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Work in pairs and tell each other what were David and unicyclist speaking about in their dialogue. Use Past tenses.

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12 Divide into two groups: half of the group are the interviewers, the other half are the street entertainers you saw in the video. Follow the instructions below.


Work with a partner, and write down 8—10 questions you would like to ask the street entertainer.

Examples: How long have you been able to ride a unicycle?

Do you always perform in the same place?

Street entertainers:

Work with a partner. What questions do you think the interviewers will ask you?


Examples: How long have you been able to ride a unicycle?

Do you always perform in the same place?


Try to guess, and think up some answers.

Find a partner from the other group. Role play the interview. If possible, record the interview and listen to it afterwards. Are you happy with it?

At the end, go back to your first partner and tell them what happened in the interview.


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