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Master the key terms and head words.

sheathing — обшивка siding - наружная обшивка дос­ками

coverage — покрытие paint — краска

plywood — фанера, клееная фа­нера

196. Which of the given words are verbs? adjectives?

cover, necessary, save, relative, cheap, expensive, low, eliminate, decay

Essential Course

Unit Thirteen. Walls


197. Put down and translate the corresponding verbs.

Model: nail — гвоздь; to nail — забивать гвозди

cost — to___________________ —_____________________

decay -to______________________ — '~

paint - to____________________ -______________________

air - to____________________ -______________________

198. a) Read the terminological combinations. Translate them from Russian.
nailer - гвоздевой мастер }
painter — маляр, живописец

plywood siding — фанерная обшивка sheathing nail — обшивочный гвоздь plywood sheet - фанерный лист

b) Read and translate the following combinations.

labor cost decay-resistant materials

cost saving surface coverage

Read the article. Translate it into Russian.

Plywood siding materials are widely used in modern construction-business. They are popular because of their light weight and their relative cheapness. The cost ofthe material per unit area of wall is usually less than for other siding materials. Besides, the labor costs are also relatively low. The reason for it is the fact that large sheets of plywood are more quickly installed than the boards ofthe same area. In many cases, if it is necessary, the sheathing can be eliminated from the building if plywood is used for siding. This operation, if it is performed, leads to further cost saving.

It should be taken into account that usually plywood sidings must be painted in order to save them from decay. But if they are produced from decay-resistant material, they can be left to weather effects without the surface coverage.

199. Answer the following questions.

1. What are the advantages of plywood siding materials?

2. Why should plywood sidings be painted?

3. Which plywood sidings can be used without the surface coverage?

200. Translate the extract in writing. Use a dictionary if necessary.

Nailable Wails. When testing a surface the first nail is driven into the upper part ofthe wall. While doing it, it is necessary to leave some space between the nail head and the surface of the wall. The space should be equal to the thickness ofthe future plastering.

In order to test non-nailable surfaces, gypsum grounds are used.

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