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V. Переведите следующие слова и выражения, обращая внимание на приемы достижения адекватности перевода.

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desiliconization, non-essentials, multidrive, preheating, overheat, welder, launcher, negotiator, monitoring and control, to decay or disintegrate, terms or conditions, rate and velocity, natural and intrinsic part, illnesses and deseases


1. The most important thing is for the apparatus to be manufactured of non-ferrous metals.

2. The motor was found to stop and reverse within 10 to 12 cycles.

3. This antenna originally developed for radiating a short pulse in real time and so it was important that it should be non-dispersive.

4. Station 4 and 10 have both launchers and receivers.

5. Once a uniform gap is insured, welding begins.

6. The half-life of a radium isotope is the time taken for half of any given amount to decay or disintegrate.

7. The explosion was terrible while it lasted.

VI. Проанализируйте текст и определите в нем термины и терминологические словосочетания. Составьте для текста двуязычный терминологический словник, отметив в нем единицы, транскрипция которых для данного текста неуместна. Переведите текст.

Science often means different things to different people. To many it means bodies of knowledge about the physical world grouped under different subjects; to some it means research or the pursuit of truth; to some it means the development of technology intended to benefit mankind; and to others it means finding out, experimenting, measuring. These are all different aspects of science as the knowledge, experimenting, technology, etc., have all been produced by what could be called the “processes of science”. Environmental problems are just one aspect of life to which science can be applied, but they are quite urgently in need of solution. Some science concepts are particularly relevant in the solving of environmental issues. Among them are:

1. Energy (types of energy, law of conservation of energy, and law of energy degradation).

2. Ecosystem (energy flow in ecosystems, law of conservation of matter, nutrient cycling in ecosystems, evolution of ecosystems).

3. Resources (the nature of resources: inexhaustible, renewable, and irreplaceable).

4. Food (production, nutrition, energy use).

5. Pollution (pollutant, threshold, synergy, persistence, biological magnification).

6. Human population (growth and control, birth rate, death rate, fertility rate, marriage age, density, and distribution).

VII. Обратитесь к тексту и попытайтесь перевести его, обращая внимание на проблему адекватности перевода.



A number of steps are required to make the engine number visible. There is a sticker on the vacuum unit housing for intake manifold change-over function indicating the “Engine code” and “Serial number”-arrow-. If the sticker is missing, perform the following work steps to read off the “Engine code”: Pull off engine cover panel (rear) -arrows-. The engine code is stamped on the rear of the cylinder head (left-side) -arrow-. If the sticker is missing, perform the following work steps to read off the “Engine code” and the “Serial number”: Remove the spring located beneath and move vacuum units to one side with hoses connected. The engine number (“engine code” and “serial number”) can be found on top of the cylinder block at the front -arrow-.


The engine code is also included on the vehicle data sticker. Contact corrosion can occur if unsuitable fasteners are used (e.g. bolts, nuts, washers, etc.). For this reason, only fasteners with a special surface coating are used. Additionally, all rubber and plastic parts and all adhesives are made of non-conductive materials. Additionally, all rubber and plastic parts and all adhesives are made of non-conductive materials. Always fit new parts if you are not sure that parts are suitable.

Parts catalogue

Note the following:

We recommend using only genuine replacement parts; these have been tested and are compatible with aluminium. We recommend the use of Audi accessories. Damage caused by contact corrosion is not covered under warranty. When working on the fuel supply/injection system, pay careful attention to the following basic rules:

Carefully clean connection points and the surrounding area with engine cleaner or brake cleaner and dry thoroughly before opening. Plug open lines and connections with suitable protective caps immediately. Place parts that have been removed on a clean surface and cover them over. Use only lint-free cloths. Only install clean components; replacement parts should only be unpacked immediately prior to installation. Do not use parts that have been previously unpacked and stored away loose (e.g. in toolboxes, etc.). When the system is open: Do not work with compressed air. Do not move the vehicle unless absolutely necessary. Start the engine and let it run at medium speed for a few minutes. If leaks are found although the connections have been tightened to the correct torque, the relevant component must be renewed. Then again check the pressurised areas in the system for leaks. The engine is removed from the front without the gearbox after removing the lock carrier. Heat insulation sleeves which are removed must be fitted in the same position when installing. All cable ties which are released or cut open when removing must be fitted in the same position when installing. Collect drained coolant in a clean container for re-use or disposal. Move selector lever to position “N” on vehicles with multitronic 01J or automatic gearbox 01V. With ignition switched off, disconnect battery earth cable -arrow-. Hot steam or hot coolant can escape when expansion tank is opened; cover filler cap with cloth and open carefully. Vehicles with auxiliary heater: remove bolts -arrows- securing exhaust pipe for auxiliary/additional heater to noise insulation. Release fasteners -1 … 4- and take off noise insulation. Unbolt bracket for noise insulation -arrows-. Drain off coolant from radiator; to do so, turn drain plug -2- anti-clockwise and attach hose to connection if necessary. Disconnect coolant hose from radiator by pulling off retaining clip -1- at bottom. Detach electrical connectors -1- and -2- from bracket and unplug. Unplug electrical connector (left and right) -arrow- for headlights. The air conditioner refrigerant circuit must not be opened. To prevent damage to the condenser and refrigerant pipes/hoses, ensure that the pipes and hoses are not stretched, kinked or bent. The toothed belt tensioner is oil-damped and can therefore only be compressed slowly by applying constant pressure. Before removing, mark rotation direction of toothed belt with chalk or felt-tipped pen. If the belt runs in the opposite direction when it is refitted, this can cause breakage. Camshafts locked in position with camshaft clamps -T40030-. Crankshaft locked in position with locking pin -T40026-. The crankshaft must not be at “TDC” at any cylinder when the camshaft is turned. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to valves and pistoncrowns. Wrap a cloth around the connection before opening the system. Then release pressure by carefully loosening the connection.

VI. Проанализируйте исходный текст и готовый перевод (получите перевод у преподавателя) на предмет того, какие способы адекватности наиболее употребительны при переводе научно-технического текста.

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