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Take a look at

посмотреть, обратить внимание
Take a look at yourself. Maybe you're scared that someone might actually like you.

Make sure

We all gotta make sure it doesn't come back.

Have a word with

поговорить с кем-либо
Incidentally, Dr. Floyd, I wonder if I can have a word with you about the security arrangements?


Фразы, связанные с количеством, мерой

All at once

всё сразу
Last but far from least Alan Rickman was hilarious and slimey all at once.

A number of

There are a number of reasons why.

all kinds of / all sorts of

всевозможные, разнообразные
So, is it true you can make all kinds of shirts and ropes out of hemp?

All over again

всё снова
It would be Pearl Harbor all over again.

Along with

вместе с …
The use of wide-angle lens and static compositions along with very long shoots enhance how open and empty the spaces are.

And then some

и ещё немножко
You had enough to save the town and then some.

Any number of

сколько угодно
If he's not coming, I've any number of more important things to do.

As best one can

насколько возможно
With it I abide by God's will, as best I can. Sacrifices must be made.

as far as / as long as / as much as

настолько, насколько
Some of the pieces shattering, some rebounding into the air until the granite litters acres of landscape as far as the eye can see

As soon as

как только / столько сколько
As soon as it was over, all my feelings for you just vanished.

As far as possible

насколько это возможно
I want you to relax and try as far as possible to think of nothing.

It's all gone

Tell him it's all gone but the bad dreams.

As well

ещё и / также, как и
Sam salutes Hammond and turns to Jack who shakes her hand and salutes as well.

In addition to

в дополнение к
In addition to being a postmaster, I'm a general.

at all costs /at any cost (price)

любой ценой
Oh, this is very important -- avoid the island interior at all costs. Stick to the outer rim.

At every turn

на каждом шагу, постоянно
At every turn he is confronted by another ghost.

Best part of something

большую часть
It took me the best part of an hour to work up the balls to do that. Mind you, I was alone, so you have to make allowances.

At most

максимум, самое большое
It will take twenty minutes at most.

At least

минимум, не менее, чем
He's got the seat lined with at least three layers of toilet paper.

As a whole

в целом
Racism as a whole is not personal against you, but your ethnicity.

Every single

каждый (эмоционально)
And I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life.

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