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1. Lyngby Radio

Cable works in progress between 56-05.6 N; 011- 23.5 E and 56- 06.4 N; 012- 32.2 E. Divers will be used. The guard ship LODSFARTOEY, SEZP, can be contacted on the VHF Ch 16 for further information. Shipping is requested to give wide berth.


2. Lyngby Radio

The Sound. Working area off Drogden. Ships intending to pass the working area are requested to reduce speed for the safe navigation. Ships are requested to contact Drogden VTS on VHF channel 71 before passing the working area. Ships without updated information of the Buoyge in the working area are recommended to take pilot before entering Drogden channel.


3. Rogaland Radio

Large tree adrift in the Fiord between Hidle and Helgoey 301530 UTC AUG. 98.


4. Netherlands Coastguard

Navigational warning No.09 261335 UTC AUG. TSS off Texel. Tide gauge marked by yellow light buoy, Fl. Y (5) 20 s., equipped with radar reflector, temporarily established in psn 52-48.9 N; 004-16.1 E.


5. Lyngby Radio

Navigational warning No.349/98. Kattegat. The racon on light buoy TANGO-1 in psn 57-47.2 N; 010-46.1 E is inoperative.


6. Lyngby Radio

Navigational warning 347. The Sound. Port of Copenhagen to Drogden - towing of large tunnel element. On the 1st of September at 0800 local lime the towing of a large tunnel element will commence at Knonloebet at the entrance point of Copenhagen. During the towing operation navigation in the entrance to the port of Copenhagen is periodically suspended. Navigation in the Drogden channel is expected to be suspended. The towing operation will be guarded by Drogden VTS, Listening watch on VHF channels 16 and 71. Port of Copenhagen is listening on VHF channels 12 and 16. Instructions given by Drogden VTS and the port of Copenhagen in the area must be followed. The tow master is in charge of the towing operation and is listening on VHF channel 71. The length of the tow is approximately 400 meters and the width 200 meters. VTS guard ships will be situated in the vicinity of the tow.

7. Aberdeen Coastguard

Epirb distress alert on 121,5 MHz within 11 NM radius of position 57-41 N; 003-11 W. Vessels in area requested to check their beacons and report to Aberdeen coastguard if their Epirb was accidentally activated.


8. Halifax Radio

Broadcast for Halifax RCC. All ships in the vicinity of position 45-23 N; 049- 18 W with access to the following painrelieving drugs - demerol, tylenol or morphine or with onboard medical personnel, are requested to report position, course, speed Advise on-scene weather conditions.


9. Tarifa Traffic

Finnish boat “MARI-BELLI” sunk in the vicinity of 36-48 N; 006-02 W. One crewmember missing. All vessels are requested to keep sharp lookout and report to Tarifa Traffic or RCC Tarifa.


10. Netherlands Coastguard

Navigational warning No. 4 242355 UTC AUG. Thunder showers with risk gusts to force 9 expected over the Lysselmer and Waddenzee next 2 hours. Possibly dangerous for small vessels.


11. Rogaland Radio

Information is requested of overdue yellow 14-16 feet plastic boat with 10 HP YAMAHA outboard engine. 1 person on board. The boat left Skudeneshavn on the 23d of AUG. At 2000 local time. Ships are requested to keep sharp lookout and report to Rogaland Radio.


12. Stockholm Radio

Navigational warning 96/98. Northern Baltic. 8 red buoys about 2 meters diameter observed drifting 58-43 N; 019-55 E at time 1830 UTC.


13. Stockholm Radio

Information is requested about an overdue sailing boat CHORRO, call sign 8SY8312. Left Gdynia/ Poland on July 24 at 1300 UTC bound for Norrkoeping/ Sweden possibly via Island Bornholm. ETA AUG 1. One person on board. Description: length about 8 meters, white hull with red stripes, name CHORRO painted on both sides. Ships in the area please keep sharp lookout and report to Stockholm Radio.


14. Stockholm Radio

Gale warning. Western Baltic. Risk of southwesterly to westerly winds force 7. Shower squalls.

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