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EXERCISES (Вправи) .

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Ex. 1. Визначте форми дієприкметника.

Having been sold, being sold, having bought, buying, established, being invited, having been invited, held, showing, having required, shown, being ordered .


Ex. 2. Утворіть усі форми дієприкметника від таких дієслів (дивіться таблицю).

To repeat, to enclose, to quote, to produce, to purchase, to sell, to buy, to give, to find, to offer.


Ex. 3. Перекладіть речення з дієприкметником I у функції означення на українську/російську мову. Пам'ятаєте ,що дієприкметник I перекладається на українську мову дієприкметником за допомогою суфіксів -уч,-юч,-ач,-яч; дієприкметниковим зворотом або підрядним означальним реченням.

1.Money existing in the modern world has various uses.2.The man making a report about money and economic relations is our dean.3.Economics is the study of the allo-cation of scarce resources among competing individuals. 4.This plant will produce the new type of machine tools now being imported from abroad. 5. Nowadays an increa-sing number of companies operate their own pension schemes to give their employees more money to retire on. 6. The accounting process consists of two major functions: recording data from transactions and preparing financial statements. 7. The concept of customer benefits shows the importance of an organization being oriented towards the customer. 8. There are two institutions performing the distribution function: whole-salers and retailers. 9. Management or control is a part of money process and phenomena determining the outlook of the contemporary world. 10. Hartons Group said that discussions being held between two of its main shareholders and a third party may result in a full offer being launched for the distributor of semifinished plastics.


Ex. 4. Перекладіть речення з дієприкметником I у функції обставини на українську/російську мову. Пам'ятаєте, що дієприкметник I перекладається дієприслівником на –учи, -ючи, -ачи, -ячи; дієприкмет-никовим зворотом або підрядним обставинним реченням.

1.Having arrived in Manchester, they made repeat order. 2.When writing a cable we try to use as few words as possible.3.While preparing report “Money and Economics Relation” we use a dictionary.4.Fearing the worst, the Japanese government offered to limit exports of automobiles to 1.68 per year. 5. Less then two years later the Bank ceased to be a private institution, having been nationalized by the post-war Labor government. 6. While clarifying some details, she put down all the necessary data. 7. Having received your letter we decided to send you some samples of our fabrics and a price list. 8. Having been given all the instructions, the secretary typed the letters. 9. While examining these accounts, notice the gaps in the sequence of numbers. 10. Having received the information required the sellers sent the buyers their offer.


Ex. 5. Визначите функції дієприкметника I . Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову.

1. Having looked through the catalogue, one can choose what one wants. 2. There are laws setting maximum permissible prices, which are often called “price ceiling”. 3. Consumer credit provides cash, goods or services now, while spending repayment into the future. 4. Not having bought tickets in advance, we had to change the date of our departure. 5. People often use the terms “global” and the “globalization” of industry when referring to trade between nations today. 6. Price controls to contain the costs of medical services were being considered by the Clinton administration in 1993 as part of the president's proposal on national health care. 7. While remaining an art, management now has reliable helpers in electronic computers. 8. The contract being checked by the legal adviser must be sent off at once. 9. This system results in many firms setting up in business and closing down a short time later. 10. Having fulfilled the terms of the contract we refused to admit the claim of the firm.

Ex. 6. Перекладіть речення з дієприкметником II у ролі означення на українську/російську мову.

1.The required samples will be sent tomorrow.2. The price of compressors quoted by the firm is very high. 3. The defects found by the inspectors are to be eliminated as soon as possible. 4. We bought a consignment of your product made by your plant. 5. In Britain there is a compulsory scheme in which the employee pays a fixed amount every week. 6. Selective distribution is the use of only a preferred group of the available retailers. 7. Companies reducing the cost of capital should improve the expected rate of return on new investment. 8. Money becomes treasure only if it is gold, or money converted into articles of gold, silver and other precious metals. 9. Goods can be considered to have an elastic or inelastic demand upon the consumers reaction to price changes.


Ex.7.Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову з дієприкметником II у ролі а)частини присудка, б)обставини.

1.Many students are simply not prepared to enter the current labour market.2. We have never sold this firm our goods on f.o.b.(free on board) terms.3.The representa- tive of Brown and Co. says they have accepted our offer.4.It is important that your goods are produced with the smallest possible waste.5. The American economy is normally referred to as a market or capitalist economy.6.Decisions are made by business executives and politicians, who may not seek economic advice.7.The value of a commodity in terms of money is called its price.8.Sales and purchase are often made on credit. 9.Economists are often held responsible for economic events. 10.In 1982 almost twelve million Americans were unemployed, the highest level since the depression.


1. If telegraphed, a bank transfer is known as a telegraphic transfer. 2. Used in certain ways, wealth can earn income. 3. Founded in 1694 the Bank of England is one of the oldest central banks. 4. Supported by subsidy program farmers could sell their products for less. 5. When tested and examined by the CPA accounting records could be fully relied on. 6. Invested into new activities, capital can gain much profit. 7. If stored for a long time, some foodstuffs can deteriorate easily. 8. They argue that the deficits, while related, do not harmfull. 9. Though forbidden from commercial banking in their home markets, American and Japanese banks happily run such banking affiliates abroad.


Ex. 8. Визначите функції дієприкметника II.Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову.

1. The anticipated changes are based on records from new records derived from research and experimentation. 2. The term “wage” typically refers to the earnings of workers paid by hour or unit of productoin. 3. We are satisfied with the transaction concluded between our firms. 4. Almost every discussion about nation's economy is based on a concept called gross national product. 5. We know that money used to buy thing reduces our ability to buy something else. 6. Given the continued scarcity of goods there are unlimited possibilities for artificially maintaining shortages. 7. If dismissed unfairly, an employee can bring a complaint before an industrial tribunal. 8. Proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers, the new regulation is likely to become crucial to the development of a new social and economic system in the country.


Ex. 9. Визначите функції слів, що закінчуються на -ed . Перекладіть речення.


1.The goods ordered under contract No.12 arrived with a two weeks' delay.2.An economic model is any simplified statement, diagram or formula used to understand economic event.3.The price paid for the use of land is called rent.4.One of the central problems of economics is to solve the problems of scarcity created by society's unlimited and limited resources.5.The goods and services produced are distributed among the residents of this district.6.Around 1800 factory systems developed changed working conditions markedly.


1. The demand increased raised interests for loans in the US. 2. Another company developed a formula to determine the amount required to gain a customer. 3. Business owners recognized the need to be more responsive to consumers, and a new orientation emerged called the marketing concept. 4. Today, nearly all the items produced by this company are made of pressed steel. 5. Well-selected and properly trained salesmen must be continuously motivated toward accomplishing the goals established by the sales objective. 6. Nationalized industries are firms owned wholy or mainly by the Government. 7. Most business firms recognize that satisfied consumers are the key to financial success.


іменник у загальному відмінку або займенник в об'єктному відмінку + дієприкметник I,II (me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them) I saw them buying things. -Я бачив ,як вони купують речі.  

Об'єктний дієприкметниковий зворот.


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