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VI. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык.

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1. The main point of a transformer is changing voltage although the power on both sides of the transformers is equal.

2. We know of the velocity of electromagnetic waves changing when the wave front crosses a boundary between two media.

3. After introducing new technology in that branch of industry some changes must be made as soon as possible.

4. The ratio is determined by dividing the value of the velocity or pressure at the point nearer the transmitting end by the value of the velocity at the point more remote.

5. The fact of a new device having provided the means of silencing the airplane noise was a new step in the development of aviation technique.

6. In passing from the nozzle through one set of blades the velocity of the steam is lowered.

7. We were informed of a new record of a non-stop flight having been established.

8. That failure was due to the designer’s having been somewhat careless, although we must confess the conditions were unfavourable.

9. The engineer insisted on those reservoirs being used for holding aviation gasoline.

10. The main advantage of this instrument over the moving coil type is that it is capable of measuring both alternating current and direct current.

11. The simplest process of producing metal articles is that of casting the molten metal into a suitable mold.

12. At the present time radio can be used in orientating the aircraft or in fixing the aircraft’s position.

13. The kinetic energies of the alpha particles are deduced from observations of the distance they travel in the air before being brought to rest by collisions.

14. We know of valve transmitters being divided into two types: self-oscillators and power amplifiers.

15. Because of gas density being independent of temperature, gas tubes have a distinct advantage over those filled with a metallic vapour such as mercury.


VII. Переведите текст, определив форму и функцию герундия:

Applied science is directly concerned with the application of the working laws of pure science to the practical affairs of life and to increasing man’s control over his environment, thus leading to the development of new techniques, processes and machines. Such activities as investigating the strength and uses of materials, extending the findings of pure mathematics to improve the sampling procedures used in agriculture or the social sciences, and developing the potentialities of atomic energy, are all examples of the work of the applied scientist or technologist. It is evident that many branches of applied science are practical extensions of purely theoretical or experimental work. Conversely, work in applied science and technology frequently acts as a direct stimulus to the development of pure science. For example, in applying a particular concept of pure science to a practical problem the technologist reveals a gap or limitation in the theoretical model, thus pointing the way for further basic research.


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