain, at her loneliness Laughed and laughed

Helyse covered her ears with her hands.

'LISTEN ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!' He screamed, pulling her wrists and starting to hit her.

Not with hands. Not with a girdle. Not He was punching her with something hard and heavy Something cutting Something that passed in her skin and took blood and flesh

I some moment, felling the object splitting in four in the middle of a blow, she faced him. Not, the place was again the boiler room and who was hitting her was Freddy Krueger.

Fell, humiliated, she decided not move until he had leave. Krueger pulled her by her hair, in a way that theirs faces were a few centimeters of distance.

'Next time, it'll be worse Next time, bitch, I'll make you know Hell'

When he was going away, he heard a muttered of her.

'I already know the Hell'


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