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B. Write sentences in the way shown.

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  1. B Now listen again and write the words Dan uses under the ones that you underlined.
  2. B Watch section 1. While watching number these sentences in the correct order from 1 to 6.
  3. B Write the correct details about Raphael Gordon and his family. Compare your answers with a partner.
  4. B. Complete the following sentences with the Past Simple Tense of the verbs of the previous exercise.
  5. C Use a dictionary to check any underlined phrases that are new. Then discuss with your partner whether you think the sentences are true or false.
  6. C./ translate the following sentences; mind the ways of rendering the geographical names.
  7. Choose between the infinitive and the gerund as the object to an adjective in the following sentences
  8. Complete the sentences 1-10 below with the gerund as subject. You should use your own variants. The first is given for you.
  9. Complete the sentences by putting the verb in brackets into Future Simple Passive.

1. Jill didn’t repair the roof herself. She had it repaired.

2. I didn’t cut my hair myself. I ____________________________________________

3. They didn’t paint the house themselves. They ______________________________

4. Sue didn’t make the curtains herself. She __________________________________

5. Jim didn’t repair his car himself. He ______________________________________

6. She didn’t make the dress herself. She ____________________________________


C. Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use the structure ‘have something done’.

1. We are having the house painted (the house/paint) at the moment.

2. I lost my key. I’ll have to __________________________ (another key/make).

3. When was the last time you _________________________ (your hair/cut)?

4. You look different. ___________________________ (your hair/cut)?

5. _________________________ (you/a newspaper/deliver) to your house or do you go to the shop to buy one?

6. – What are those workmen doing in your garden? – Oh, we ________________ (a swimming pool/build).

7. – Can I see the photographs you took when you were on holiday? – I’m afraid I _________________ (not/the film/developed) yet.

8. This coat is dirty. I must ___________________ (it/clean).

9. If you want to wear earrings, why don’t you _______________ (your ears/pierce)?


D. Now you have to use ‘have something’ done with its second meaning.

1. George’s nose was broken in a fight. What happened to George? He had his nose broken in a fight.

2. Sarah’s bag was stolen on a train. What happened to Sarah? She _______________

3. Fred’s hat was blown off in the wind. What happened to Fred? _________________

4. Diane’s passport was taken away from her by the police. What happened to Diane?

5. Jim’s wallet was stolen by a thief. What happened to Jim? ____________________


Exercise 120. Translate into English using the pattern to have smth done.

Example: Я делаю причёску в парикмахерской каждую пятницу. – I have my hair done every Friday.

1. Вам надо отгладить и почистить костюм. 2. Мне надо сфотографироваться. 3. Здесь можно отдать в чистку плащ? 4. Вам не починят кран до понедельника. 5. Где вы шили это платье? 6. У него украли документы в прошлом году. 7. Ей выкрасили кухню в светло-зелёный цвет. 8. Она сшила себе новое пальто. 9. Мне нужно сделать причёску. 10. Здесь вы можете почистить пальто.

It is said that … He is said to …. (be) supposed to …


Ø Study this example situation:

Henry is very old. Nobody knows exactly how old he is, but: It is said that he is 108 years old. or He is said to be 108 years old.

Both these sentences mean: 'People say that he is 108 years old.'

You can use these structures with a number of other verbs, especially: thought believed considered reported known expected alleged understood

Compare the two structures:

Cathy works very hard.

It is said that she works 16 hours a day. or She is said to work 16 hours a day.

The police are looking for a missing boy.

It is believed that the boy is wearing a white pullover and blue jeans. or The boy is believed to be wearing white pullover and blue jeans.

The strike started three weeks ago.

It is expected that it will end soon. or The strike is expected to end soon.

A friend of mine has been arrested.

It is alleged that he kicked a policeman. or He is alleged to have kicked a policeman.

Those two houses belong to the same family.

It is said that there is a secret tunnel between them. or There is said to be a secret tunnel between them.

These structures are often used in news reports. For example, in a report about an accident:

It is reported that two people were injured in the explosion. or Two people are reported to have been injured in the explosion.

Ø (Be) supposed to

Sometimes it is supposed to... = it is said to...:

Let’s go and see that film. It's supposed to be very good. (= it is said to be very good).

Why was he arrested?' 'He's supposed to have kicked a policeman.' (= he is said to have kicked a policeman)

But sometimes supposed to has a different meaning. 'Something is supposed to happen' = it is planned, arranged or expected. Often this is different from what really happens:

I’d better hurry. It's nearly 8 o'clock and I'm supposed to be meeting Ann at 8.15. (= I have arranged to meet Ann, I said I would meet her).

The train was supposed to arrive at 11.30 but it was an hour late. (= the train was expected to arrive at 11.30 according to the timetable)

You were supposed to clean the windows. Why didn't you do it?

You’re not supposed to do something = it is not allowed or advisable to do it

You’re not supposed to park your car here. It's private parking only.

Mr. Bond is much better after his illness but he's still not supposed to do any heavy work. (= his doctors have advised him not to...)


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