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Упражнения. I. Объясните употребление причастия в следующих предложениях и переведите их на русский язык:

I. Объясните употребление причастия в следующих предложениях и переведите их на русский язык:

1. The engineer making that experiment took a lot of measurements.

2. The scientist chooses between several procedures mentioned above.

3. Having solved that equation the student found the ratio between the numbers.

4. If not examined carefully the hot-water system looses a lot of heat.

5. We give the results of the made calculations in decimals.

6. While working with the microorganisms we found that they produced a variety of antibiotics.

7. Being too expensive the project could not be approved.

8. The scientific worker planning a series of experiments must be aware of the general nature of the problem under investigation.

9. Prepare a diagram of your solution and give a clear explanation to all the people working at this problem.


II. Выберите предложения, в которых причастие выполняет функцию определения, определите форму причастия и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. Much of the data collected will be fed into machines and computers during the coming months.

2. While working with a map, make sure that you know whether your map is marked in feet or in meters.

3. The electric current passing through a wire will heat that wire.

4. Electrons being negative move from lower to higher potential, that is, more negative to less negative.

5. It must be borne in mind when working on transmitters that very dangerous voltages will exist.

6. Radio waves are emitted from a conductor carrying the alternating current.

7. The weight of a body is defined as the force of gravitational attraction exerted on the body by the earth.

8. Built some hundred years ago, the house stood still intact.

9. The latest calculations sent for arrived just in time.

10. Comparing these preliminary estimates we arrive at the following conclusion.

11. All the members of the brigade are working at the problems on space navigation.

12. Generators are usually removed and serviced in the manner spoken of before.

13. The new instrument being developed at this plant will be tested in two weeks.

14. The basic circuit of the device having been built by us is described in detail in this article.

15. When a varying plate current flows through a coil there is a varying magnetic field causing self-induction.


III. Выберите предложения, в которых причастие выполняет функцию обстоятельства, определите форму причастия и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. All electrical conductors dissipate heat when carrying current.

2. In many maps and charts the lines representing latitude and longitude are represented by straight lines.

3. Each element exists in a number of varieties called isotopes, having the same atomic number but different mass numbers.

4. Having been tested the new apparatus was recommended for work in all the laboratories.

5. A piece of ice will melt if thrown into water.

6. If heated, magnetized steel will lose its magnetism.

7. Rubber-covered wire with no fabric cover is usually satisfactory, but the formation of ozone will cause rapid deterioration of the wire.

8. When first exhibited at the exposition, the telephone attracted very little attention and was even ridiculed.

9. Following the completion of the flight it was announced that unlike previous spacecraft Luna 15 had the ability to land in one of a number of selected areas.

10. The atmospheric effects are partially responsible for a new field often referred to as microwave metrology.

11. Having made a great number of experiments with different substances the chemists found that most of them could be decomposed into other substances.

12. When inspecting the apparatus great precaution must be taken not to touch the relay itself but only to watch its operation.

13. Having been seen in action the device was greatly modified.

14. The tachometer is used in aircraft to indicate the number of revolutions per minute being made by the engine shaft.

15. Being designed by a talented scientific worker the device was a success.

16. Having selected the message type the operator must inform the scanner that a message is ready.


IV. Определите функцию слов с суффиксом –ed в следующих предложениях и переведите их на русский язык:

1. Every conducting circuit has a certain property called its electric resistance.

2. It was Lenz who proved that the heat produced in a given time is proportional to the square of the current.

3. Ice placed in a kettle over a fire expanded a little and melted.

4. The power expended on a circuit is measured by the product of the amperes generated in it and the potential difference in volts at the ends of that circuit.

5. Everybody knows that the sun is the origin source of all the energy stored in fuels.

6. The Centigrade scale is the official scale of temperature used in Russia.

7. The atmospheric effects are partially responsible for a new field often referred to as microwave meteorology.

8. All the tests made on the prototype model showed that improvements could be made which lead to the design of the device described here.

9. The experiments were conducted in the orbital module with control panel located in the new cabin.

10. A drive mechanism fitted in the top end of the center body rotated the solar panels.


V. Определите функцию и форму причастия в следующих предложениях и переведите предложения на русский язык:


1. X-rays are produced when matter is bombarded by a fast moving stream of negatively charged particles.

2. The model being shown to us now has been made by one of the best specialists of our plant.

3. A vacuum tube is a device consisting of a number of electrodes contained within an evacuated enclosure.

4. A body at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by an external force.

5. When describing standard telephones we say that additional microphone position can of course be arranged if required.

6. The degree of success obtained when estimating the weight of a new design depends largely on experience combined with data on previous airplanes and knowledge of the proposed type of construction.

7. The method chosen in any particular design of automatic pilot depends mostly upon the primary controlling elements chosen.

8. Having completed the welding experiments Soyuz 6 began its re-entry procedure.

9. Under the control of the computer described the characters forming the message will then be collected at a time and sent to the computer.

10. The force referred to is an elastic restoring force brought into play whenever a body is distorted from its normal shape.

11. When released the body will vibrate about its equilibrium position.

12. Having left aside, for a moment, the question of collision with meteor showers we must now turn to the calculation of meteor masses from the observed meteor magnitude.

13. Having been given all the instructions the engineer started his work at once taking into account all the points of the received instruction.


VI. Подчеркните «независимый причастный оборот», определите форму причастия и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The speed being higher, the degree of ionization along the track increases.

2. The speed of the particle is also a factor affecting the ionization density.

3. On an average night a single observer probably sees about eight meteors every hour, the hourly rate depending somewhat upon the time of night and the season of the year.

4. It was calculated that for a considerable part of its orbit the first satellite would be travelling at the altitude up to 800 miles, with the air resistance being completely negligible.

5. Many servomechanisms and regulators are composed essentially of a number of control elements connected in series, the output of the one used at the input to the next.

6. The code output of the computer is fed to a set of electromagnets, each pair of output wires connected to a separate magnet.

7. If a stream consisting of particles had both signs of charge in equal quantity the electrical repulsion effect is neutralized.

8. Charged particles like electromagnetic waves are also affected by magnetic fields, the magnetic field of the Earth having a marked influence on a stream approaching it.

9. The particle has just sufficient speed to escape from the Earth, with its path being a parabola.

10. The sun is a source of a great variety of radiations, many of which producing important effects on the earth’s atmosphere.

11. The proper conditions created, we could study the particles possessing tremendous energy.

12. When connected to a pump, the piston will be displaced against spring pressure and will remain at a new position.

13. If the network has several voltage sources, each branch current is composed of several component currents, each component produced by one of the individual voltage sources.



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