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Д) обставина

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1.Instead of sending a cable we decided to phone the firm. 2. By improving efficiency this innovation made possible savings in labour costs. 3. You will not be able to sell all your ice-cream without reducing the price. 4. Carefully analyze the situation before making that decision. 5. On having rung the bell he announced himself as Mr. Smith.6. Few companies operating in this sector of the market have established reputations and care must be taken before entrusting a valuable documents or contract to them.7. Mastery of the American market depends on looking at a map before organizing the transport.8. Some foreign customers react to ex works shipments by sending routing orders to their UK supplies.9. Instead of losing control of traffic the shipper can promice a forwarder a certain volume of business and therefore perhaps obtain a keener freight rate.



Ex. 4. Перекладіть речення з герундієм у різноманітних функціях на українську/російську мову.


1.Instead of being thrown out of work, all the employees were to get a raise. 2. Setting monetary policy - deciding how far to lighten or relax monetary conditions - is a matter for the Bank and the Treasury.3. He likes being invited to take part in negotiations.4. Every year the most important political debates concern questions about spending tax payer's money.5. Determining profitability is an objective of financial accounting. 6.The process of identifying and minimizing risk is called risk management.7. He entered the room without being noticed.8. In short, the same dollar become for several people before someone decided to save it instead of spending.9. In 1984 the American economy was showing signs of recovering from a period of recession. 10. A-L (Allusive -Longa) has a vast arsenal of technology resources that can be leveraged by being shared.


1.The negotiations are still far from being end.2.Adding the value of all your possessions, bank accounts, savings, and the luck will give the total amount of your wealth.3.Actually economic interconnection is raising the standard of living.4.Price is also a very important factor in determining how much profit you will make. 5.Increasing productivity will enable industry to undersell foreign competition and restore the US to leadership in the industrial world. 6. When the time comes to make a major purchase, they compare products and prices before making their decision. 7. Hardly a day passes without hearing a commercial or reading an advertisement describing the advantages of one kind of savings program over another. 8.In explaining business cycle fluctuation today's economists often distinguish between external and internal.9.The company increasing the cost of its equity by loading up with debt makes the remaining equity more risky.


Іменник у присвійному відмінку (student's) або в загальному відмінку, + герундій присвійний займенник(my, your, her, him, its, our, their)


Перекладається на українську мову підрядним реченням, що вводиться сполучниками що; те, що; про те, щоб; у тому, що. Герундіальный зворот може займати місце будь-якого члена речення і виконувати відповідну функцію (підмет, обставина,додаток).

1. We know of his having been sent to work to the North of the country. - Ми знаємо, що його послали працювати на Північ країни. (додаток)

2. Comrade Ivanov's taking part in establishing trade contacts was of great help to us.- Те, що Іванов взяв участь у встановленні торгових контактів, дуже допомогло нам.(підмет)


Ex. 5. Перекладіть речення, виділивши герундіальный зворот.

1. I know of his having been appointed to a new job in Odessa.2. The teacher knows of student's writing the report «Money and Economic Relations».3. We objected to the buyer paying only part of the amount of the invoice. 4. Lincoln's paying his employee well for job is the secret of his success. 5. Mercosur trade organization insist on foreign car manufactures pledging investments in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. 6. Brazil being an emerging market is a world known fact. 7. Adam Smith's having devoted his life to economics is known to everybody. 8. We insisted on their delivering the goods immediately. 9. He was told of an agreement having been signed by the trust. 10. Everybody objects to the arrangement being cancelled without proper consideration 11. Before his signing the contract he wanted to get the approbal of the chairman. 12. The sellers were informed of the goods having been prepared for shipment immediately. 13. The buyers had not the right to transfer their rights and obligations under the contract without the seller's consent being previously obtained. 14. The loss resulted from the vessel being prevented from loading a full cargo.


Ex. 6. Перекладіть речення з герундієм і дієприкметником I на початку речення на українську/російську мову. Пам'ятаєте, що герундій виступає в ролі підмета, а дієприкметник у ролі обставини.

Герундий стоїть перед присудком Дієприкметник I перед підметом

Buying and selling these goods is … Buying and selling these goods the

firms must remember…

Покупка і продаж цих товаров- це... Купуючи і продаючи ці товари, фірми

повинні пам'ятати ...

1. Estimating income is the next step in preparing a personal budget. 2. Estimating income it is necessary to draw up a list of all your sources of income.3. Preparing tax returns is one of the functions of CPA –s. 4.Preparing tax returns an accountant must know tax laws. 5.Setting up a new business requires a lot of efforts and capital.6.Setting up a new business an owner must raise some capital.7. Buying and using these goods and services is called consumptions. 8. Buying and using these goods the firm was not satisfied with the quality of production.


Ex. 7. Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову. Визначите дієприкметник I і герундій. Пам'ятаєте, що вони перекладаються у функції обставини дієприслівником на “вши” або на –учи, -ючи, -ачи, -ячи.

Герундій Дієприкметник I

On receiving- отримавши having received - отримавши

1. On receiving the surplus the company decided to build a new garage and a storehouse.2.Having received the information required, the sellers sent the buyers their offer.3. Having looked through the catalogue, one can choose what one wants. 4.On looking through the catalogue, I found a new information about price of ordered goods.5. After knowing from newspaper about the availability of job, call to make an appointment for an interview.6.Having found rich deposits of iron and ore in the same regions Britain was able to create a powerful heavy industry earlier than any other country in the world.7. Stockholders can enter or leave a corporation at will simply by buying or selling shares of stock in that corporation. 8. Selling and buying things all modern people use money. 9. Some of the things that consumers need to know using and maintaining a checking account are reviewed in this book. 10. In planning and using new products a businessman must determine what kind of products potential customers may want.

Ex. 8. Визначите функції слів, що закінчуються на -ing. Перекладіть речення на українську/російську мову.


1. Brazil being the leading member of Mercosur, the South American Trade grouping whose influence and confidence is growing rapidly, makes it a strong candidate for a seat on an enlarged United Nations Security Counsil. 2.The process of planting and gathering food and raw materials has always been regarded as productive. 3. Sand was fixed in supply whereas the population was growing rapidly. 4. Generally speaking, raw materials cheaper to transport than finished goods. 5. The manufacturing sector has many greater choise. 6. Assuming the hearty cooperation of all the members, it is reasonable to expect that the celebration will be successful.7. In developing nations numerous resources are both very limited in supply and also very scarce.


1. There are advantages in being located in London, such as the speed of comunication or the large market of office employees. 2. The agent informed the firm of the buyer's having insured the good. 3. The goods were ready for shipment, having been inspected and tested by the buyer's inspectors. 4. The importance of capital spending can be illustrated by comparing productivity increases in Germany and Japan to that of the US. 5. Over the 20-year period in 1998, West Germany business invested approximately of the nation's GNP in new plant and equipment. 6. Wally's Wooden Wagon Company has been manufacturing its famous Wallywagon for over 75 years. 7. As business grew, Ford began manufacturing many of the component parts formely puchased from suppliers. 8. The key to achieving this goal in Ford's view, was through the improvement of labour productivity. 9. Ameri- cans considered themselves hardworking and industrious, the envy of the world.


Словник до теми «Герундій»

1. abundant – той, що у достатку

2. advertising - реклама, рекламування

3. accumulation - накопичення

4. arrangement - угода, організація

5. to assume - приймати, припускати

6. to cancel - відміняти, погашати

7. consumption - споживання, витрата

8. debt - борг, заборгованість

9. to draw up – складати

10. to encourage – заохочувати, сприяти

11. estimate - оцінка, кошторис; оцінювати

12. fixed - нерухомий, постійний, твердий

13. fluctuation - коливання, зміна

14. hoarding - накопичення

15. to insist on - наполягати на

16. to object to - заперечувати

17. outlay - витрата, витрати, капіталовкладення

18. packaging - упаковування

19. sampling - вибір, вибірка

20. storehouse - склад, сховище

21. to be responsible – бути відповідальним

22. surplus - надлишок, залишок

23. per capita - на душу населення

24. a keener freght rate – більш вигідний вантажний тариф



Пам'ятаєте, що спочатку варто перекласти основний (останній) іменник групи, а потім перекладати справа наліво всі інші слова, встановлюючи за допомогою питань смислові відношення між ними.

I. N + N (іменник + іменник)

а) market research

чого? дослідження



дослідження ринку

в) plant accountant

який? бухгалтер


заводський бухгалтер

II. Adj + N (прикметник + іменник)

financial statements

які? відомості



фінансові відомості

III. Participle I, II + N (дієприкметник I, II + cуществительное)

а) existing volumes

які? об’єми


існуючі об’єми

в) added value

яка? вартість



додана вартість

IV. Adv. + Participle I (Part. II) + N (прислівник + дієприкметник I,II+ іменник)


well-paid job

яка? робота

як? оплачувана



добре оплачувана робота

V. N + Participle I,II + N (іменник + дієприкметник I,II+ іменник)

computer assisted schedule

який? графік


чим? заданий


графік заданий комп'ютером

VI. Gerund + N (герундій + іменник)

Пам'ятаєте, що герундій у функції лівого означення показує призначення предмета і перекладається на українську мову іменником у родовому відмінку або прикметником.


а) accounting system

чого? система


бухгалтерського обліку

система бухгалтерського обліку

в) trading revolution

яка? революція


торгова революція

Пам'ятаєте, що при перекладі групи іменника не кожне слово є означенням до сусіднього слова (або групи слів), що стоїть від нього праворуч. Воно може бути означенням до основного слова групи.

North American Free Trade Agreement - угода північно-американських країн про безмитну торгівлю.


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