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Take place

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происходить, иметь место
Ignoring them, Cris turns toward the street where he saw the accident take place.

get one's way / have one's way

получить возможность делать как хочется
Oh alright, have your way with me if you must! Go on, fulfill you sick pleasures!

Let somebody go

Please just let me go!

Leave somebody alone

оставить в покое
Leave him alone, Herman! We were just talking!

cross someone's path

встретить на пути
She stopped watching every beautiful accomplished man who crossed her path.

Find oneself

I would then find myself in a bamboo hut trying to fight with enemy soldiers with machine guns.

get one's

получить своё
She's got hers, we've got ours.

Lay aside

отказаться, отложить
You'd lay aside what's between us?

keep one's distance

отстраниться в буквальном или переносном смысле
I tried to keep my distance...until you needed help.

cannot help / cannot but

не удержаться
As I watch this new army train, I cannot help but think of those who rode with me in me 23rd cavalry.

Take cover

найти защиту или убежище
Take cover where you can but the important thing is not to panic.

Make friends

заводить друзей
They think I'll make friends if we move. Just move and everything'll be roses. I don't want to make friends.

Stumbling block

помеха, камень преткновения
The only real stumbling block is fear of failure.

No offence

без обид
No offence, Fry, but you've become a fat sack of crap.

Make a bundle

срубить много денег
here's a lotta head cases out there, you could make a bundle..

None other than

не кто иной, как
Singing with the group is none other than Oz. He's not doing too badly, but mainly he's checking out the various vocal jazz girls.

At worst

в худшем случае
Further, I don't believe you'll use the money for food, but I believe you'll use it for, at worst, drugs, or, at best, whiskey, or . cigarettes.

By oneself

один, сам
I guess I'll have to eat this raw, dripping ham by myself. Nibbler? Nibbler, you're scaring me. Nibbler?! Am I going crazy?

Odds and ends

всякая всячина
They live in a self-made sanctuary where life floats along on thefts, drug dealing and odds and ends.

Point of honor

дело чести
It's a point of honor! You can't just let that guy do what he wants with whoever he wants!

Hold the keys

содержать разгадку
Do the languages and cosmologies of Native America hold the keys to the mysteries of quantum physics and the nature of reality?

Walk of life

жизненный путь
Christ doesn't judge; He just accepts you where you are in your walk of life.

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