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Exercise 6. Translate the following words and word combinations into Ukrainian.

1. conviction of, treason; 2 civil officers; 3. impeachment; 4. malfeasance; 5. public official; 6. make provision; 7. ballot box; 8. obligations; 9. federal judges; 10. Supreme Court; 11. be removed; 12. authority; 13. appointed officials; 14. two-thirds majority; 15. full term in

office; 16. Watergate affair; 17. Nixon resigned from office; 18. recommend impeachment; 19. vote on a bill; 20. on charges of perjury; 21. obstruction of justice; 22. acquitted; 23. House of Representatives; 24. guilty verdict. 25. main branches of government; 26. legislative; 27.powers given to each are delicately balanced; 28. serve as a check on potential excesses; 29. laws passed; 30. provisions and treaties; 31. executive acts; 32. rules and regulations; 33. entitled to its protection; 34. can receive special treatment; 35. federal government; 36. recognize; 37. respect the laws; 38. embrace the power; 39. various sections of the Constitution; 40. legal conditions; 41. court decisions; 42. issues; 43. rights of the accused in criminal cases; 44. Congressional legislation; 45. implement provisions of the basic law; 46. rules and regulations.

Exercise 7. Fill in the missing words in the text below and then translate into Ukrainian. Use Vocabulary – 2 and Exercise 2A.


Impeachment is a charge of (1) ______ brought against a government official by

a (2) _______ body; it does not, as is commonly thought, refer to conviction on such

charges. As set forth in the (3) _______ , the House of Representatives must bring (4)

____ of misconduct by voting a (5) _____ of impeachment. The accused official is

then tried in the (6) ______ , with the chief justice of the Supreme (7) ____ presid­
ing at the trial.

Impeachment is considered a drastic ______ (8), one that has been used on only

rare occasions in the United States. Since 1797 the House of (9) ________ has voted

articles of impeachment against federal (10) ____ – two presidents, one Cabinet mem­
ber, one senator, one justice of the Supreme Court, and 11 (11) ___ judges. Of those

impeached, the Senate has convicted seven, all of them judges.

In 1868 President Andrew Johnson was (12) _______ over issues relating to the

proper treatment of the defeated Confederate states following the American Civil (13)
____ . The Senate, however, fell one vote short of the two-thirds (14) _____ neces­
sary for conviction, and Johnson completed his full term in (15) ____ . In 1974, as a

result of the Watergate (16) _______ . President Richard Nixon resigned from office

after the Judiciary (17) _______ of the House recommended impeachment, but before

the full House of Representatives could vote on a bill of (18) ______ . As recently as

1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached by the (19) _____ of Representatives on

charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. After a trial, the Senate acquitted the presi­
dent on both charges, (20) _____ not guilty on perjury by a margin of 55–45 and divid­
ing evenly at 50–50 on obstruction of justice. To remove the president from office would
have required a guilty verdict by a majority of 67 votes on either charge.


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