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To be + V4 (ing)
Active voice Present Past Future
I am reducing prices - Я знижую ціни I was reducing prices Я знижав ціни I shall be reducing prices Я буду знижувати ціни
he she is reducing prices it Він знижує ціни was reducing prices   Він знижував ціни will be reducing prices Він буде знижувати ціни
we you are reducing prices they Ми знижуємо ціни were reducing prices   Ми знижували ціни shall will be reducing will prices Ми будемо знижувати ціни
  To be + being + V3  
Passive voice I am being asked questions Мені ставлять запитання was being asked Мені ставили запитання -
he she is being asked questions it Йому ставлять запитання   was being asked questions   Йому ставили запитання   -
We You are being asked They questions Нам ставлять запитання   were being asked   Нам ставили запитання    

Утворення питальної і заперечної форми

Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous
I am working Am I working? I am not working I was working Was I working? I wasn’t working I shall be working Shall I be working? I shall not be working

Часи групи Continuous виражають дію, яка триває або незакінчену дію, що відбувається в якийсь момент у теперішньому , минулому і майбутньому часі, а також намір вчинити заздалегідь намічену дію.

Перекладаються на українську мову дієсловами недоконаного виду. Відповідають на запитання - що робить? , що робив? , що буде робити?

Обставини часу, характерні для цієї групи часів: now, at present, from ... till, all day long, all the time, the whole evening, all day yesterday, at 5 o'clock, at noon, at midnight, at that moment.

Ex.10. Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову, визначте час і стан дієслова- присудка.

1.I am looking forward to meet you as soon as possible. 2. They will be working out a new business plan next month 3. Are you operating the computer? 4. John is a sales agent. He is working overtime now to save up for a car.5. Jane is typing the new copy of a business plan.6. Richard is spending a lot of money now because he is repairing his car. 7. They will be waiting for him at 8.30. 8. They were willing to establish with your firm long-term relations. 9. Namely these circumstances are releasing you from obligation to deliver the equipment under the contract.10. This term will be discussing claims for penalty.11. The college student in the early 1900s was just beginning to enjoy the benefits of an education for business.12. He was phoning about the office shelving system.13. Many foreign companies are opening offices in Brasil.14.A new business plan was being written by him all last week.15. This question is being discussed at the meeting. 16. This question was being discussed when I entered the room.17. Wait a minute, your documents are being signed by the director and the accountant.18. Look, Jane is watching TV instead of doing her work. 19. These goods are being produced in Ukraine. 20. Underdeveloped countries were being rendered urgent substantial assistance to survive in crop failures. 21. Now more high-tech goods, such as semiconductors, are being imported by the U. S. 22. The experience at Chrysler is being repeated in corporate affects throughout the United States. 23. Top executives are looking at how their firms are organized and are changing their organizations to make them more efficient. 24. Managers are being educated to guide and coach employees rather than to boss them around. 25. It doesn’t mean, though, that managers are working more closely with employees in joint effort to accomplish common goals.


Ex.11. Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову.

1. The domestic consumer’s market is becoming competitive to foreign goods, especially to Poland and Russian market. 2. Lookoil is getting substantial profit from takeover of some other Russian firms. 3. The members of our delegation will be discussing the chances of opening up a new market in Holland.4. The workers at Lincoln Electric are improving their level of education and culture now. 5. In many industries, computer-based information systems are becoming a powerful competitive weapon. In the nearest future they are planning to modify the equipment. 6. Unfortunately he is failing to use a variety of leadership styles, and to cope wih such a difficult situation. 7. Marketing researchers will be investigating consumer behaviour at each stage to determing the best way to facilitate marketing exchanges. 8. A new collection of memorial coins was being issued to that date.


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