From the History of Police Forces. Task 1. Complete each sentence with a word from the list

  1. A Short History of Public Broadcasting
  3. Consult the TEXTS FOR SUPPLEMENTARY READING and complete the information about the history of oil extraction (Text 42). Be ready to discuss the information you have read.
  4. Drug history
  5. From the history of British Courts
  6. From the History of London
  7. From the History of Police Forces
  8. History
  9. History of Birmingham


Task 1. Complete each sentence with a word from the list. Use each word once only.

accused evidence guilty lawyer statement charged fine jury sentence suspect

a) The customs officers arrested Bob and . him with smuggling.

b) The police spent all morning searching the house for. .

c) Jean left her car in a no-parking area and had to pay a/an .....

d) Unfortunately at the end of the trial my brother was found ....

e) The trial took a long time as the ... couldn't reach a verdict.

f) George won his case because he had a very good defence ....

g) The police visited Dawn and asked her to make a/an ...

h) Because of his past criminal record, Brian was the main ...

i) Pauline decided to sue the police because she had been wrongly ....

j) The murderer of the children received a life ...


Task 2. Choose the most suitable word or phrase underlined in each sentence.

a) Harry was told that fishing in the lake was against/ by/ over the law.

b) Catherine led a secret life for/ in/ of crime before she was caught.

c) Having trouble with your phone? Send at/ for/ to Fix-a-phone!

d) I regret to tell you that you are for/ in/ under arrest

e) I only attacked the young man from/ in/ with self-defence.

f) David was often at/ in / with trouble with the police when be was young.

g) The robbers' car was hidden below/ by/ from sight behind the bank.

h) The kidnappers have been caught, and the child is no longer at/ in/ on danger.

i) Tony was caught by a policeman who was off / out/ away from duty and cycling to work.

j) The thieves took the wrong painting by/ in/ under mistake.

k) The suspicious manager left the safe unlocked from/ on/ with purpose.


Task 3. Use the word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

Arthur's life of crime


At his last trial, nobody believed in Arthur's (1).. . INNOCENT
He had been accused of the (2)............ of a valuable Chinese vase, THIEF
and was also charged with ten other (3). . The value OFFEND
of the (4) ...... goods was said to be over £10,000. Arthur said STEAL
in his own (5) ...... that the vase had been put into his car DEFEND
(6) ..... . He also pointed out that the Chinese vase was a fake, ACCIDENT
and was almost (7) ... . The judge did not believe Arthur's story. WORTH
He told Arthur he was a hardened (8) ... and that he deserved CRIME
a severe (9) .... . Then the judge sentenced Arthur to five PUNISH
years (10)... . Arthur just smiled. He had spent most of his life PRISON
in prison and so he was used to it.  


Task 4. Read and translate the text. \


The Legal System of the UK

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