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Danger messages

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“The master of every ship which meet with dangerous ice, a dangerous derelict, or any other direct danger to navigation, or a tropical storm, or encounters sub-freezing air temperatures associated with gale force winds causing severe ice accretion on superstructures, or winds of force 10 or above on the Beaufort scale for which no storm warning has been received, is bound to communicate the information by all the means at his disposal to ships in the vicinity, and also to the competent authorities…”

  Annexes-2000 to the SOLAS-74 Convention. Chapter V, Regulation-31.

Ex. 3. Make up and transmit messages based on the following situations. Use appropriate sections of the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases.


1. You have sighted a derelict, old boat, 9 m. long which is a danger to navigation.
2. You have sighted a drifting container, position ...; time ...
3. You have encountered an area of very reduced visibility.
4. Buoy No.2 is off the station, new position is 2 cables eastward of the charted position.
5. You have stopped your main engine for urgent repairs in close vicinity of traffic separation scheme.
6. Buoy YT4 in the western approach channel is unlit.
7. You have sighted an oil slick extending ... meters, position ...; time ...
8. Oil clearance operations near m/t …, position …


Short Vocabulary of Weather Reports


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