Article 5

  1. Articles
  2. C. Before you read the article, match the following words with their definitions.
  3. Citez dans ces articles ce qui limite ses pouvoirs.
  4. E. Scan the article and find the opposite of these adjectives.
  5. Exercise 1. Put articles (a, an, the) where necessary
  6. Exercise 2. Complete the article about Giorgio Armanis working day. Use the verbs from the box
  7. Exercise 55 Read two newspaper articles. a) Tell your groupmates about your eating habits.
  8. Find the idioms 1-4 in the article and choose the correct definition, a or b.
  9. Mil ..I translate the article.

The Customer at his own expense shall ensure:

a) meeting and seeing off specialists, interpreters and their family members;

b) the travel of specialists, interpreters and their family members to the duty station by railway (air conditioned coaches) and/or by car and also transportation of their luggage;

c) first class hotel accommodation for specialists, interpreters and their family members on their way to the duty station in......and back including expenses for service and meals;

d) transport facilities for business trips;

e) first class hotel accommodation (or adequately furnished flats) and offices;

f) adequate medical service including hospitalization if necessary;

g) transport facilities for sightseeing and social purposes;

h) primary school facilities for children of specialists and interpreters.

Article 6

1. If any of the Supplier's specialists falls ill while staying in N, the Customer shall continue payment of his monthly salaries for a period of up to two months.

2. In the event of prolonged illness of a specialist the Supplier shall replace him and the Customer shall reimburse the Supplier for all expenses incurred.

3. The Supplier reserves the right to recall any of his specialists and replace him with another specialist of similar qualification and experience.

4. The Suppliers personnel shall observe all the laws, rules and regulations of the Customer's country and also respect. the local customs.

5. The holidays of the Suppliers country shall be days off for the Suppliers specialists and shall be paid by the Customer.

Article 7

Payments under the present Contract shall be effected in the following manner: all expenses of sending the Supplier's specialists to N shall be paid by the Customer.

Article 8

To effect payment under this Contract the officials of the Supplier's side in N shall, once every months, draw invoices in 3 copies to the Customer through Bank of ............for collection. A statement, containing the names of the Supplier's specialists, the duration of their stay in the Customer's country, monthly reimbursement rates and other expenses incurred under the present Contract shall be enclosed with each invoice.

The Customer shall pay against the above invoice within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receiving the invoices.

The above sums shall be remitted to the account of....Bank ......in favour of the Supplier.

Article 9

The parties shall not transfer their right and obligation under this Contract to any third party without the other party's, consent in writing.

Article 10

After signing the present Contract all other previous discussions and correspondence between the parties shall be considered null and void.

Article 11

All alterations and amendments to this Contract shall be made in writing and signed by the representatives of the parties concerned.

Article 12

The present Contract shall be valid from the date of signing.

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